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Rick's Top 40 Favourite TSC Songs of 2016..

11 ricktworick1, Jan 23, 2017

We have come to this point now! Who will take the crown for the best TSC entry of 2016?
TSC group link: http://www.tengaged.com/group/3616
- All songs sent in between TSC 226 to 264 are eligible
- This is based on my personal opinion - I mean there's a reason it's MY LIST. Please do not take any offense from what I think of. Strictly my own thoughts
- Contrary to some weird belief, I don't believe that my music taste is better than anyone else's, although I have no idea if it's useful to post that because every year there are some idiots crying about their songs not being appreciated enough. This list is for you all to have some fun and laugh at possible comments I make.
- I also include some of my own entries, but don't worry, I'm not that arrogant to have more than 10 entries about myself
4. Barei - Say Yay! - #krrais, TSC235, 2nd, 150 pts

This song did absolutely terrible in Eurovision, finishing 22nd there. This further proves that the general ESC audience are idiots who clearly had some botched hearing surgeries causing them to dislike every entry that has musical quality to it, and Barei's song definitely was the biggest victim to the viewers' stupidity. Production and quality wise, "Say Yay" was the most westernised song to enter both the ESC and the ESC-themed TSC, and thankfully the Tengaged public rewarded Barei with a runner-up position to the decent, albeit inferior ballad "Sound of Silence" by Dami Im (who got robbed in the actually Eurovision Song Contest by placing second to the shitstain excuse of vocal-masturbation that Jamala's "1944" undoubtedly was and is). It's just a shame that Barei's other releases aren't really of some great quality, but hey, TSC is all about the hit and miss ratio, and so far hers is amazing.
3. Mura Masa - What If I Go? - #Insanity, TSC237, 7th, 78 pts

2016 was definitely filled with a huge bunch of rather unlistenable experimental crap and TSC did not escape that either. Some horrible attempts at being quirky were entered, such as VV Brown's bullshit music from her terrible album called "Glitch" or the horrendous, but adequately-named "Drop" by Chloe x Halle, with the title probably suggesting the drop of musical quality that 2016 suffered. Thankfully, there's always one song in a sample of shitty music that actually sounds like a proper tune, and "What If I Go?" exactly shows how to complement unique elements in a sensible manner. The drop, although quite unexpected, is probably one of the best drops of 2016, and with the chill, but still intriguing verses and pre-drop chorus, Mura Masa showed exactly how can one be different without sacrificing it to sound like VV's "Sacrifice."
2. Dua Lipa - Hotter Than Hell - #Patrick319, TSC236, 4th, 103 pts

Sorry Patrick, but..


Rick's Top 40 Favourite TSC Songs of 2015..

2 ricktworick1, Mar 18, 2016

- All songs sent in between TSC 189 to 225 are eligible
- This is based on my personal opinion. Please do not take any offense from what I think of. Strictly my own thoughts
- Contrary to some weird belief, I don't believe that my music taste is better than anyone else's. This list is for you all to have some fun and laugh at possible comments I make.
- I also include some of my own entries, but don't worry, I'm not that arrogant to have more than 10 entries about myself
20. Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand
Sent by Andalarew_2231 in TSC189, placed 2nd with 95 points.
The most characteristic thing about Jess Glynne's music is probably her unique tone to the voice. However, to me she is also notorious for being a featured artist on many dance tracks, so I expected quite a lot from her solo career. Guess what, I was not disappointed at all, most of her singles are usually great catchy tracks, including this one. Although not as good as "Take Me Home," especially in the lacking chorus, the verses honestly steal it for me. Let's just hope she stays on the same musical route.
19. Luke Friend - Hole In My Heart
Sent by #Krrais in TSC202, placed 6th with 93 points.
Quite sure had it been sent in earlier TSC, it would have had a much better chance winning. Oh well, everything except for his hairstyle and looks is pretty spot on. Great emotional delivery, with some quality indie production, a rarity in this genre. I'm surprised that I have so far liked a lot of entries sung by males. Foreshadowing alert?
18. Of Monsters and Men - Crystals
Sent by #Monrooster in TSC213, placed 5th with 83 points.
I might be a bit biased here, as I saw them perform this song live on a music festival, but screw it, I still really enjoy this tune. The buildup in the verses and the progressive chorus are typicals factors that characterise their music - another indie, folk-rock band with better production than a typical artist in this genre. I honestly thought that after "Little Talks" they wouldn't be able to match the quality of their biggest hit, but as you can see, I'm not always right.
17. Adam Lambert - Ghost Town
Sent by #Mack3199 in TSC200, placed 19th with 50 points.
I am struggling to understand why this song flopped so badly in TSC. I suppose it's some bias against his persona, but it doesn't mean that his music sucks when it's obvious that it does not. This basically revived his career, finally moving away from this terrible flamboyant appearance and both his music and his style appear to be normal for once. Let's hope he stays on the right..



2 TallaRejaei, Aug 14, 2015




4 krrais, May 22, 2014

Nice words from nice people :)
Dear krrais,
Despite being in the most distant timezone for us at TSC, you still manage to be with us and provide music that we all love. I still think you’re one of the most underrated players here. You’re consistently good. Thanks for just being an overall cool person. - Pabs/Pablito
#krrais – Again, it feels cool to meet another Indonesian. You’re calm and relaxed. The fact you also watch The Amazing Race gives a smile on my face. Dan terima kasih banyak buat hadiahnya waktu itu! - Ran/TheBlackDog
#krrais we played together not long ago you are so friendly and amazing we need to play again soon and we should talk more :* - Adam/AdamPaulgrant
krrais - Krisna, you are just too nice and I had sooo much fun talking with you in that castings.. Unfortunately you were evicted but i really wanted you to stay till the end of that game.. Anyway, I hope we play more games soon! :) - Acyuta/Acyuta
krrais - You are the best person i have ever met on tengaged ! I love the way you get along with people. Thanks for that special fun we had in our casting since then didn't got apportunity to play with you. You always mail me and talk to me which i love it. Thank you so much for being such a good friend. #TrueFriend . - Rohan/RohanChaubey
krrais thank you fro the grats and thank you for posting because it reminded me that i had forgotten to reply to your skype message!:p we met in #Davyprentiss charity and im so glad we did because i love chatting to you on skype! we've gotten to know each other a lot in the past few weeks and you are a really friendly and approachable person who shows an interest in other people which is a really nice quality!:) and i particularly i love our chats on films and global warming!!(LOL!!) < 3 - Olive/Oliviaxoxo
Krrais - you're the biggest sweetheart I can just tell by the short talk we've had! :) I hope you forgive me for voting you out of survivor I hope we can play another game soon!! ♥ I promise I'll be more loyal ;) - Warren/RoseMaria
Congratualtions! :D
I have always seen you as a true friend and not like others here who are fake just to win a game. Our friendship is beyond games :) I love chatting with you everyday :) You also try to make people happy :) < 3 keep going brother < 3 - Rohan/RohanChaubey
krrais -- You were sneaky and a loyal person, you stay low and stick to a five-man alliance which is good, you sure do go inactive alot but you played smooth and nicely. Your strategy in some games are nice which I checked out (stalka much). You play good on challenges which is uhhh.... Idk xD Flawless? - Callum/Tetsuya
krrais - You were in one of my first castings and I was like obsessed with your avatar's toast outfit :p I'm glad we have talked a bit more lately, now I know you're more than just the toast guy, you're a really nice and friendly person :) - Calvin/smoothstalker12
krrais - Another amaze-ball person. I kept bothering you sorry..

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