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2 Helenarox, Mar 7, 2016

and I'll tell you who I like from your first page :)
Icarus_Mark - #Mikey_Elite #Pauladeen #GentlemanG ily Ray < 3
Arris - #Jasonxtreme #Cutieamy #Christossss #Downeaster #Winner132


Not as cool as Aubrey Plaza above is CLOSED!

7 LordJza, Sep 22, 2015

It was a great shop, we went 35/35!
I got a little worried near the end since there wasn't a lot of time left to post but it all worked out! Shout out to my gifters! Thanks so much, you guys slayed.
GoodAllan (even though u were useless)
And thanks to the designers & People who gave permission



0 ElectraCakes, Sep 22, 2015

Icing got #Mikey_Elite banned im 99% sure. He posted a set of glasses in his shop of hers, & now its not in there..... so it must've been removed from tg


I'm 4 days over my 2 year anniversary on here

41 Shonaynay, May 22, 2015

Late Happy Anniversary to me! :D
Over the past 2 years i've met some amazing people and some right bastards. I'd like to make turn a new page with the people i've disliked on this website the past year or so (no i'm not joining stars). It's ridiculous for me to have held grudges or others to have held grudges against me, unless the attacks were personal.
If anyone wants to chat my skype is Forealz123 =]
PYN for an short opinion :D
#Mikey_Elite - Your'e a really lovely guy. We mail occassionally and you're like extremely sweet.
#Tigger - We don't talk too often but from the games i've been in with you, it's been fun!
#Jordan009 - Clearly our opinions and life choices differ greatly. I don't think we'll overcome our bickerings towards one another LOL
Pegasus1234 - Uhm, you make me cringe with the pictures you put up but it's like a nice cringe LOL It makes me laugh and you get unnecessary hate on here from what i've seen. You're not as bad as what people make you out to be.
mikec51 - I get you mixed up with Mikey_Elite cuz you're similar with him. We mail occassionally and you're also extremely sweet :P
sosyomomma - Drew you're a great guy and i love playing games with you. You're loyal and trustworthy.
Davidftw123 - I don't really know you i'm sorry!
Arris - You're a really cool guy :D We get along like acquaintances cuz we don't talk too often but you're chill.
austino15fffan - Austin! You're a really chill guy. I don't see why you would really get any hate. You're really easy to speak with and just genuinely lovely.
hints - Ben you're fucking hilarious. Most of the stuff you say makes me laugh so hard and i think it's just because your sense of humour is just so relate-able :D
Judd_lover101 - I'm sorry we've never spoken!
MagicDuck - An amazing individual x No one like to you
Guigi - We've never spoken sorry! All i know is you target me in frooks when we've played but it's whatever :D
Thumper91 - We don't really speak but you're a lovely girl obv everyone on this site knows you are LOL
mminervini219 - We don't speak too much but what when we have spoken you're really chill and easy to speak with :) You're a good ally in games too.
KingGeek - I'm sorry we've never spoken!
Simplyobsessed - Your sense of humour is hilarious in my opinion, even if you do go overboard sometimes :P
PureEssence - I've heard you're a lovely girl even though we've never personally spoken so i'll take on what other people have said :D
Adjoa - Everyone's gotta love a bit of Adjoa!
JasonXtreme - You're like the nicest guy i know on this site. Really genuine and just kind-hearted. No reason for you to be hated in my opinion.
Carlisle - You're one..

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