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1 SmoothStalker12, Jul 3, 2013

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Oliviaxoxo, AKA my owner, Ms. Xoxo, Avocado Grey, daughter in law and many more! Olivia, I actually don't know what to say because I'm no used to saying nice things to you, but it's worth a shot I guess. You are by far one of my favorite people from this website just because of how lovely and fun you are, I'm certain I could talk to you for the entire day and not lose interest once. Whether it's fake fighting in chats to pretending to be my doctor on call, you always put up with me and really brighten my day, putting a smile on my face :) Together we have faced a lot of obstacles on this website and I'm so glad you have always had my back, and I will always have yours. You're gorgeous inside and out, and I hope ou have a great birthday and vacation even though Mum forgot to pick me up at the airport. P.S. I really hope you didn't believe me when I said I forgot your birthday since you literally did the same thing to me on my birthday... love you! - Dog
Happy Birthday Olivia! By the time you're reading this, you've probably just finished your vacation so i hope you had a great time. Thank you for being such a great frat leader and one of the nicest people on the site! -CARBON CarsonL
Ilysm I've known you for over a year now and even though people obsess over you and call us a cult we know that they only person who calls you their master is Calvin ;) get it. He's a dog. When I came back to the site last February I was so nervous because I didn't know anybody but we quickly bonded in the good ole' Tenacious Tengageders and now you're one of my best friends on tengaged and I'm sorry we dont talk much because of time zones :((( You're a queen pls call us later tonight when you're drunk af Happy birthday :* Rocker917
Olivia!! Oh my God, you're such a lovely person and I owe you so much. If it wouldn't have been for you, I wouldn't have made such amazing friends and would have already left the site for good. You're kind, sweet, funny, amazing, and best of all, have an amazing accent. I love playing games with you because it always gives us a chance to talk, and I enjoy it. I hope you have a birthday as lovely as you are, hun. :) Forest_Knight
Happy Birthday Olivia :3333 Even tho we dont really know eachother that well i still freaking love you and i hope you have a wonderful day xoxo Guigi
Dear Mommy Olivia,
We met in a Casting with Daddy Calvin, and we made all of outfits match lol. I've been on Skype call with you a few times and had a great time! Happy birthday, Olivia! You are so awesome! < 3 Daulton7996 < 3
happy birthday Olivia! You're one of a kind and honestly one of the greatest people I've met on this website and I'm really glad to have you around. You're absolutely amazing and you should continue to be amazing so we can get married soon when you come to Massachusetts, happy birthday cutie ;)..

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