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Total drama survivor REVAMPED episode 8

2 Yandereboy12, Oct 17, 2018

Last episode of total drama survivor REVAMPED the three tribes completed for immunity but which tribe will win find out on total drama survivor REVAMPED

OK so barely anyone did the challenge I hope this doesn't continue now a lot of you said Courtney she wasn't the answer it was Anne maria let's see who got it
Eva #jacko308 (1/4) brawn
Duncan #lhooper902976 (2/4) brawn
Zoey #kisa (3/4) brawn
Lightning #emmett4 (4/4) brawn
Everyone else did not do the challenge or said Courtney who wasn't the right answer instead of sending both tribes to tribal I have randomize second place and brains your sorry buts have finally won a challenge beauty for the first time I'm seeing you at tribal where one of you will be the third person voted out of this game and sent to redemption island gl
Zoey Kisa
Duncan lhooper902976
Jo Tester
Tyler c_shizz96
Eva jacko308
Lightning Emmett4
Geoff rubes
Dakota AntonB
Justin tman54445
Heather macda27
Alejandro firex
Lindsey AngieRockstarLantry
Brains tribe
Dawn sunflowers
Cody twostep
Cameron boicam77
Courtney BigBrotherSupertoMe
At redemption
Izzy vegaway
Noah jasoi

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