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Homophobia in College ;/

8 karim, Sep 14, 2016

All I did was mind my OWN business, going to the library with a hand bag and my new shoulderless dress over my strapless bra.
Ye I might be a 6 foot hairy man but its a free country and I can wear whateva I want.
The 2 guys were lookin at me weird
but I heard EVERYTHING
Guy 1: um y is he walking half naked in the library
Guy 2: idk must be a f**
I swiftly looked over my shoulder (one of them was kinda cute so I winked) but then I remembered they r homophobes so I held on to my purse even tighter and just strut in with my high heels on.
Honestly its 2016, homophobia HAS to end

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