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me playing survivor

2 Patrick319, Mar 26, 2014

Clifford Robinson ‏@UncleCliffy30 27m
I would've never flipped on you @sarahlacina. Good luck out there!! #copsrus #LOYAL
Clifford Robinson ‏@UncleCliffy30 57m
@LindseyOgle28 I knew Trish was a man!!


Survivor Cagayan Episode 2 Cast Ranking

12 Steel, Mar 5, 2014

I don't have a clear cut favorite yet since I find at this stage of the season it's too early to tell; we haven't seen enough of everyone for their characters to develop completely so this ranking is all just kinda "this person would be AROUND here" since I like a lot of them equally or in different ways
1. Tony- Hilarious dude, but I feel like he's gonna be in some hot water once people realize how much of a liar he is.  He better use that idol wisely, because if he gets voted out I'm gonna be pretty disappointed.  I hope Sarah aligns with him to the end #CopsRUs but I'm worried about the scenes from next time because it showed Sarah running around saying she wanted to throw to get "him" out, and seeing as she approached Cliff about it, I think it's Tony since Cliff and Woo are tight and Tony is the only other male on the tribe.  Hopefully it's Lindsey that goes first from brawn cuz she's a cunt but idk man I'm nervous for my main man Tony
2. Spencer- I'm glad his tribe won tonight because I feel like he would have been the boot over J'Tia.  Wasn't focused on that much this episode but still remains as one of my faves because we all know he's gonna be big later on
3. LJ- I gained a new respect for him after he went out in the torrential downpour and found that idol, he's actually a pretty smart guy and I think he has a lot of potential.  I wanna see him and Jeremiah f*ck shit up.  But yeah I like him a lot now, I hope he gets more screentime because he definitely has potential
4. Sarah- Another person who's growing on me, I felt kinda bad because she totally bought Tony's bullshit on cop's honor but then again it's Tony so I didn't feel all that bad.  I think it was kinda naive of her to trust Tony 100% since it's Survivor and you aren't supposed to trust anyone but idk, I'm not a cop so I guess I don't really understand.  Anyway I hope she works with Tony and they stick around for a while.
5. Kass- Lol she looks so disgusting all the time but I still respect the woman since most everyone else is young and beautiful.  She's in the perfect spot on her tribe right now so hopefully she goes along with Spencer and votes out J'Tia because if she stays over Spencer I'm gonna be really pissed.
6. Jeremiah- He's definitely not the next JT simply but idk at least he has a clue. I was happy with his decision to vote out Brice and if he's smart he'll make a final 2 with LJ, grab Morgan and then vote out Alexis or Jefra next round.  Idk if he'll make a good Survivor player but I'd definitely grab a beer and play a round of golf with him, seems like a solid dude
7. Morgan- I want to plow her so bad.  My father and I kept loling at the fact that the editors jumped on every single opportunity to show her cleavage.  Anyway unless Jefra, LJ, Jeremiah, and Alexis are all retarded, I doubt she'll be the next boot,..


I love Tony.

3 Matthew09, Mar 5, 2014

He seems like a Russell Hantz. ;) #copsrus

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