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Happy Birthday Lewis!!!

12 SmoothStalker12, Aug 4, 2016

Happy Birthday to my lovely friend LewisC!!! Who would have known after all these years you would still be stuck talking to me? To make it even worse, you'll have to put up with me in real life in just 6 months! You have always been such an amazing friend to me and I can't ever thank you enough for it. This past year we have both had our fair shares of ups and downs and I'm so happy to say you have helped me through many of them and i hope I have at least somewhat been a help to you. I am grateful to call you such a close friend and I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday, my present is you don't have the vagina pretending to not know it is your birthday for a week, and to me, that is the best present of all!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OTHER HALF. I'm writing this very hungover and a big mess right now after a night out i will never do again hahaha. but in between the chaos I always have time for my BEAUTIFUL HUSBAND especially on his special day!!! I honestly am so thankful to have met you and have you in my life to not judge my stupidity. You are so funny, kind, gorgeous, and better at fashion than me teach me your ways! And you're good at words and this and this is literal verbal diarrhoea. BASICALLY happy birthday to the best person I know i love you lots. Kisses and hugs from a station in th emiddle of nowhere in Poland HALP ME. XXXX @Oliviaxox
To my dearest Lewlew. I wish you the happiest of birthdays!! I honesty dont know what I would do without you. We talk daily, about anything and everything. One minute we could be sharing KPOP videos and hanging in a Coffee shop in Habbo to discussing our favorite TV Characters or just talking about how our days went. I am so happy to have met you!! You are such a genuine person. I hope mamaC bakes a delicous cake and spoils you!!
Happy Birthday 22nd Birthday Lewis!! I am so glad I somehow ended up married to you and that we started talking. I love talking to you everyday cause you always put a smile on my face! You are one of the kindest people I have ever met on TG even though I haven’t known you for too long. I cannot wait for us to become even closer :) I hope you have the best birthday possible because you deserve it. Be sure to have a good time and don’t go too wild!!!! Ily and stay fab < 3 IceBeast
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEWWY < 3 #LEWIN . you were my first bestie on this site , we have been good
friends for 3 years now ! i remember when you  gifted me my first gift and u called me sister smh . lmao i love you and thanks for always being there for me. ARE U READY TO SEE MY CUCU ?  davonne is queen xo happy birthday anyway :* ur getting old imgonnawin
TWINNNNNN < 3 HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY! We haven't talked in ages and I missssss you so much. I hope you're doing well and I hope you have such a GOOD birthday, ilyyyyyyyy and I'll talk to you soon, alright? < 3..


Duos: Week 9

20 k4r4k, May 31, 2014

I'm sorry but #Lewin ( LewisC & ImGonnaWin)...you have been eliminated from the competition as the other teams completed the challenge before you :(
Remaining Teams:
1. owlb0ned & mozues #mob0ned - NOMINATED
2. jojo7784 & cray (replacement) #JoCray  - NOMINATED
3. marieeve & music #MaMu
4. ava_adore84 & alissarose428 #TwistedSisters - HOH
5. scotton215 & tyler93 #TyTons
6. m7md26 & novascotiachic #teamlegends
*Each day I will post a different task/activity for you to complete. Please be sure to follow the instructions or mail me if you have any questions :) Unfortunately I work two jobs and volunteer so there will not be a designated time that I post. You will be responsible for checking in daily to see the next task.
There are now 6 teams left! Grats on making it this far :)
Yesterday I said the team who completed the task first was going to receive a special power...
That power is HOH! Team #TwistedSisters is safe and had the task of nominating two other teams for eviction. They have nominated...
teams #mob0ned & #JoCray !!
The two teams nominated will now face off & one will be eliminated...
- Please comment below your vote to EVICT - either team #mob0ned or #JoCray :x
The team with the most votes by the time the blog expires (around 11 am est) will be eliminated!
Good luck :)

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