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9 Meyaar, Jan 7, 2013

Thanks randomize for the addition of this game.
5 days of patience i would call that!
being on the back foot, defending those arrows!
going down to 5 health and shooting up while fighting #GothicZebra!
people say i did not deserve that 2nd...lets see why?
cause i was not in the corn all day ?
cause i did not had the fight experience the people in corn had and still fought them when the time was right?
Whatever you want to say you can, but i did what was demanded in the position and thus reached final 2.
Jacco having that 16 xp
bamold1999 having that 14 xp
Jarst having that 15 xp
GothicZebra having that 10 xp
whereas me having that 7, i still fought, i was in there and there was something i did right that got me there!!!
Well i loved playing the hunger games and just a little advice to all that playing now. PATIENCE is your key!
Special mentions to this person, he is just pretty fuckin' AWESOME < 3333 anthony2011class
Bye #Hunger

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