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1 Loopspeare, Feb 9, 2018

Imagine trying to join #FriendsBeforeWins right after ruining a charity.
Yikes! :X


when survivor ends im leaving the site

6 trickdaddy6, Jan 29, 2018

i've made some mistakes on here and said some things i regret, but being honest, staying loyal and getting wins that way has been rewarding :). #friendsbeforewins <3
wade03  #bestduoever
tryphena   miss ya, u were awesome
eric_136   bros for life
thumper91  still love you :P
alvino  #legends
mercedes415  miss the good times
lexi0103 #bestie
hobo232 :)
grrrimabear #bud
eliserose  fun calls, good times
peccadillo  #flop


Yes, I will end our friendship

2 noah_kondon, Jul 16, 2017

Over a fasting M_Davis1998
You have been blocked on skype, unfriended, and filtered you fucking dick.  I joined that game first and then you came along so being your friend, I aligned with you and all your friends.  There were 3 of us that wanted f3, that was very clear, I was honoring that, a lot of the noobs in the game wanted to work with me and i could have revolted and taken you out but i didn't for a reason.  I trusted you and wanted to go tot the end with you because you were my friend.  But at the final 4 you pulled that dick move and forced the tie that sent me out, you wasted my time in that fasting saying you would take me the whole time but not.  Us 3 were the only ones that even wanted f3, you evicted me for a person that didn't even want to be in it.  So I hope you enjoy your 1 fucking extra Karma because you went from 3rd to 2nd.  I guess that's why you left #friendsbeforewins because you ruined our friendship for most likely ONE KARMA.  I hope you enjoy that 1 piece of Karma, it is clearly worth more than my friendship/



0 countrysavage, Jun 22, 2017

Aspirant in this New Fraternity, please everyone plus and Blog about this Frat!
Let's get this Fraternity Rising !!
-Very Welcoming
-Mature and Safe
-Please be Nice
I support #FriendsBeforeWins
#Frat4Life #FBW



0 Lawblondie, Apr 1, 2017

I am so proud of this frat and everyone in it. They have all made it a goal to promote kindness and change the way we play this game. They have committed to proving this game can be played without bullying. I have never been more proud of a group of friends i call family.
To those of you who think this frat represents anything else.....it is your fault you are not willing to embrace what the frat means. I am sorry you are bitter for either being asked to leave or not coming back but we want active members willing to support one another and not tear each other down.



5 Evaa1996, Mar 31, 2017

There is a lot of mockery of #Friendsbeforewins being a cult but i think they really mean to call it a family.
The frat makes it feel like you have someone at all times to discus the good and the bad! We work together very well... As it shows in our 2/3 star wins. The amount of support we show each other, through stars and friendly competition in Frat games, is what makes me most proud to be in this frat. It is easy to reach the goals set for this site when you have such amazing people supporting you !
This was the first frat that i have joined and i will be gladly staying through till the end of my time on this site.
Proud to be a member of #FriendsBeforeWins



3 TJ2807, Mar 31, 2017

#FriendsBeforeWins  is the frat I love so much
It's a great place with a wonderful community and great people. I love the message it sends and how United we staY. It's an accepting frat and whenever I have a problem or if there's anything you need to talk to someone about something, frat members from here are always there to help you through anything. It's made my experience on tengaged 10X more fun and it's just a great place where a lot of my friends are and it helps me get closer to a lot of people.
Join if you want a nice caring and accosting frat that will treat everyone with respect and equality!
< 3



0 YogscastBigbrother21, Mar 30, 2017

is my frat that I really enjoy being in, everyone is friendly, even though it says #friendsbeforewins that doesn't mean we cant have a bit of friendly rivalry


This amazing frat

1 xxxaria123xxx, Mar 30, 2017

This frat has made me to learn to be good with who I am and font be put off by others. Also this has learnt me to come out of my shell a bit and now I am more open with what I think. I just love #friendsbeforewins and its amazing frat leader m_davis1998 who has help me several times


Newest Black Level

12 TJ2807, Mar 27, 2017

omg yayyyyyy I am the newest black level on tengaged!
I joined in September and who would've thought, 6 months later, 199 games later,
Many new friends later, I would make it this far!
I'm so happy that I'm FINNALY here.
I want to thank all my friends and my wonderful frat #FriendsBeforeWins
< 33333

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