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Happy Anniversary to Green Team <3

10 joshie1, Feb 16, 2016

Officially Started: 16th of February 2014
Highest Rank: #6 (12/22/2015)
Shout out to LilSteph95 for starting the Frat < 3
There are far too many people to tag so I will just post this in the Frat Comments
Too everyone that joined I < 3 you guys ! Thanks so much for being a part of it.
Stars game players From Green Team Ilovetosing MightyGoober Dallas1
@Scooby1000 Dane_Williams Acyuta
So yeah it has been 2 years which is awesome here is to another year < 3 :D
#GreenTeam #2Years #Frats :)


queen me

3 sandym89, Jan 8, 2016

Congratulations, this fraternity has won the free Stars slot!. Now president should decide the member to play Stars.
#GreenTeam Joshie1


Grats on Winning Raffle Ticket

1 joshie1, Oct 30, 2015

Best Of Luck in Stars Scooby0000 #GreenTeam


Happy Anniversary Green Team

8 LilSteph95, Feb 16, 2015

Officially Started: 16th of February 2014
Highest Rank: #19
I love you guys ! Thanks so much for being a part of it.
Acyuta, Joshie1, Rawrimadino, dsradine, Mickj, Travisd13, ilovetosing, Jamiie, Starrr, Death1droid, NewNightmare7 and makingallfall2
I must say this a lot but I certainly wouldn't on the website as much without you guys, I probably would've given up a long time ago or got bored with Tengaged. We may be small and sometimes inactive, but the important part is our ongoing support for each other < 3. I know I am inactive sometimes as I get busy with my real life but i'll always try my best to be a great president for you guys.
The frat has been going for a year now and i'm super proud that we have kept going for so long, still with the same values, intimacy, exclusiveness and friendship.
Here's our story! How we started and who's been a part of it.
People I miss that have been a part of the Team:
Hockey_Dude Dazzabazza Ados707 lonelypuppie hellboy274 bomberv
electriccheddar magge555550101 robulusjgreisonne SouthernSong. Some gone inactive and some went to other places, better for them. x
Have many other frats been going for as long? Any top frats?


I Thought Inactives Got Auto-booted From..

2 LilSteph95, Jan 20, 2015

Whenever we had an inactive member, e.g Hockey_Dude.. he had to re-join all the time because he got booted out every 2 weeks, 20 days or so, and a few other members have had the same treatment.
But then I came across these frats..
For example blackraz from the Preachers
Karma: 187
Played: 149 times
Last Activity: 209 days ago
and MrAlexD from The Epics
Karma: 1475
Played: 187 times
Last Activity: 483 days ago
These members haven't been on for 200 days - over a year! I'm really confused. Was automatic kicking from frats never a thing? What's the go?
Looks like you're safe:
Sorry for bogus tag, I just want to know the deal


Five People Left :(

5 LilSteph95, Dec 22, 2014

Five people have left my frat in last week or so.. all without telling me they're leaving or even giving a reason. I just find it a bit disrespectful.. So it's the lowest ranking we have been in a while at #28 but I'd rather have a small frat with good friends then a big frat that's out of control and lacks intimacy, just for the sake of points or whatever.
I actually get pretty bitter about it which is sad I know.. I guess I just see it as a family.
I usually mail people to ask what they're up to and why they left but since it was a sudden multiple number, I decided it would be easier to blog it.
mradamman12 - made a frat called pink. GL
SouthernSong :c
CarsonWorld - frat jumper apparently
bomberv - thanks for actually telling me over Skype but would've appreciated it before the blog you made. :/
kevinfell - left just because other people did.. Really disappointing
Now the frat is smaller, it's about time I took care of the starring problem and make sure everyone is even.. because we are missing that one star. I'm thinking of making a rule that if you leave, you can't come back within two weeks or even a month.. unless it's for a good reason, to prevent frat jumpers coming in and out. That's not what The Green Team is about
Newcomer Mickj, welcome :)
The frat has been going on since February last year so I don't think it's going downhill or going to end. My friends, the remaining members are worth keeping on for. I don't think I would still be on this site if I wasn't the president of this frat.
It's been running for a while so it's only expected that the numbers go up and down:


Stars Seat Game: Green Team

3 LilSteph95, Dec 14, 2014

Congrats to our frat for winning the seat game!
I am so glad to be in the game, but to win it, is even better :)
Acyuta stole the seat twice in this game and won it for #GreenTeam
I've been really busy and not so active on tengaged lately. I literally used data on my phone (even though it's over the limit) and set an alarm at a party so I knew how long I had to nominate someone to go in.
Thank you to death1droid for messaging me and informing me of our successs and also helping my decision by setting up a poll. Also thanks to hellboy274 and joshie1 for snapchatting me to update me.
I chose Acy to send in, as he deserved it after winning and has been such a sweet guy to me ever since we have been friends. He also won 50% of the votes within the running poll. Over skype, the majority agreed that he would be a good player and have a fair chance of winning. So goodluck on and kick some ass Acy! < 3 You have all of our support.
I wish I could send more people in but I can't and i'm sorry I didn't choose you guys:
Hockey_Dude, your plan was flawless too ;)
Let's just win it again yeah ;)
I would've liked to play #Stars but it really wasn't the best time for me and I lack the confidence and dedication at the moment. I'm not as active as I used to be


Stars Support #127129

5 LilSteph95, Nov 22, 2014

Give the guy a break, it's his first game and no one else on this whole site can say their first game was Stars. Best of luck! It's great that tengaged gives opportunities for low-levels to experience Stars.
Good friend, cool guy.
#GreenTeam (finally, haha)
Great friend, Magnus! < 3
Absolute beast of a player, great record of results
Best of Luck!


Moving On Up!

3 LilSteph95, Nov 18, 2014

EDIT: This blog post is moving on up too..
Our frat just reached rank 19! A new record for us..
We are also missing a member who is currently banned
Go us :D
"Cause I'm moving on up, you're moving on out
Movin' on up, nothing can stop me"
ily < 3



15 LilSteph95, Sep 27, 2014

As many of you know, I'm travelling to NSW (Australia) tomorrow to play beach volleyball, to represent my University!
Am so pumpedddddddddddddddddd. I've never been before ;o
So i'll be away for a week, playing beach volleyball in warm weather and partying at nightime with my beach partner. I don't plan to be on Skype or tengaged much at all, so I'll see you next week! I'm not really sure if i'll play much when I get back either, since I've been rather unsuccessful lately and finding it difficult to juggle with uni work, volleyball and a social life.
I'm putting death1droid in charge of #GreenTeam, so be nice to him! Though I'm sure my frat can smoothly run itself.
I'll update you guys when I'm back, my wonderful friends ;D
robulusjgreisonne (hey, i'll be nearby haha)
acyuta (please message deathdroid or dazza if the prom is coming up, I can't miss it)
My avatar is me in my playing top ;)


Anyone From Japan Play Tengaged?

34 LilSteph95, Jul 22, 2014

EDIT: I found no one...
I have a love for things Japanese and would love to meet people from there and learn a bit more :) However i'm not sure if it's common or if people from Japan play at all?
Help me out guys!
Shoutout to #GreenTeam, love ya! < 3
Anyone know?
tiafrsn4 - tribemate
Also have been on the search for someone Canadian that wants to join the frat. Love me some Canada, Hockey_Dude.
To be honest, I love asians ^_^
sorry for bogus tags but i'm on a mission!


Appreciation Blog <333

12 LilSteph95, Jul 13, 2014

TL;DR - If you're tagged, you're super awesome and ily :) x
Even though a lot of people left the Green Team, all at once. Some favourites and some co-founders. I think the frat is now at it's strongest. Everyone is now equal and supportive. No one is selfish and simply wants to be there for the fun of it, for the people. Frankly, I love the people in it. They're not all completely active or top players but they're great people and fun to play with. I honestly dislike joining games without my Green Team members as the game isn't as fun.
death1droid - My best friend as always, always by my side and willing to join a game with me. Always helpful of decisions to do with the frat. You are my wingman! Games are way better when you're in them :p
Acyuta - You are such a sweet friend. :) We haven't made a finals together but we will one day. You're such a great player with challenges, I wish I could do what you do. I am so glad you joined the frat, you're exactly what we're about.
Starrr - Always so nice and fun to talk to, I really miss playing with you. It's been way too long! I hope we can catch up sometime soon. You're a great member!
RoseMaria - You were so happy to join the frat, I thought for sure you had better places to go. Thank you for joining and helping our little frat out. We should play sometime soon altogether so the rest of the frat can get to know you better.
AndThenThereWasOne - One day soon you'll play your first casting with Green Team! I understand why you don't play much but fully appreciate you being there for everyone.
dazzabazza - Has been so good to play with you since you're on holidays now. I miss how active we used to be and how much we used to talk. I love that you're always there to laugh at my bad jokes.
magge555550101 - Man, I am so glad you joined the frat and i've gotten to know you better lately. You're great to play with and really smart with games, teaching me new things all the time. Also just a really nice guy that's easy to get along with. We should catch up on your vacation details soon :)
Linn - Our brand new member, welcome! I'm glad I found you and you accepted. You're moving up fast in the Tengaged world, you'll fit in just fine. Sucks that we keep missing each other's castings, you're fun to play with.
Hockey_Dude - I want to give a very special mention to you. We have talked a lot lately and I find myself telling you some deep things I probably haven't even told my real friends. That may seem sad but it's the truth. You were there and listened to my story without judgement and that meant a lot :) We had to have one crazy in the frat, and that's you! You are so funny to have around. You lighten up Tengaged a heck of a lot and are here for the right reasons. You're great ^_^


Green Team is..

6 LilSteph95, Jun 6, 2014

Oo, feel the rebels heed.
Revolution undermines belief.
Oh, we're dropping; like flies.
Bye, bye.
You're droppin' like flies.
We've gone from 13 to 10..
you guys are great ! :)
I love Motley Crue < 3 Rock On


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