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25 BrianGonzalez, Nov 18, 2021

she thinks she is a whore diva and doesn't rule even at home; stupid


JRORS Season 4: Redneck Island Results

15 Jaxon, Apr 30, 2021

1. J2999
2. Mikec51
3. colleenoscopy
4. boneworks
5. davelooney
6. rowjone
7. phonee
8. top20fan33
9. daddydev
10. voila
11. guigi
12. parvatis
13. pureessence
14. Crayadian
15. Kindred7
16. Mikeroro
17. classicaz5
18. kiara_xoxo
19. candy_land
20. quackattack817
21. mouseter09
22. marcogr45
23. oswordo3
24. symmetry888
25. demgirl6
The first episode consisted of a one person purge and the formation of the teams. Everyone was randomized: set 'A' became 1-12 in the competition, set 'B' became 13-24 in the competition, and 25 was purged. Teams were then formed in fashion of placement... 1&13, 2&14, 3&15, etc.
Elim Progress:
Notable Events:
- Symmetry888 getting 24th/25th in the purge challenge, almost being eliminated, to go on and win 1 daily, 4 elims, and place second in the final.
- Top20Fan33 & Crayadian being the only team to stay together the entire time, and then win the whole competition.
- All #daddydev did was breathe
- Honestly, not much else. There was an extreme lack of gameplay the first half with the same teams seeming to win and go into eliminations.
Google Sheets: (copying #J2999 and stats are a work in progress)


pyn for a friendship category ranking!

27 lexeyjane, Apr 18, 2021



My issue with Tengaged

5 yoshicoolman, Apr 17, 2021

is that people do not understand the separation between friendships outside the game and friendships within the game. Ever since I joined the ORG community (especially the Skype one), I find it fun to backstab my friends. I know that may be surprising to some, but I literally am okay with driving 2 hours to hang out with someone at Disney and then proceed to be backstabbed in the ORG I am. I feel like this website has taught me very poor morals regarding games.
What is the fun in joining with the same people every game just to continuously work with them? For example, in PFL the same ~60 people join. I see manafa in every game I am in. Sometimes I gun for him to get 13th. Sometimes he will backstab me at 6th. Sometimes we are eachothers' final two. THAT is what is supposed to be fun with games. After seeing Chameleon777 's post regarding her backstabbing #DaddyDev, it shows what the normal "Tengager" would do. Why do you guys care so much about someone evicting you in a Roblox game... SEPERATE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS PEOPLE! We are literally GROWN!
I am not proofreading this and this is not just targeted at Dev. This is hopefully a learning experience that you should realize for the general Tengaged population.


NST Results #2

4 NotNicky333, Nov 13, 2020

NicoleF - God is a Woman
You went through the hassle of barely fitting the requirement for... this? The only good part of the song is the hamster screaming and the chorus. When I make these categories I'm trying to get versatility out of you, not for you to send the same shit but 15 seconds animated.
cheritaisdelicious - Do I Wanna Know?
I really liked the video, though I didn't enjoy the song. You will continuously be in the bottom 4 if you do not change the style you send. This was better than last week though, so baby steps??? If you survive, I need something different from you.
VanessaFeltz - Colors of the Wind
I feel like this is one of those songs that's supposed to be really good and super dramatic and everyone loves it... i just didn't like it at all. I'm not a fan of history/politics so I didn't like the music video, and the song was just so average, but the dramaticness of it made me feel like it had a bigger job and failed.
DaddyDev - Sweet Victory
No one is going to hate this song. This was a smart pick if you're hoping to survive given there's 13 people still in. You adapted just enough and you were barely creative enough for my liking. The song is whatever I don't mind it, though it felt lazy. I don't like lazy. Fix it.
SmoothStalker12 - In Your Eyes
This was hands down one of the best two music videos so good job on that!!! The song was above average, typical pop song with typical people. I did really enjoy it though. This was definitely a step up for you.
LornaHollas - Break The Ice
This is what I was looking for!!! I wanted just a regular song that felt normal, but I also wanted you to show me you could adapt to different categories. This also makes me feel good about your longevity as you completely changed styles. My only complaint was it felt very typical britney.. like almost too much, and i couldn't really understand the words.
mathboy9 - Free Somebody
I do not like k-pop. I had to say it last week, and now I say it again, AND IM GETTING MAD. Sending a k-pop song will almost guarantee you a bottom half spot. With that being said, this song had a good amount of english and those parts i liked. If you stay, NO MORE K-POP.
Christian_ - i miss you
This song was very... weird LMAO. But i really enjoyed it!! Especially the video. I usually don't like bjork so this was a pleasant surprise. It was very unique, and quite unexpected. The song did have it's low points where I was bored and wanted to skip ahead though. I lose focus easily, remember that when picking next week.
Russell11 - Like That
One of my favorite songs!! Jester you have done it again making these clowns look FOOLISHLY. I never watched the music video for this song, and wow I also adored it. You did even better than last week. I'm thoroughly impressed.


Pyn for a drunk rate

35 oreo270, Feb 2, 2019

from Caleb9211 andalarew_2231 bluejay7622 and myself
#daddydev 3.75 (2,3,6,4)
#winner132 4 (0,4,5,7)
#maxi1234 8.5 (10,10,8,6)
littlemix 6 (0,7,10,7)
EmzThorne 8.5 (10,9,6,9)
dash 3.75 (2,5,4,4)
JonMcGillis 3.75 (4,4,3,0)
M_Davis1998 8.75 (10,9,10,6)
mbarnish1 7.5 (5,10,9,6)
s73100 5.75 (6,8,4,5)
GrrrImABear 6.75 (7,3,7,10)
ClassiCaz5 8.75 (7,10,10,8)
NicoleF 8 (10,5,9,8)
smuguy2012 4.25 (4,1,4,8)
firewolf 4 (1,6,5,4)
koolness234 6.25 (5,0,10,10)
BengalBoy 7.75 (6,10,6,9)
CalebDaBoss 2 (0,3,2,3)
Padfoot 6.25 (7,6,5,7)
iybf 8.75 (10,8,7,10)
thesexiestdude990 7.75 (10,8,9,4)
delete2544 9.25 (10,9,10,8)
No longer drunk #NicoleF also joined here
Thumper91 9 (10,10,9,9,7)
Iceey 6.4 (4,10,8,2,9)
J2999 8.4 (10,4,8,10,10)
Amnesia_ 4.8 (4,7,3,6,4)
RobbieRIOT 5.2 (4,6,8,5,3)
temponeptune 8.6 (8,10,8,7,10)
ItsAlexia 6 (3,10,7,4,6)
RightToCensor 3.8 (5,4,4,1,5)



44 Daulton7996, Jan 31, 2019

For an opinion. 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
#DaddyDev - I don't really know you, but you can hmu if you'd like to talk. :)
#peace123 - Connor, we literally just met like 3 days ago, but you're super nice, and I would love to keep in touch.
#Vince125 - I don't really know who you are, but I'm always down to meet new people.
#Mitchkid64 - Mitch! I love you! You're super funny and really sweet and always down to TOS.
Maddog16 - Madi, you are seriously so iconic, and I love you forever. I'm so happy we met! And we will forever be the iconic #BitchSquad.
#bigbrotherlover7 - Bryce bby! We haven't talked in forever, and I miss you! But you're a really iconic King.
#JonMcGillis - Not really sure who you are, but I basically get along with everyone, so hmu sometime. :)
CrimsonEnnui - Lee, you and I have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we're still friends, and Ily. I love going on call playing games and stuff and being shady in TOS. You鈥檙e iconic, and tbh I wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way. <3
iYBF - Anthony, ugh such an icon. We haven't talked in a while tbh, but I would love to catch up!
cocacola__96 - Ok, Eric. I love Canadians first off, so there's a plus. And also, you're a SUPER SNOWBOARDER, so there's another plus. Icon all around. I hope we can get closer seeing as how we just met. :)
pinkiepie512 - Ugh, Grace. When people hear "icon" they immediately think of you, or at least they should because that's what you are. You're so nice and genuine, and your personality is contagious. I'm happy I got to meet you as well, and here's to being long-time friends!
bblover567 - Kevin, we've known each other for quite awhile through other communities and friends, and you're still the same amazing guy I met all that time ago. I love you. <3
s73100 - Sam, you are a King. Point blank and the period. You are iconic and quite adorable. #WannaDate? :p
#Birks4444 - Birks, you're really special. You're like an annoying little brother that doesn't ever go away but when you finally do, you're missed. I'm thankful for meeting you, and hopefully our friendship lives on forever. <3
#C_Shizz96 - CHRIS! I love you so much! From my TOS buddy to one of my best friends on this site, you are super iconic and amazing, and I'm truly thankful for your friendship all these years. *mwah*
#BrittBritt - Have you ever known a more iconic queen? No? Me neither. You ARE the epitome of an iconic queen, and even though we just met recently, you're someone I honestly see myself being friends with for a long time. Love you, girl.
#RedsKanto - Kyle, you and I also just recently met, but you're super cool. Good luck solving that giant ass Rubik's Cube you have. :)
#Minniemax - Minnie, I just met you, so I don't know you as well, but with a name like Minnie, you HAVE to be a queen. I hope we can get to know each other better. <3
#lexeyjane - Ok, let me..

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