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I’m dead at

0 Thumper91, Mar 16, 2019

#iybf still being online lmao



8 top20fan33, Mar 16, 2019


it's kinda bad when...

0 Loganz, Mar 15, 2019

a user can flaunt getting someone banned when there was no justification to it. admin this the kinda site you wanna run? #iYBF



26 ghrocky100, Feb 3, 2019

Taking this idea from #iybf except I am going to get 1 of my irl friends to do a brantsteele season of Big Brother, with him controlling our character and what he does/thinks in it.
Need 19 people
1. ghrocky100
2. caleb9211
3. winner132
4. rockstarr
5. firewolf
6. poisonedheart
7. iybf
8. classicaz5
9. top20fan33
10. pinkiepie512
11. crimsonennui
12. jonmcgillis
13. taurusmoon
14. m_davis1998
15. maxi1234
16. mbarnish1
17. tadd
18. mrbird
19. eilish
20. littlemix


PYN for an opinion

82 koolness234, Jan 27, 2019

I would say 100% honest but you bitches already know I will be doing that
#Iybf I honestly use to think to myself thank god you are good looking because you are dumb as a bag of bricks, but I got to know you and you actually are not a dumbass so yes slaying life. I am glad you are living the life all bae'd up. The only thing you do that annoys me is when I say something in League like dont walk in there you walk in there and die when I legit warned you against it like 5 minutes prior. I do miss slaying Eviction Notice with you as we have only been playing League lately
#coreyants Honestly I use to defend when people gave you shit but you always asks me to do stuff or help you with something, you honestly do not seem like the person who returns favors you are very very very self absorb a lot of the time. I think you are a good person in general I hope you get back into grad school and get your life back on track
#TaurusMoon I think you are a sweet person at heart, although your top 100 gagers was a horrid flop 0% fresh on rotten tomatoes. Despite that you still make me laugh, I dont really follow your actions on the site so I cannot say anything else I miss you sheeping me on bestlerhoh
#ShanteYouSlay Going to be rather short because I do not know you personally but I have always loves your name and your overall Tengaged aesthetic
#anthousai Other than stars I dont have that much experience with you, even though we were on opposite sides and nommed each other a few times I did generally enjoy having you in the stars house. You were low key victimized in it tbh. Not much else to say but keep on slaying
#Darbe You are like 50/50 to me I like you as a person and I hope you keep slaying Law school nd follow your passion. On the site you are a nice person but you are apart of a friend group that doesnt seem too easy to enter or approachable, and sometimes yalls inside jokes on the blog page are not funny and just kinda are fucking annoying if I am being honest. But this is gage so we all can be annoying and I think you all just do it to have fun. We should catch up sometimes
#winner132 So glad you joined the Mean Girls honestly never had heard of you before until I met you through #emzthorne and #maxi1234 who I both love. I think sometimes your personality got lost in theirs and became kinda jumbled. I would love to talk to you more because you seem like an icon
#peace123 Idk where to stand on you, because you get angry and emotional really easy. I use to do that all the time so I dont fault you for it I think you just care a lot. I love playing League with you but you need to not be toxic. Sometimes you pick late game scaling champs and give up 5 minutes in the game which is annoying because I try in almost every league game regardless of the score (nerd I know). I do like how you are very passionate about school keep that up because it will take you far in life. I know it sucks doing all the work
#Lexeyjane Idk much about..


When people try to expose you

16 Ethan000, Aug 21, 2018

But flop...lmao
I could do much MUCH worse however I'm an actual sane person who doesn't jack off to bringing others down with their personal shit (:
That's the last thing I'm gonna address on the issue, have a nice life
And no need to @ but I'll hashtag bc banned #iYBF


Pyn and I'll say if I like you

34 Arris, Mar 1, 2018

#iybf - yes
#Thumper91 - yes
Simpizzle - yes
LoveLife - yes
m7md26 - yes
DanielleDonato - I mean ur like whatever to me. I used to like you, then I disliked you and now you're neutral to me.
melindaMrskk - Yes
NicoleF - Nope.
suzycroatia - yes ily marry me
BluJay112 - Yes
BigBrotherDonny - Yes
gagaluv - yes
QueenMichelle - yes
BengalBoy - yes
titoburitto - not particularly
Paige54 - yes
jjvawesomeness0511 - idk u sorry :(
TaraG - yes
SashaBaby2010 - dnt u sorry :(
Question - yes
adamgrant - I don't think I know you, sorry.
Dane_Williams - yes
Magix - don't know u, srry
woeisme - yes
Latisha0987 - yes mom
BritishRomeo17 - yes
SeaKing - yes
Absol - yes
AustinRules6969 - yes
BigMamaT - yes mommma


PYN and I'll tell you who on your top row

40 Mexus, May 16, 2017

of friends I like the most.
s73100 - #iYbf
Kaylabby - #Funnehliner
scooby0000 - #Instagram
deshonBANNEDISBACK - #Rizzo
thandomize - #iYbf
EliOrtiz1234 - #PureEssence
jenzie - #rawr25
Kaseyhope101 - #xRAIN_shooter
aj1111 - #LoopyCoco1
lliiaamm - #Harry1210
Survivor8 - #bunnycat
Thumper91 - #RoseMaria
KatherinePierce - #alanb1
ashleykarp - #Brandt69
Renny10 - #ashszoke
Joseline - #Hisoka
ApplecorAJ - #Roshy
Hisoka - #Joseline
Dane_Williams - #Dane_Williams
wwemrpeeps - #Roboducky
JayElVeeIsBack - #Thumper91
EmmzX - #nenalalala
MarieTori - #lemonface
Loopycoco1 - #perfectprizetag
garrievans97 - #Kaylabby
Robbster1313 - #Kavalle
Roshy - Krisstory
@Malphas - Stupendous
brandonpinzu - LemJam6
RiDsTeR - maxiphone27
Spinner554 - BOBROCKS333
GrrrImABear - AxKxAxBatman
IceBeast - sihz
iTy990 - alexxiia
CalebJustLeft - deeannamorgan
Simplyobsessed - rascity #andychuck08
Acosta1539 - silas86
zachboy967 - typhlosion37
eliserose - Survivorrocks
XxLoveWakizaxX - Suzycroatia


Post 3 Users!

10 Imthtawesom, Jan 22, 2017

And I will tell you who I'd Marry, Kill and FUCK>:).
Fuck 2388 Marry galaxies Kill abrogated
Fuck SeaKing Marry Karim Kill #IYBF
Fuck cococolin122 Marry Imthtawesom Kill fishingguy22
Fuck melindamrskk Marry halloween Kill Bomberv
Fuck Levonini Marry Petro Kill tigger
Fuck Maxi1234 Marry Garrievans97 < 3 Kill fishingguy22 (altho i think it would be more accurate if i just took u and those two had each other but u know)
Fuck Blujay112 Marry saraj10 Kill survivorfreak13 (sorry dyly dont want  to cheat on ur bf:/)

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