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Blogs #Marlakk



I’m championing the cause

0 Flickgamecolin, Mar 30, 2021

Free #Marlakk not a pedophile and y’all all know it!


I Miss You My King....

3 jdog, Mar 3, 2021

from #Marlakk 1 min ago
I want you on your back, you pig. You don't speak, you oink. You understand me, piggy slut?


I Have Been Staying Silent on This

13 jdog, Feb 28, 2021

Due to being close to #Marlakk I feel like anything I say on the topic will be considered bias but I also feel like I need to share my opinion on the topic.
Bottom line for me is Marlakk is not a pedophile. I have known Marlakk for 8 years, we are friends irl, I can confirm he is a not a pedophile.
With that being said I think the comments Marlakk made towards Bryan were questionable responses.
Do I think this warrants a permanent ban?
I don't think you can consider his responses as engaging in pedophilia. I do think we have to be careful in these situations though because comments like these can lead to a conversation escalating into something much more serious. As far as Bryan. I do think that he does message this kinda shit to people to get a reaction from them and then use it against them. I also don't think that Bryan felt victimized, uncomfortable or preyed on in the situation what so ever. I think Bryan's intentions were out of revenge. With that being said we have to acknowledge every situation that arises because we can't start building a culture of victim shaming or scaring users into staying silent.
Moving forward my opinion is that marlakk should be unpermed and issued a temporary ban for his role in the situation. I am not sure what people would deem as "fair" whether it be 14 days or 1-2 months. I don't know if Bryan should receive a ban for this as like I said I don't think he is innocent in all of this but we don't want to create a culture of victim blaming in future situations. If there were to be one it would have to be much shorter like 3-7 days. Almost as an opportunity to get off the site, clear your head, let the situation cooldown and to think about appropriate messages to be sending over the internet.
Like you originally said koolness234 (on marlakk's first blog) he should receive punishment but it should NOT be permanently.
Marlakk The issue for me is, your comments while they may have not been predatory. Are inappropriate to be said to a minor in any circumstance. Regardless of why Eilish brought it to anybodies attention. The interaction you had while it may have been joking and harmless is not phrases you should ever be uttering to any minor on any site at any time. You being a heterosexual does not erase that what you said crossed the line. Nor does it mean people can be dismissive of what you said. You should be lucky personally I am not the sole mod, you would not have lost your account permanently, but you would have received a punishment.
I suggest in the future to avodi "rumors" being said about you, you refrain from making the comments your made regardless of the situation to anyone under the age of 18
Sent by koolness234,Feb 26, 2021
Let this be a warning to EVERY user on this site. Be careful and cautious when engaging in conversation with ANYONE. Get to know their age before you start asking for "cock pics from daddy"...


I Feel Bad For Victims

4 Lemjam6, Feb 28, 2021

which is why I have continued to blog in support of #Marlakk. He is being dragged through the mud with his reputation being destroyed because a kid who lies about his age is now lying about how *uncomfortable* he was. NOT TRUE. I know Bryan much better than I know Josh, but I know that this is not true.
We need to support victims, absolutely, which is why we all need to come together to support #Marlakk.


Let Me Get This Straight

2 BB5lover, Feb 28, 2021

The major argument here is that #Marlakk was in the wrong... however, eilish does this frequently enough to create pause for the legitimacy of his claims?
I feel like even if Bryan did this as a sport, the onus is still on the adult to recognize and assure that the random individual they are speaking to online is an adult/minor.


✬ L. Passos ✬

4 Eilish, Feb 28, 2021

I am found needing to defend myself
You clearly are speaking on situations you do not know about because this situation was brought up MONTHS ago. Ask people like Cheritaisdelicious and Sjsoccer88 or you can ask the multiple people who were friends with him that laughed about it and dismissed it when it was brought to them. This is only a big deal now because #Marlakk decided to actually log in and say something not because I decided to bring it up months later.
and now onto you
PrincessTeePee I take any criticism from you with a grain of salt. I control so many shops because I make deals with people and we BUY them from the person who opens them. So you saying it is quote "alarming" is so weird when literally multiple users like Delete2544 Vanili Minie Yonaka and plenty of other people have done it MULTIPLE times.
I am honestly kind of tired having to defend myself constantly against people who literally do not know me or assume that because we played a game or 2 together that they know everything that goes on with me. If you do not know me do not speak on behalf of situations that have to do with me.


I Like Bryan Jones

8 Lemjam6, Feb 28, 2021

and am much closer to him than I am with #Marlakk but I will sit here and defend the truth that Marlakk is not a pedophile. I don't agree with what he said because it was to a minor, but he is someone who jokes around even if the JOKE is fucked up. I think people should only be banned if it were something with a continuous pattern. What he said was dumb, but I don't believe he legitimately meant it and there have been no further accusations made against him. I don't believe that Bryan thinks he's a pedophile, I think that he just doesn't like him. Sigh.
I'm not even close with him, but everyone knows he is not a pedophile like stop. Like the comments were dumb, but like he is obviously not a pedo or more people would have spoken up about this it was not a continuous thing it was one comment as a joke. brandonpinzu koolness234 and I agree it was inappropriate, but the should not be permanently removed.


getting a new filter

1 ThunderBird667, Oct 11, 2015

dont shoot out my #1

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