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Does anyone else remember

16 BB5lover, Jun 20, 2020

During the tengaged #metoo movement, when Gagaluv continuously silenced users talking about the gross sexual harassment they’ve faced on this website...
Only to then post a link to a random dudes Facebook claiming that he had raped her... just to delete the blog and say, “lol nvm”


Big Brother Canada 8 is following in Survivor..

0 Chameleon777, Mar 18, 2020

Big Brother Canada Season 8 has now OFFICIALLY followed in Survivor 39's footsteps and I am absolutely disgusted by this because it's 2020 and society should becoming better, not regressing! Maybe this stupid coronavirus is causing people to lose brain cells and forget neighborly behavior!
Jamar Lee was expelled from Big Brother Canada 8 today after he made hand motions and Vanessa Clemens claimed that she was 'uncomfortable.' Jamar meant nothing harmful by the hand motions or his words and after researching the incident, I feel like Production only did it because Jamar is black; Production wrongly pegged him as a thug and painted Vanessa as being a victim of a 'dangerous' person. Lots of people make comments all the time on Big Brother and lots of people also threaten each other on Big Brother; it's not like it's a new thing!
While I think threatening people is uncool, Jamar should have simply been given a warning to not repeat the behavior. Had any other Houseguest done the same thing, they would have been pulled into the Diary Room, given a stern warning, and then released back into the House. Because Jamar is black and Vanessa is a white blonde, however, the producers decided to be racist, unfairly label Jamar as a violent thug who was going to pop off at any moment, and throw him out without a second chance.
This has turned into yet another reality show where women are allowed to make fake #MeToo accusations to further their own position in the game without caring who it may hurt or the impact of doing that. There is NO DOUBT that the producers were being racist, as there are endless cameras and microphones everywhere and they could tell that Jamar wasn't overly serious. Even if he WAS serious, he should have only gotten a warning! This crap comes so soon after Survivor 39 that it's very clear that reality stars haven't learned their lesson about what is okay and not okay in terms of gameplay! If y'all remember, Missy and Elizabeth pretended that they were victims of Dan Spilo's inappropriate behavior in Survivor 39 and they were believed simply because they had said it happened. In reality, they were liars who spread that disgusting lie in order to further their games and they were never punished by CBS for it.
If Big Brother Canada is really going to condone people making fake #MeToo accusations as part of gameplay, perhaps they do not need a Season 9! I am disgusted that such evil behavior would now be allowed on a reality show given the events of Survivor 39! It's interesting to see how this show has taken a page from Survivor 39's book and is supporting players making fake #MeToo accusations in order to further their gameplay. Big Brother Canada, I HATE you now because you're supporting racist behavior and that is NOT okay!
#IStandWithJamar #BBCAN8


BREAKING NEWS: Disney is excluding Shang from..

0 Chameleon777, Feb 29, 2020

I just found out today that Disney excluded the character of Shang from the live remake of Mulan because of the #MeToo movement! The interactions between Shang and Mulan and Shang and the rest of the characters are a very important part of the movie and this alteration makes the movie sound absolutely terrible. I was looking forward to the live remake, but the alterations have made me reconsider if I actually want to see it at all. The addition of a little sister and some mysterious witch were bad enough, but to exclude a primary character is disrespectful to the animated franchise.
A live remake is SUPPOSED to respect the original product, not alter whatever they want in favor of social demands or political correctness. Disney has absolutely NO business making live re-creations of animated films if they compromise the original story in favor of political correctness or social pressure. I fail to see how including Shang in the live remake will do any harm to anyone and I'm leaning towards not wasting my money to see something that is not a remake, but an entirely different product that is poorly disguised as a remake. What are y'all's thoughts on this?


It’s so sad

1 Olympia, Oct 27, 2019

that Tengaged is going to die out before we have our own #MeToo moment and we come together as a community to discuss Tengaged’s decade plus long history as a breeding ground for sexual predation.
But oh well it be like that sometimes.


Bannon descends on Rome, sowing chaos

0 alisa086, Mar 22, 2019

This time, the network had enough. Although it’s been 10 months since everything went down, it’s clearly something Barr [url=]Newport 100's soft pack cigarettes - Cheap Cigarettes Online Sale Shop[/url] isn’t over as she’s infuriated over the settlement she struck with ABC so the network could launch its spinoff, The Conners. (It was revealed in the series premiere Barr’s character died of an opioid overdose.)
And while Barr has nothing to lose at the moment, her kids are still trying their best to keep her off Twitter. Her two adult daughters [url=]Newport Cigarettes Suppliers, all Quality Newport Cigarettes[/url] each have part of her password so Barr can’t bully one of them into handing it over. But the comedian has found other ways to make waves.
In a February YouTube video, Barr called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “Farrakhan-loving . . . bug-eyed bitch.” Earlier this month, she went on Candace Owens’s podcast where she called creators of the #MeToo movement “hos.” She’s asked by the Post if there’s a part of her that ever considers quieting down.
“I can’t,” she says in a text message. “Do I look like the kind of woman who obeys?”
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might stand in the way of Trump's wall

0 alisa086, Feb 13, 2019

“If the government persists in its desire to take the property at La Lomita for the building of the wall, that will have to go through litigation,” [url=]Newport cigarettes,newport box 100s menthol cigarettes[/url] McCord says.
Through Her Eyes” is a new weekly half-hour show hosted by human rights activist Zainab Salbi that explores contemporary issues from a female perspective. You can watch “Through Her Eyes” every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Roku and see full episodes at
Jameela Jamil isn’t ready for prominent disgraced men to be welcomed back after being accused of hurting women.
“I think that we need to stop giving really big, well-paid, highly publicized roles to people who have hurt women, at least for a while. Let’s just take a little break from celebrating people who hurt women,” the actress told the Yahoo News show “Through Her Eyes” about the #MeToo movement and the possibility of redemption for celebrities.
Jamil, who stars in the NBC show “The Good Place,” was blunt in her assessment.
“I think that would be a great message for boys and for girls to see that we’re taking this seriously,” she continued. “And I would like to hope that we don’t allow racists and bigots to have big parts in Hollywood movies. So therefore, if you’ve assaulted a woman, you should just f*** off for a while.”As Hollywood culture continues to evolve in the wake of the #MeToo movement, Jamil told “Through Her Eyes,” she is seeing some of these institutional changes trickling into her own career.
“I’m not being cuddled at the end of meetings anymore,” she said.
Jamil, who spoke last week at the Makers [url=]Newport Cigarettes Shop,Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Sale[/url] Conference, has started a new campaign on Instagram called #IWeigh, which encourages women to appreciate the aspects of their lives that bring them value and happiness beyond numbers on a scale. And she isn’t shy about taking on celebrities who are sending less positive messages to women about their bodies. Notably, last year she called the Kardashians “double agent[s] of the patriarchy.”
“A double agent for the patriarchy is someone who perhaps unknowingly is selling a rhetoric that the patriarchy benefits from us believing in,” she explained to “Through Her Eyes.”
“And so if you tell women that they should worry about their weight and their looks all the time, you are unfortunately recycling that patriarchal narrative that made you feel that about yourselves.”
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A Facebook selfie saved this man from..

0 alisa086, Nov 20, 2018

“A case has not been filed,” a rep for the District Attorney told TheWrap Monday.
On Monday, actress Mareli Miniutti [url=]Newport cigarettes,newport box 100s menthol cigarettes[/url] filed for a domestic violence restraining order against Avenatti. Avenatti tweeted Monday evening: “I look forward to a full clearing of my name and disclosure of all of the facts. I have NEVER abused a woman or committed domestic violence against anyone. Any claim to the contrary is completely bogus and fabricated. I am a target. And I will be exonerated.”
Wohl — a former Gateway Pundit writer — received public attention recently when he and lobbyist Jack Burkman attempted to snare Robert Mueller in a #MeToo scandal. The plot swiftly unraveled after media scrutiny and bizarre press conference the pair held in Washington D.C. on Nov. 1.
Though they promised multiple women would come forward to speak out against Mueller, none did.
when her coach, John Geddert, forced her legs into a split so hard she cried. He pulled her right leg up toward his torso, sending shooting pains through her groin and hamstrings, and he kept pulling. “Racking,” as it’s called, was common practice at the gym, but it was evidently too much for Larissa’s mother, who marched onto the mats and told Geddert to take his hands off her daughter. From then on, Larissa would train under Kathie Klages, a relatively low-key coach with unruly red hair and glasses at Michigan State University’s Spartan youth gymnastics team. Klages, like Geddert, considered herself a dear friend of an athletic trainer named Larry Nassar [url=]Newport Cigarettes Suppliers, all Quality Newport Cigarettes[/url] and sent her gymnasts to him.
When, six years later, Larissa felt ready to talk about the fact that Larry had penetrated her with his hand without warning, she approached Klages. Larissa remembers her office as a small room with a desk, a window, and green carpet. “‘I have known Larry for years and years,’” Larissa recalls Klages saying. “‘He would never do anything inappropriate.’”
Larissa named another gymnast who had been touched, and when Klages called her into the office, she told her the same story. Klages countered by bringing in college gymnasts, who said that Larry had touched “around” the area but that it was never “inappropriate.”
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5 years ago

5 CrimsonEnnui, Nov 8, 2018


Also TBT to Five months Ago

0 _Adidas_, Oct 28, 2018

when Danger kicked me from TBC because I said the hard R because


I am glad I left TBC

4 Memphis_Grizzlies, Oct 28, 2018

The constant antisemitism was irritating and hard to bear. I tried to tolerate it as best as I can but then I realized no one should have to put up with this.


The painful abuse of the #MeToo Movement has..

1 Chameleon777, Oct 25, 2018

I'm really confused as to whether I want to support the #MeToo movement anymore or not because it's created a society where witch-hunts spring up at the first spark of an accusation. The movement used to represent courage and rising above pain, but it certainly doesn't represent that anymore. Some people see the legitimate stories and they want a piece of the action, so they make up a story and publicize it without evidence of any kind. Society reacts by immediately going after the accused without looking for evidence that might support the accusation. Even if there isn't physical evidence, there has to be some sort of evidence out there. Evidence can be found if one looks hard enough, but who actually does it?
The #MeToo movement has created chaos in society. Granted, there are those women who have legitimate accounts of being assaulted by men and who will be forever affected by that and the men in those cases should be held accountable. On the other hand, there are also women who are making a game out of the movement by false accusations against men of all ages simply because they want attention or they don't like a person enough to want to damage their reputation. Those who fabricate such stories out of spite are despicable people and should also be made to take responsibility for the damage their lies do and the hurt they caused.
Recently, a nine year old boy was accused of groping a woman in public and the woman clearly knew he hadn't done it, but she simply wanted the attention that came with pretending to be part of the movement. I don't appreciate women who lie about something like that just to get attention, especially when they are perfectly aware that their behavior is inappropriate and can emotionally damage those they accuse. The accused child has still not forgiven his accuser and I don't blame him if he hates her for the rest of his life because it could have turned out to be a very serious thing. Accusations can create fear and hysteria within communities simply because it's the common belief that everyone who makes an accusation like that is telling the truth. Once an accusation is made against someone, it is very difficult to stop the reactions and it is very hard to take back a lie.
Even more recently, the mayor of Grovetown, Georgia announced that he and law enforcement officials are planning to round up all of their community's sex offenders on Halloween and unlawfully detain them in the local fire hall under supervision during the hours of trick or treating. This is another seed of the #MeToo movement that was created by fear and a desire to destroy anyone on 'the list' regardless of why they are there and what they have done rehabilitation-wise after paying their debts. While some do terrible things and deserve to be on 'the list', others are on that list over perfectly innocent things that were blown out of proportion.
There are already perfectly sensible restrictions in place for people like that and this..


Controversies & Criticisms

3 MJFJUNE, Sep 14, 2018

Joseph Charles "JC" Mounduix received criticism after he was shown using an ice cream scooper on the genitals of his other HouseGuests. Mounduix later told fellow HouseGuest Kaycee Clark to open up her vagina, saying it "feels good".[52]
Viewers questioned Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler after they were caught on the live feeds making racist remarks, referencing fellow HouseGuest, Bayleigh Dayton. Rummans called her tan "ghetto", while Swindler compared her skin tone to Dayton's, who is African American. CBS later released a statement and warned Rummans and Swindler with future consequences.[53]
Since the start of the live feeds, Kaitlyn Herman has been criticized from viewers for her feelings and actions towards several men in the Big Brother House, while being in a 5-year relationship outside of the house. In Week 3, Herman's then-boyfriend released a statement on Twitter, stating that he wanted to distance himself from the show and situation.[54]
Kaitlyn Herman and Joseph Charles "JC" Mounduix both came under fire after they used the n-word in separate occasions.[55] Herman used the word as she was singing the lyrics of a Drake song. Mounduix used the word after fellow HouseGuest Bayleigh Dayton, who is African American, asked Mounduix if there is a "difference between a midget and a dwarf". Offended, Mounduix said that the word "midget" is a derogatory term and then compared it to the n-word.[56][57] Many came to the defense of the two, saying that they didn't use the word towards someone.[58]
During a live eviction episode, HouseGuest Brett Robinson called out Angela "Rockstar" Lantry in his eviction speech for "strategic purposes".[59] Lantry responded by confronting Robinson in his face claiming that it was her daughter's birthday.[60] Lantry later called Robinson a "rich, snobby, white-privileged-ass dude".[61] Later that night, Lantry confronted Robinson with pots and pans[62] during which she exclaimed that Robinson has a "micropenis".[63] Upon confrontation, Lantry sat between Robinson's legs whom repeatedly asked her to get off of him.[64]
Joseph Charles "JC" Mounduix was criticized by fans after he asked Rachel Swindler if she was transgender, stating that she has "a big Adam's apple." Mounduix proceeded to feel Swindler's neck, but she told him to stop. Moments later, he began to touch Swindler's neck again before being stopped by her.[65]
Viewers perceived some of Bayleigh Dayton's comments about Faysal Shafaat as being anti-Muslim. After Shafaat, a Muslim, complained about his in-house crush Haleigh Broucher talking about her past sexual experiences, Dayton claimed in private that Shafaat should "go find a virgin" and that he should "go to Pakistan and [get himself] one" because "that's what they do." Many viewers interpreted "they" as meaning..


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