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Anyone Listen to Nightcore?

0 Yoshitomi, Dec 1, 2014

On Saturday night, I needed to be up early on Sunday, but my family left me with loads of chores to do at night. I was so tired, I was falling asleep wherever I went. After they all went to bed, I needed to find a way to stay awake to do everything before my sister arrived at 2am on Sunday.
So I went on the Youtube and looked for a video to keep me awake. I had heard one Nightcore song and as a result, Youtube recommended me a million. XD
It's like, "Oh, you accidentally clicked on that video and watched it for a few seconds? Here are many more like it!!!!"
Well, I clicked on this and oh my gosh! I was pleasantly surprised!
It did the job of keeping me awake and it got me dancing and singing along to the songs I knew which had been nightcored(?).
I think I love it. :3

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