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LW's Survivor - Moment #6

6 LoganWorm, Jan 13, 2015

Moment #6 - Survivor: Madagascar - Jordyn blindsides Jake.
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This moment may be less known to our newer veterans, but it sure still doesn't leave my box of memories. The fact that the Sambava Three was able to flip two Andapa members was fantastic, but they oddly enough didn't pagong Andapa, and I credit that to Jordyn ( carleebear), along with his relationship to Erik ( EEstrada17). In the Final Four, Ronnie had already been cut by both Jake ( Jakehou97) and Jordyn, so it's almost funny that Jake didn't see it coming...
This is before Ronnie ( JBC8) was voted out, and this is where the Jake blindside starts to build up.
Jake ( Jakehou97):
"Anyways, I want to win every immunity from here on out. Stick may see me as a threat and turn the others to get me out. I also want immunity so that I have the power and I can make what I want to happen...which may include blind siding Jordyn....i mean he's the only real threat left the game. Erik, Ronnie and most def's Ethan doesen't scare me anymore"
It was the Final Five where Jordyn really ramped up his social game, and it is a huge part to why I gave him the Player of the Season award.
Jake ( Jakehou97):
"So I have a dilema.
Obviously I'd think Jordyn would win in any final 2 situation. He just played an excellent excellent game.
So the smart thing to do is to send him packing, right?
Well, the thing is, the game has brought us closer together, more than allies, as friends. We've talked alot about our lives and became pretty good friends...
So basically every vote from here on out will be hard to do strategically and personally"
Ronnie ( JBC8):
"Well, I really thought that Sambava was going to be Final 3, but seeing as how Jordyn is too scared to go against me, he's going to try to vote me out tonight. I won't give up without a fight though. I'm using everything to my advantage. Even outside the game factors, such as sponsoring Jake in The Hunger Games go gain his vote. Erik and I are talking and he knows that Jake and Jordyn are a final 2 and that Jordyn's plan is to vote him out at the next Tribal Council. I told Erik that I would do anything to make sure that Jordyn doesn't win next immunity, and that I would even help him win immunity in the case of Purple Rocks he will be 100% safe. Jordyn flipping on his alliance that he's had since Day 1 will not help him win this game. I've been loyal to Jordyn and have even stood up for him when asked to vote him out by 3 different people. Erik has seen how loyal I've been to him, as he was one of the people who asked me to go against Jordyn, and he knows that I could be just as loyal to him."
Ronnie was desperate enough to bribe Jake for a vote.
Ronnie (#JBC8):
"Jake, who are you voting for? If..

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