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KDBB4 HOH Competition

46 kyledd, Dec 7, 2019

Tag who you want to win! First to 24 wins. If no one gets 24 after 60 minutes, the person with the most tag will win! Houseguests, you cannot tag yourself. No tags can come from anyone who played in Season 3.


KDBB3 Week 3

1 kyledd, Nov 21, 2019

Previously on #KDBB3, for the second straight week in a row the house was split and TMAN54445 was T-minues 6-5 out of the house.
At the "Muggle Gifs" Head of Housheold Competition, Kevinlord190 broke a leg and won, meaning all the Ravenclaws were safe.
That also meant Kevin0621 was able to enter the Room of Requirement.
Later that evening Kevinlord190 nominated lhooper902976 and Sarahabramowitz724 for eviction due to the house twist.
At the "Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean" Power of Veto Competition, houseguests had to pick bean flavours which revealed points. Sarahabramowitz724 walked away with a Steal a Vote and an Extra Vote, and Emma_O walked away with a clue to a hidden power. But, it was Skimmilk4 who walked away eating victory.
Shortly after, Skimmilk4 decided not to skim on the Head of Household and kept the nominations the same.
Who will be evicted next lhooper902976 or Sarahabramowitz724? Plus...a new game changing twist is here! Tune in tommorrow 11/22 @ 6pm EST only on #KDBB


KDBB3 Week 2

0 kyledd, Nov 18, 2019

Previously on #KDBB3, @nahuelqua300 was voted out by a vote of 7-6.
Before the Head of Household competition it was revealed that the weeks Prefects would be dawnpeacly for Gryffindor, RedsKanto for Hufflepuff, bbsuper92 for Ravenclaw and lhooper902976 for Slytherin.
At the "Most Likely" Head of Household Competition, ZacPed went from 2nd Boot to 2nd HOH, which meant RedsKanto would be entering the Room of Requirement.
RedsKanto entered the Room of Requirement and his power was that he must swap two players into different houses. He chose at Random Joshbb17 to move from Gryffindor into Slytherin and TMAN54445 to move into Gryffindor.
Later that night, ZacPed nominated the two swappers Joshbb17 and TMAN54445 for eviction because they hadn't yet spoken to him.
The next day at the "Gringotts Bank" Veto Competition, all hell broke lose. Ultimatly it was newcomer Emma_O who defeated Noah_kondon for the veto, which caused Noah_Kondon to abrubtly quit the game as he felt the challenge was handled poorly and nothing from Season 2 was fixed.
After the dust settled, Emma_O decided to not use the Power of Veto, and now either Joshbb17 or @TMAN5445 will be the second person evicted from the Big Brother House.
Tune in tomorrow 11/19/19 at 6pm EST, to find out who gets evicted and who is the next Head of Household.


KDBB3 Week 1

0 kyledd, Nov 15, 2019

Previosuly on #KDBB3 12 new Houseguests entered the Big Brother House. This time they learned that they will be facing the magical realm of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. They were immediatly sorted into four Houses.
Gryiffindor dawnpeacly, Joshbb17, Robson704
Hufflepuff Emma_O, Sarahabramowitz724, RedsKanto
Ravenclaw bbsuper92, Kevin0621, nahuelaqua300
Slytherin lhooper902976, lionsden121, TMAN54445
It was then revealed that each week the houses would have a Prefect, and one lucky Prefect would get to enter the Room of Requirement. The house was then told the Prefects were already selected as four people who played #KDBB2 would return to the game and represent a House. Returning for Gryiffindor was skimmilk4, Hufflepuff was ZacPed Ravenclaw was Kevinlord190 and Slytherin was Noah_Kondon.
At the Head of Household Competition, Noah_Kondon flew his way to victory and was also able to enter the Room of Requirement. Shortly after that, he nominated nahuelaqua300 and Sarahabramowitz724 for eviction.
The next day at the "Babbling Beverage" Pov Competition, RedsKanto Babbled himself a Veto win. He decided to leave the nominations the same.
Who will be evicted from the #KDBB3 House? nahuelaqua300 or Sarahabramowitz724 and who will be the next Head of Household?
Find out Saturday, 11/16/19 @ 6pm EST only on #KDBB3


Not Even the Devil....

0 kyledd, Nov 1, 2019

Has a closer eye on  you than your neighbor!
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