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PYN ;)

37 Guigi, Feb 16, 2015

And I'll rate and comment your irl name
Stealing Magicduck 's idea so credit to him :)
Rowan22 - 2/10 Sorry i really don't like this name :/ Gibby is better rofl
Nikki101 - 7/10 I think it's a fun name to say and it sounds way better in English than French :p
Maxi1234 - 8/10 J'aime Maxim encore mieux sans de e à la fin :O! Très beau nom :)
ghrocky100 - 8/10 Overrated name but i still think its hot to say :)
Steel - 6/10 it kinda sound like an old guy's name ... but it is still a pretty old guy's name ahaha
Tadd - 6/10 Its really original so that's why its at least a 6 but i kinda don't like it :/ sorry but ily it sounds like Toad :///////////////
SouthernSong - (Kyler) 9/10 OMG i love that name :ooo i feel like its a mix of Kyle and Tyler and i both love these names!!! Its so hot omg
weetmaster - 1/10 i really really dont like the name :/ sorry
delete2544 - 7/10 i have like mixed feeling about that name. I wouldnt call my child that but i still think its pretty.
iceicebaby 9/10 such a cute nameeeeeeeeeeee :) even better in french
Aydanmac01 - 8/10 really great and awesome name. i still think its original even if its not really these days but i still like it :)
JasonXtreme - 5/10 overrated and i dont like it that much. But its not the worst:)
rawr121 - 6/10 its an okay name. like its not original or really pretty but its not discusting either :)))
Ashleybabyx3 - 8/10 its a really pretty name imo but VERY overrated:) i still love it though
Vanili - 7/10 i dont like it that much but i like the name Sara without a h tbh :) my cousin has the same name ;))
Styxxe - 4/10 ... i dont really like it. sorry but like no even in spanish i dont like it :(
ElectricCheddar - 8/10 Short but sexy name :) love it
Carsonl 7/10 is Carson an asian name? idk tbh rofl ;P ILY CARSON and but your name is okay ;P
MichelleObama -9/10 hot name and really pretty :)
JamieAndre - 9/10 extremely cute name for boy and girl! i love that name tbh
SydneyWalsh - 10/10 Perfect Name ;) Best Name In The Whole Universe!!! (no joke)
Showalter - 3/10 sorry i dont like it :/ it sounds old school :(
Sallyyisfabulous - 8/10 Cute girly name :) its not my fav though
tditdatdwt1234d - 7/10 i dont know why i like it but i do... but its not even real name its just letters rofl
Panda6785 - 9/10 I love that spanish name :DD its so sexy omggggg im melting
TDBigBrotherLover112 - I already did Jamie look at #JamieAndre
CaitlinBella - 6/10 really weird name but its mysterious so it got a 6..

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