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6 Kelly2722, Aug 10, 2018

And I’ll tell you my favorite person on your first page friends list ☺️
HaliFord - I guess I’d have to go with Maxi1234. Idk many of them.
Arris - #HaliFord
aria_grande - There’s to many icons there so I have to choose myself or else feelings will be hurt.


Post your favorite artist

7 Kaseyhope101, May 6, 2018

And I’ll say my favorite song by them!
Shamelessly copying HaliFord
#HaliFord - Dua Lipa - Ummmmmm idk New Rules? I don’t even like that song, but that’s not the point of this blog!
piizza - Ariana Grande - Hmmmmmmmm... I haven’t listened to Dangerous Woman in a minute, but that was a great album, Thinking Bout You is a super great song. Why Try is 🔥, Overall she has a few great ones, if I had to choose one, I’ll go with Thinking Bout You.
peace123 - Lady Gaga - Donatella! Britney Spears - Perfume!
Chic - Malibu Barbiie Delish - Idk hmmmm freak show
silver09 - Nicki Minaj - Pills N Potions or Feeling Myself // Cardi B - Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm be careful


Who Do I Associate You With? (PYN)

27 pizzawithcookirs, May 25, 2017

I'm bored so why not do this again :)
#HaliFord              --> Maxi1234
#con66                 --> vansreborn ?
#dwipeouts           -->  ashszoke
#Emmzx                --> StarySky
#Littlebrother123   --> Druhhbby2
#Queenisha            --> mahogany
#_Ashley                --> _Tanner
#deeannamorgan    --> CalebJustLeft
#Sam_Hamwich      --> Elvira
#nikki101               --> bibbles
#noah_kondon        --> VegasBoy94
#BigBrotherDonny   --> Badboyy2699
#epicwafflez23       --> spinfur
#Bambino               --> #Badboyy2699
#DumbGinger         --> Timster
#ApplecorAJ           --> Roshy
#nenalalala             --> Frozenshadow09
#born2pizza            --> TaraG
DevinB                  --> iceskygames
PoohSnap              --> Cromatique
#spinfur                  --> Macda27
Aidan0621             --> MoneyNeil
tboss                    --> Hisoka
#TaraG                   --> cswaggerr
Hufus                   --> islandsurvivor
#Elvira                    --> xxLovewakizaxx
Side Note --> I'd love if you can plus this background and get it into auctions! (Thanks)


<3 Virgie88 <3

51 cswaggerr, Oct 8, 2016

PYN and I'll say which celebrity u remind me of
#Haliford - Marina and the Diamonds
#Tigger - Bano
#KatarinaDucouteau - Selena
#cornelia - Jennifer Aniston
#DanielleDonato - Brittany Spears
#kayleighwinz - Donald Trump
#ohheydudeski - David Archuleta
#quackattack817 - Ashton Kutcher
#tryandbeatme16 - Justin Timberlake
#Maxi1234 - Kelly Clarkson
#deshonBANNEDISBACK - Pharrell
crayadian - Christian Bale
padfoot - Victoria Justice
bamold1999 - Justin Bieber
petro - Madonna
XxLoveWakizaxX - Lorde
Bigbrotherlover7 - Zac Efron
kiara_xoxo - Nicki Minaj
Fighterman - Brad Pitt
Joseline - Shakira
philip13 - Paul Rudd
kaseyhope101 - Vanessa Carlton
blujay112 - Shia Lebeouf
Pegasus1234 - Ashley Tisdale
Darbe - Marlon Brando
GiGi10 - Shawn Mendes
robertguajardo - Rob Kardashian
GentlemanG - Natalie Negrotti
koolness234 - Sharapova
eyooMarcus - Eminem
LuckyLefty - Usher
NailedIt - Sofia Vergara
Thirteen - Robert Englund
Xx_Legend_xX - Tom Cruise
2388 - Seth Rogen
Injection - Kevin James
TayBear17 - Brenda Song
Vanili - Jennifer Lopez
Eva1 -Rita Ora
TaraG - Sarah Paulson


Post a TV Show

36 Aquamarine, Jul 29, 2016

and I'll post either my favorite character, or the reason I haven't watched the show.
#HaliFord - Scream - Brooke Maddox
#bowkane - The 100 - I haven't watched it. It's been highly recommended to me. I really should get on that one day.
#Timster - Rugrats - Angelica Pickles, obviously.
#Carriexoxo24xo - Sex and the City - I haven't watched it, probably because when I looked for it ages ago on Netflix it wasn't there. Haven't checked since.
NotAfraid - Supernatural - Haven't seen it, really not a fan since it's still going and so many damn seasons.
Streamx - CBBUK17 - I assume you mean the season that ended, but obviously New York. I didn't even watch it though. The only season I saw more than one episode of was Katie Hopkins's season.
Akora - Love and Hip Hop Atlanta - You know my pasty white ass has not seen this show.
RodneyRules1219 - Survivor - It will always be Trish Hegarty, mainly because I've met her several times and have her phone number and she's just a lovely person.
lexibear - Pretty Little Liars - How is this even a question? Maya St. Germain.
MrBird - Modern Family - Depends on the season, I love Lily and Alex the most usually. Alex the most last season, she was particularly funny.
Darriusdabest - HTGAWM / Scandal / Greys - I've only seen Scandal. In Greys however, every time I take a TV personality quiz I get Yang, so there's that. In Scandal, my favorite(s) are first Mellie Grant and second Eli Pope.
TDBigBrotherLover112 - Shadowhunters, Glee, Simpsons - This is some reject ass Freeform show I always see commercials for during PLL and it can 100% miss me idc how good it is. In Glee, when I watched the first 2 or 3 seasons, it was Santana. Never watch The Simpsons.
maxiphone27 - Avatar: The Last Airbender - I haven't seen this since I was a kid and didn't particularly love it then either, I don't remember.
Jaxon - One Tree Hill / 90210 / The Walking Dead / Nashville - Oh boy a whole slew of shows I've never watched. The only one I might watch one day is One Tree Hill. I don't really want to watch Nashville because it was a 4 seasons and dead show, TWD is just not a concept I like. I hate zombie anything, and while the frequent main character deaths is appealing I just can't get into it. 90210, I dont even know.
KatarinaDuCouteau - Game of Thrones - Common theme here, I haven't watched a lot of these shows. This one I watched the first two episodes of though. I really didn't like it. I hate anything not set in the present, it's one of my quirks.
iScotty - Bad Girls Club - Trash show, but I like the bitch who dumped cereal on a girl in bed and then went around screaming about serving her breakfast in bed.
jenzie - Friends - Monica, because she's definitely the one I'm most like..



42 hints, Nov 13, 2015

#HaliFord - u r in the cool gal frat and i hear u are a nice lass from others but personally i found u annoying the very first time we won the frat seat and it all kicked off bc u wanted to go in but since then u have chilled out and became a nice lass
#Nattie - gorgeous blood sista of mine young mother of 2 that is coping well with a gorgeous car and gorgeous job luv yer sis
#xxThornWYZ - dont really know u but u seem to be scheming ur way for some relevancy i have seen on the blogs page and ur avi is very green and very irish x
#Bluestar1367 - i have seen u around and im not v sure what to think of u v hard to read x
#skyler1822 - u are a gorgeous lass and we have been on call before and u said u love my british accent which was very kind and sweet of u and i love u for that
#DoubleSS - i dont know u rly sorry
#BigBrotherDonny - gorgeous sister of mine always ther for a good old natter and a gorgeous hunger ally even though u die early
#Galaxies - i am not sure what to think of u i find u quite annoying how u decided to overtake my sister wumblebee in designs and then act all smug about it, it was very mean
AbiMaria - probably a multi no comment
KyleDile - u r my australian sister that lives across the sea and we have been on a lotof calls with sisters ryan and tom and played gun game together which wos v fun because u r shit and i am better than u
wumblebee - luvli sista ov mine fink we argue everi dai u kno gal? fink dats becaus we av similar personalities but u r a rite laff gal even though u r currently boring me to death.
heaux - dont know u but i love the business gear u are wearing its very nice and business like x
MrOrange890 - i dont like u because u decide to hide things from me and tell people everything i say i hate u dont even tork 2 me
eoin - we were in a group game and u decided to be v nasty to me and get me out which was very rude of u
Kaseyhope101 - idont know u but i have seen u around ur avi is gorgeous i love the blonde hair and the tan it makes me feel all summery all over again
Butcher - i just had a peek at ur profile and i was expecting u to be some light green level and my jaw has hit the floor at u being a tv star very unexpected x
AlanDuncan - we have played a lot of games together such as hunger games and survivor we seem to work together in survivor but not in hunger games which i find very rude of u
kittykatz553 - very nice young lad who has gave me golden bars on habbo and very nice but u ddosed me before which i found very rude i cried in real life
Cornelia - me saviour who got me out of fivys basement thanks gal always fank yer for that 1 xxx nice yung talented lass that likes to get er knockers out every night but we havent spoken much recently which is..

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