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[S2] Survivor: Monaco Results

8 aria_grande, Oct 19, 2019

Waetu tribe (Turquoise buffs):
Liam guigi
James j2999
Michael stuartlittle16
Julian thesexiestdude990
Livia jameslu
Parvati Parvatis
Anne lawyeranne
Kamui colincoco
Hama Suki tribe (Sunkist orange buffs)
Jlacka jasoi
Vinci corsi
Mac macda27
Akshay galore
Morgan paigescavo
Reko Majority
Alana novamax243
Tina purplebb4
Episode 1:
Both tribes find a surprise in store as they arrive at the island seeing nothing that they was expecting due to it being Monaco. A desolate island stands with two camps which surprise everyone. *TWIST* The host tells them that this season if there is ever a tie in the vote, both will be sent off of the island straight away. But this will only happen for the first tie of the season.
* Liam, James, Michael, Livia, Parvati
* Kamui, Julian
Hama Suki:
* Vinci, Morgan, Mac, Alana
* Tina, Reko, Mac, Jlacka
Waetu wins tribal immunity
At the Hama Suki tribe:
Everyone is extremely disapointed with the immunity challenge and morale becomes low in the whole group, Mac takes this as an opputunity to talk to Tina, Reko and Jlacka about a possible vote for the first vote off. Mac suggests doing one of the others hoping to turn his back on the others as he knows he is one of the lower people in the whole group. Reko and Tina are up for the idea and both suggest putting Morgan in as the vote but Jlacka is unsure about who to vote for but eventually goes with Morgan like the rest of them. Mac decides that he doesnt like that idea and goes to his other alliance of Vinci, Morgan and Alana and decides to vote out Tina due to her strength in the challenges. While Mac is doing this Akshay walks upto Reko, Tina and Jlacka and tells him about Mac's plans and he convinces them to change their vote to Mac due to him being unloyal to them.
At tribal council:
The fear of a tie is looming over everyone as they all know that it could lead to a double vote off. However several are expecting it so early on in the season due to their being the round 8 in the tribe. Alot of peoples fears come true as it ends up as a tie resulting in both Tina and Mac getting sent home in a 4-4 tie.
Mac: Tina, Reko, Jlacka, Akshay
Tina: Morgan, Mac, Alana, Vinci
16th: Tina (4-4) (1st/2nd voted out) (#Hamasuki)
15th: Mac (4-4) (1st/2nd voted out) (#Hamasuki)
Episode 2:
Hama Suki:
Liam (Waetu)
Kamui (Waetu)
Livia (Waetu)
Parvati (Waetu)
Vinci (Hama Suki)
Jlacka (Hama Suki)
Alana (Hama Suki)
James (Waetu)
Michael (Waetu)
Julian (Waetu)
Anne (Waetu)
Reko (Hama Suki)
Morgan (Hama Suki)
Akshay (Hama Suki)
Hama Suki:
*Liam, Parvati, Livia
*Alana, Vinci

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