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9 PrincessTeePee, Nov 6, 2015

Guess what?
#ITSNOTSTEALING! And I wish people would get that into their damn heads after all these years!


For The 56884367th Time

2 PrincessTeePee, Aug 18, 2015

#ItsNotStealing, period.
OH KAY?????


Don't Even THINK About It!

4 PrincessTeePee, Aug 14, 2015

Just no.
Johneh justme Tengaged_Moderation
In fact, I'd sooner see people who kick up such a fuss about their stock being bought, yes BOUGHT, than ban the people who bought it. They are 1689544787546789000% more annoying. :)



3 PrincessTeePee, Jan 15, 2015

#ITSNOTSTEALING ...Maybe, just maybe they got lucky?
Why must the whole 'no life' thing be thrown around, just because you didn't get your own way? I'd attempt to do the same thing if I saw a DB or a dress, at the right time, its not a reflection of the life I have though.
*puts the whiners' toys back in their prams*



15 PrincessTeePee, Jul 3, 2014

Can it be next week already, with new shops? The gifting ones this week are SO fucking annoying, ranting and raving every day because other people dare spend a dollar on a few new pixels that weren't 'intended' for them.
1, #ITSNOTSTEALING (can we fucking trend this?!)
2, STOP crying over it, because it won't change anything... Just rectify it in your next shop or something.
Dear GODDDD! *pulls own hair out*

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