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57 Crissy15, Nov 29, 2013

and i will tell you what place i think you would get in the Hunger Games and how you would die
Animorphlover3 = 17th i feel you would try and get in with the careers and die trying because they didn't want you
Donagal103 = 4th i think you would be an ultimate threat and at the end everyone left gang up on you and kill you
Skyler1822 = 20th i picture you trying to stock up on weapons in the cornucopia and then getting killed by a career
BestHeroD = 3rd i feel you would float through the entire game and at the end one of the last contestants found you and killed you
BoyToy4Cato = 11th i feel you would you ok you would be to worried about health and while you were getting drinking water you were stabbed because you weren't paying attention
Michaelf1114 = 9th u would be bugging everyone about making it to the finals and making sure you weren't going to get back-stabbed and they ended up killing you because you annoyed them
1Swampy8 = 1st i feel like you would do great alliance jumping and backstabbing people in their sleep and then act like you were so alone but be very sneaky and win
Tadd = 6th i feel you would be in the careers killing tons but die from natrul causes because of not taking care of your health and just worrying about killing
Regularise = 5th i feel like you would create a huge premade but then while you were sleeping the one extra person set you all on land mines and when u woke up you all exploded
Alireza1373 = 3rd i feel you would be and underdog like Katniss and with their previous experience with her the game makers killed you by putting canible birds that drilled holes in your neck
JacksonJoseph99 = 1st i feel everyone would like you so tey would spare your life whenever you got caught and ended up shooting an arrow at a bird for food missed completely and ended up killing the remaining contestant that was spying on you
Unkown = 2nd you would have a father that is a game maker and he did anything to help you but in the end you committed suicide because you thought it was unfair
Vans =  1st everyone who kill themselves because they wanted you to win enough said
SomebodyAwesome = 16th i feel u would start running to find a hiding spot but tripped and a career killed you
AmandaBynes = 7th i feel you would be in the careers but be a total diva and completely annoy everyone but you would also kill tons so they killed you towards the end
Foxox = 1st i feel you would be great at hunting and just dominate the competition and the in the end you and your alliance member/bestfriend would be upset  but you would just shoot her
HeatherBear = i feel like you would threaten to kill people but never do it because you would feel to guilty and in the..

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