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Happy 17th Birthday Nolan!

5 Ethan000, Oct 10, 2018

Nolan Nolan Nolan, where do I begin? I feel like we’ve known each other from way back when in 2013 when we met in nbkiller’s Fresh Meat when you came in as a replacement! Even though your time there was short-lived, we kind of just kept tabs on each other ever since and eventually have gotten as close as we are today! It’s so weird to think that that was FIVE years ago…insane…
I just remember playing in random roblox games with you for the longest time KNOWING who you were on Tengaged and just not really reaching out because you had your own friends (the MSA, etc). And I can’t quite remember what exactly caused us to get close, but I’m sure it was just mutual friends like iYBF or ClassiCaz5 or whoever. But regardless, I’m happy it happened because I feel like we talk every day now.
Who else would I want to go through that shitty BOTS2 season with? Who else would I want to DOMINATE Cutthroat 3 with? Who else would I want to play Minecraft Hunger Games on call with cheating the system and glitching stacks of diamonds with our necromancer kits? Who else would I want to give me songs to approve to put on my playlist? And who else would I want to sit in a hot tub with five feet apart cuz we’re not gay?
You’ve been a great friend to me when I needed you most, and I can’t wait to continue to kill games together whether it’s on Tengaged or Roblox or wherever.
I’ll just leave you with this:
"You can't have me." *lets go of railing*

Also here are some dope people who decided to wish you a happy birthday aswell:
(I put this together like hours before now so sorry I couldn't get more people haha. Also this is why I wasn't paying attention in Survival earlier today)
“Nolan, we aren’t super close but Happy Birthday and I hope to see you in many games and hopefully we can grow closer over the next year. I’m only one call away and you can always call when needed whether it be for fun game time or a shoulder to cry on. Have a great birthday <3 Chris” - Mybash_
“Happy Birthday Nolan :) Hope all is well. Don't be a beta” - 2Beastly
“Nolan, I’ve known you for 5-6 years and let me tell you I don’t regret any minute of it to TDI on roblox to balefulness big brother to even betraying eachother in short terms we will always be legit best friends forever. I hope you have a great birthday and one day we need to meet up and also let’s talk more bro!! #GoLions” - ClassiCaz5
“Congrats on surviving another year Nolan! Not sure how u did since ur such a boring bland person, but u did it! Here's to hoping this year, u find a personality and actually become entertaining :D” - Max7313
“Thanks for picking me to go in the elim in Besties 3” - immaxyman
“OMG Happy birthday Nolan king!!..

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