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Writing Something Nice About My First Page of..

9 JackEdgeAKAtheEdge, Jan 21, 2018

15th: aquetejodo - We met a very long time ago and you friended me and I didn't even know it XD We somehow end up in a lot of fastings together and I always know that I can trust you. You're a good friend :)
14th: heatherlum - We met somewhat recently in a casting and got along really well :D You're always fun to talk to and I can't wait until the next game we play together :) (Also, I like your writing :P)
13th: MinnieMax - We met a while ago when you commented on one of my blogs, but we never REALLY met until a very recent casting. You're extremely fun to be around and you always bring joy to those talking to you :) I hope we can play another game together soon!
12th: Jujubee - Remember that casting back when with you, obey_me, a few others and I? Well that was so long ago XD But that is how we met! :D You're an amazing person to be around and your blogs are always an interesting read. Also, didn't you put that YouTube video on your profile because of me? XD
11th: FelipeS - I think we met in the same casting as I met Jujubee in, but don't quote me on that! :P You're fun to talk to and you always make everyone laugh! :D Also, it must be nice there in Braz(s)il. If Paige were there with you, you guys could actually have some fun (hinting at the age of consent there being 14 lol) #FelipaigeForever
10th: CrystalNight98 (Jessica (muahahaha)) - Jessica, I think we met in a fasting a really long time ago when you, Jessica, screwed me over, but IDRK, Jessica. We REALLY started talking and became friends when you, who BTW are named Jessica if you didn't know, had a PYN and ranked a Breaking Benjamin song the highest :D (I used your name, Jessica, as much as possible because you, Jessica, hate your name LOL)
9th: purplebb4 - Bekir!!! :D My fellow Geography Nerd!!! LOL I always like quizzing each other on geography and also talking about chemistry XD They should rename Uzbekistan "Uzbekirstan" lol.
8th: Paige5459 ( Paige54) - *flips to page 54* ahhh here we go...
I am level white obviously, and I have 16 karma and 22.4 T$. I don't see how you earn so much money to buy designs that ppl are pricing @ 1000 T$, and only few ppl can buy that, which is why we are "noobs" So please, price your things lower and gift me anything :)
LOL Also, #FelipaigeForever I ship it
XD But I'm actually gonna make this real, so here we go lol
You are a bunch of fun to talk to, and annoying the shit out of you is fun too XD Whenever we're in a game together, you can always make me laugh and smile :D But TBH, GET OFF OF THIS SITE AND GET THOSE FUCKIN' GRADES UP!!! XD JK lol
7th: me2013 - I won't lie, you're one of my favorite people to talk to on tengaged XD I don't understand why some people hate you, you seem pretty cool to me :) I thank you for everything you have done for me and I can..



16 ImNotKyler, Nov 26, 2017

And ill give my complete, unfiltered opinion of you. If I don't know you, ill look at your bio and give you my first impression of you.
bambino - Honestly, you are an icon. You know how to play and you play the game dirty. One of the few people who are also so appreciated by others on here despite your badass gameplay. Smart AF and a comp beast. ❤
ninaboninacrown - You are honestly the prime example of garbage. People literally talk about how shitty you are without me even bringing you up. All you do is shit talk and completely flop in games. Stop talking shit and actually play the game and maybe then people wouldn't find you so pathetic.
Paige5459 - You are honestly so down to earth. I played a game or two and you always held yourself up with respect and elegance and were always so sweet to everyone whilst still being a great player. Definitely an icon. #FelipaigeForever
JackEdgeAKAtheEdge - You were the first person to be so welcoming towards me and you consistently have been. You are a sweetheart and I'm so thankful for you. ❤
rellizuraddixion - Dont know you that well but I also love Rachel Reilly and I've heard good things about you. You've been on a couple of my blogs and you seem really nice
varlto - Dont know you and didnt get much from your bio but your game records look good so I can assume that you are a very skilled player.
TheACF12 - You are one hell of a player but I find you to be really sneaky so I always have an eye on you. Comp beast, and a friendly rival of mine. I'd definitely go out and eat with you but I probably cant see myself trusting you in a game. Mad respect though.
scooby0000 - You were high key my pick to win in stars. Seem like a really cool and respectable dude. I was so excited when you joined a fasting I was in but you went inact.
GoodKaren - I feel like I know you but I'm not sure! I'd describe you as sweet and spicy. You are really sweet but don't let people push you or your friends around. My favorite kind of person! I'd like to get to know you better! You seem really funny as well
Question - Bryan is the devil on my shoulder and you are the angel. Very sweet and civil and just a great person to be around! Happy to be your friend
spartagow - You are really easy to manipulate and have a temper when it happens to you. You let your friends screw you over and you seem like a bit of a push over. Basically you seem like a sheep
ShadowMan - You literally are the sweetest person I've met on here and we've had such great conversation! I love how you hold yourself and thanks for being a great friend!
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Let's talk about Jara.....

10 JackEdgeAKAtheEdge, Nov 21, 2017

As much as many people may think, or hope, Jara is NOT a thing. As much as I like TaraG, it's not in that way... Maybe someone like MoneyShot has a chance XD
But going from the logic of Jara, if people actually believe that, then isn't Felipaige a thing?
However, I do want to thank ONE person, and that person is...... purplebb4! Thanks for answering to THIS BLOG well.
I appreciate it XD
But seriously guys, STOP with the #Jara....
Tagging some #JaraCult people:
Oh yeah, and mudndawilderness.... AHEM!!!

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