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** Gift Giveaway 2 **

31 Yonaka, Feb 7, 2021

- Doing a huge gift giveaway game
I will be adding all of these people to a huge face off giveaway along with yourself... these don't have to be friends, just people you can think of and please don't repeat names that have already been said! thanks
PS. I will explain later but I am hoping for like 100 people and then polls where everyone faces off in rounds!
ps. if u dont actually do what i said ill just not include u at all


Gift Giveaway (Winner Reveal)

2 LoveLife, May 2, 2017

Okay so I tried to do this as open as I possibly could and entered everyone who plussed my design and commented!
Here is the pic - Congrats to Camell22 and sorry to everyone else!!
I will have a lot more stock open in my next shop so keep plussing this to help me get it! I will keep adding people to my giveaway lists!


Gift Giveaway

13 LoveLife, Apr 28, 2017

I have a few spots open THIS WEEK! PYN if you are a user with only a few gifts and I will consider you!! :D
It's this -
I have a shop this week!


Gift Giveaway.

5 Halloween, Aug 10, 2016

Judi has been officially kicked from the Widows, Please take a guess on how long it will take him to beg Lemjam6 to get back in CYA.
Lemjam will message me how long it took when he wakes up! Closest time without going over wins a gift from my shop this week!


Gift Chance

99 LoveLife, Jun 2, 2016
So all you have to do is + THESE 3 DESIGNS and PYN / + on this blog, when it expires I will someone to receive a gift! that simple :) thanks I really do appreciate any plusses :D
Edit: please make sure you + the designs, not just this blog, tysm :)


Gift Giveaway

3 AmandaClarke, May 29, 2016

So I have a lot of T's at the moment and wanted to use it effectively.
Current Frookies Giveaway: ( )
If you join you will initially have a 1/13 chance at winning a gift!
- If you win HOH or POV your chances will be doubled each time as I will add your name into the random draw another time for each win.
- If you are evicted 13th-10th, you will be removed from the draw but you have the opportunity to give someone in the final 9 an added entry.
- If you wish to give up your position you can, and give 3 different other people in the final 9 an added entry.
Tengaged's favourite player:
- During the game, when I say START below, you may place a vote for your favourite player, at the end of the game, I will calculate the player in the final 9 with the most votes on this blog and that player will get an added 3 entry's
I think this is a new and exciting idea and I hope people will join! :)



12 ztalker2002, Dec 21, 2014

1) Answer a three-part question. The answer is a whole number.
2) The first person who post the correct answer wins the giveaway. If the correct answer is not given, the person closest to the actual number, without going over is declared the winner.
3) With your answer, tag a friend that you want to receive a gift. If you win, your tagged friend will also win.
I've done a similar raffle here
a) My current age (the nearest whole number)
b) My grade point average when I graduated college last May (ie : My previous school graded students from 0.0 ~ 4.0 Grade Points per subject. With 4.0 being the highest)
c) The number of countries I lived in (ie : Residential for more than 6 months)
Question : The product of part (a), (b) and (c)
Further Instruction : After multiplying, round it down to the nearest whole number.
Clarification Jargons below....
(optional to read)
Winner ---> receives a gift worth up to T$1000
Tagged Friend --> receives a gift worth up to T$500
         Claim of Prize
1) Choose any design in the shop game that you want me to purchase.
2) It's simple! When you see me online and you see a design in the shop, IMMEDIATELY contact me via Tengaged mail or skype (ztalker2002)
3) The prize is NOT transferable to another user
4) You can only receive ONE gift with maximum prize stipulated at the Prizes section
5) Being permanently banned before claiming the prize revokes you of the right of claim despite having another account later.
         Note Message
I'm doing this to remove all the T$s from my tengaged account before I officially logged out. Also, to know, how many people I actually talked with and still know some of my real life information.
The game will end at Christmas Day, at midnight Greenwich Meridian TIme


Gift Giveaway ! ♥ Bye Bye Contest ♥

0 5651Omar, May 5, 2014

Hey everyone, I am doing a gift giveaway, which I can assure you is 1,000% LEGIT with the winner of the giveaway being gifted from Brandonpinzu 's shop sometime in the near future.
I have entered Ariane Andrew's Bye Bye Contest on YouTube ! Ariane is a star on the reality series "Total Divas" as well as being a WWE Diva. The way to enter is very simple and only requires you to have a YouTube account. (which I am sure everyone has.) You just have to "LIKE" the video ! I don't care if you watch it, just LIKE the video.
Once you are done "LIKE"ing the video, make sure to comment your username on the video, it's the only way I will know you LIKED the video. The contest ends 1 week from today so make sure to have that video liked until then ! :) Thank you guys so much !
Mobile users :
*** What to do ***
- LIKE the video (until May 12th then you can unlike it)
- COMMENT your Tengaged username !
Thank you guys so much for the support !
As of 1:45PM EST/May 4th - I am in 3rd place !



12 MichelleObama, Feb 13, 2014

"You're Mine (Eternal)" and screenshot proof of purchase and post that here to be entered in a gift giveaway. You get double the entries by buying the single and the remix. #GiftGiveaway #ValentinesDay #MariahCarey #YoureMine



25 Volibear, Jan 18, 2014

Like... kinda-sorta? idk if anyone actually /cares/
but all these T$ is burning a whole in my pocket so...
#ForReal #NoFoolin


Gift Giveaway (Music Playlist Edition)

47 Yoshitomi, Mar 12, 2013

I have 100 songs on this playlist on my iPod.
Guess as many as you can to score points.
There are 100 different songs but not 100 artists.
For every correct song (title+artist) you guess, you get 5 points.
For every correct but wrong artist, 3 points.
For every correct artist, 2 points.
For example, say I had Person of Interest - Rebecca Black on my iPod.
Person A guesses Friday by Rebecca Black and person B guesses the right song.
A gets 2 and B gets 5.
Fyi, there's no Rebecca Black on my iPod. XD
Person with the most points wins.
If there's a tie, there will be a Sudden Death competition. XD
Good luck!
Babebee: 36 (penalised you -10 points for writing the same songs repeatedly) :(
DonutDude556: 15
Haliem24: 11
Lassidoggy: 14
Swagger_Jagger: 5
AlexRyder: 4
TheSexiestDude990: 0
Liandy410: 0
Songs Correctly Guessed-- 10/100
Gangnam Style - Psy (no more Psy songs)
E.T. - Katy Perry (no more Katy Perry songs)
Euphoria - Loreen (no more Loreen songs)
Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds (one more)
Payphone - Maroon 5 (one more)
Ni**as in Paris - Jay Z ft Kanye West
One More Night - Maroon 5 (no more Maroon 5 songs)
Marry the Night - Lady Gaga (one more)
F*ckin Perfect - P!nk (no more P!nk songs)
Titanium - David Guetta
She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) - David Guetta
Night of your Life - David Guetta
Where them girls at? - David Guetta (one more)
Judas - Lady Gaga (no more Lady Gaga songs)
Artists Correctly Guessed but without correct songs
Marina and the Diamonds
Ed Sheeran
Elle Goulding
Jennifer Lopez
Imagine Dragons
30 Seconds to Mars
Some of the other artists are rather unknown unless you watch Eurovision or Anime.
Some of the other artists are very well known.
This is round one.
There will be a round two. >:)


Gift Giveaway Winners!!!

1 Piddu, May 2, 2012

Last week and the week before that I did three giveaways. Last week I couldn't gift the winners since I had to give stock to two people who spammed for me, so I'm doing it this week.
Winner: Ireks
Winner: Mutiny
Winner: TeganH
So congrats Ireks, Mutiny, and TeganH, you will be gifted sometime this week!

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