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stars simulator (ep.3)

6 Mrkk, Feb 6, 2021

this is becoming a weekly tradition now yay....i guess
1st time none of the simulated top 3 made it, and this second time 1 did
maybe this time there'll be luck, idk
let's see how it went
1st - KingB24 (40% in final poll)
2nd - crimsonteer (33% in final poll)
3rd - jermainecole1 (27% in final poll)
4th - brosky17 (64% against #crimsonteer) (Highest Percentage Ever)
5th - BigBrotherDonny (53% against #jermainecole1)
6th - Aquamarine (56% against #brosky17)
7th - rockybfdi (56% against #KingB24)
8th - smi9127 (55% against #Aquamarine)
9th - Raiden (53% against #KingB24)
10th - melindaMrskk (52% against #Aquamarine)
11th - raonic (55% against #crimsonteer)
12th - Stering_butter (54% against #jermainecole1)
13th - SharonMaItems (56% against #brosky17)
14th - DanielKennedy111 (53% against #KingB24)
15th - GentlemanG (51% against #DanielKennedy111)
16th - TheSexiestDude990 (58% against #melindaMrskk)
Just wanted to say...both winners of simulator came 14th so yeah, good luck to all 16 new players
and to konohavillage1 lemonface and florina for stars finals!
okay bye

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