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34 Bomby, Jan 16, 2020

Hello, so, I decided to make a show here, its called THE 100 GAME! Because there will be 100 CONTESTANTS! Thats right! 100 CONTESTANTS!
So here is how it works! :
-After we have 100 contestants, i will dm each contestant asking this question: "If you could choose 5 contestants to go to the finale with you, who would it be?"
-After each contestant answer this question, i will count the votes, to see which contestant was the most mentioned, and the contestant that get the most mentions will get IMMUNITY and a super POWER! But whats the POWER? Well the contestant that gets the POWER, will have the power of ELIMINATE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF CONTESTANTS! (Between 1 to 10 contestants *that will be randomized*)
-And we will do that process until we have a certain amount of contestants! After we have a certain amount of contestants, these contestants will face the public vote, to see who deserves to win THE 100 GAME!
The prize is... nothing ._.
So if you want to join, just comment saying "i want to join"
01. Amnesia_
02. Kindred7
03. mbarnish1
04. LeoRock
05. Bvance1212
06. Dylangover1
07. Tammy2144
08. Trolllol
09. Washed_Ravioli
10. Macda27
11. Ratchett
12. Cadden
13. KidDrift76
14. iiCreazyGX
15. Dipstick
16. Scononduders
17. RealJacksonWalsh
18. Caribe1_
19. Faxina
20. Tolima
21. Systrix
22. InternetError
23. CrimsonTeer
24. Sultana
25. City
26. LifeIsCool
27. ShereeWhitfield
28. Formosa
29. Thonyzao
30. Sintuosa
31. #Chillum
32. #Toefl
33. #Torontos
34. #Nathan132



37 jjvawesomeness0511, May 18, 2019

and i will rank you on how iconic/popular i think you are on this site based on blogs, ranking, gameplay, activity,etc.(plz plus) AND DRAMA TOO
tengaged legend
#chillum (yes you are)
who the flying fuck are you


~Stars 538~

6 CiTy, Mar 8, 2019

I want to say that this is honestly one of the best Stars I've ever been apart of. Even though I came up short, my faith in humanity has somewhat been restored.
This week I've came upon a scary discovery that multi's are still in use so it's really hard to not take every poll result with a grain of salt.
But I want to go through and assess the game from my point of view now that I've exited.
16th ~ Halloween ~ Surprisingly I felt like this Halloween I just played stars with is a completely different Halloween then the one that I've known for the past 7+ years. We have had our moments both good and bad over the years. But this is the first stars I played with you that I genuinely wanted and trusted that I could work with you far in the game. Sadly I didn't get the opportunity.
15th ~ YuNoLOVEME ~ CONZA1994 Bitch I used to fucking love you and thought you we're the most attractive male ever(in a str8 way), and I considered you my friend for a while and then one day you got sick and tired of my shit, or maybe all of the snaps of me smoking and you blocked me/started to hate me. I didn't make an effort to talk with you this game as you didn't with me. I wish you the absolute best though and hopefully one day you'll have what it take to do well in Stars.
14th ~ mbarnish1 ~ FADLADFKLFDLKFADA I can't believe they darned the barn. I'm not gonna lie man I did lock you in with Julian even though I like you both a lot. I was just thinking with my head instead of my heart and I'm sorry and I would've preferred for you to stay over Julian honestly. YOU'LL BE A STARS WINNER ONE DAY.
13th ~ #chillum ~ bruh i have no fucking idea what to say. I didn't talk to you much, but I liked you throughout the entire game and I didn't lock you in. But what you said to some of the housemates was uncalled for and on old school rozlyn psycho. Calm down.
12th ~ wildboy12 ~ King Austin, I didn't lock you in either of the times you went up, but I wasn't too upset to see you go. You are a wildboy and a wild card. Some of the things you pushed for and locked in we're just completely random. You also volunteered to go up immediately with Eilish when there was a decent chance you we're getting evicted. I've always rooted for you and I will continue to do so, but please try to learn from your mistakes. I used to be like you, idgaf what anyone thought, it was my way or the high way, but that's not the right mindset to have if you wanna do well.
11th ~ TheSexiestDude990 ~ Robbed. At the beginning of this game I didn't see any way any of us could take you out, and I don't think we would've without outside interference. I genuinely love you as a person and I'm sorry that i locked you in both times you went up. 5 TIMES STARS WINNER AND COUNTING KING OF STEALING MY NUMBERS. #990GANG
10th ~..


PYN GEN 2 Celebrity Survivor: Borneo..

6 rozlyn, Feb 7, 2019

Celebrity Survivor: Borneo
I think this was a fabulous first season and I am so ready for Season 2 cast!
Austin "Post Malone" Post #chillum
Karl Westerburg / Manila Luzon NewNightmare7
Antonio Pozo Latisha0987
Alfred "Weird Al" Yankovic TMAN54445
Peter Andre J2999
Leroy Garrett 2388
Timothée Chalamet coreyants
Liam Hemsworth DaveLooney
Tamar Braxton CrimsonEnnui
Gabbie Hanna BigBrother_78
Kaley Cuoco ElectraViv
Taylor Swift Daulton7996
Heather Morris AshlynArehart
Lisa Rinna purplebb4
Sarah Drew NicoleF
Connie Chung Tryphena
Brantsteele Link — http://brantsteele.net/survivor/borneo/r.php?c=mqeOnHcB
— Lisa Rinna and Tamar Braxton were pushed. Majorly. And, like Kelly Wiglesworth, will have to wait 31 seasons to get their second chance :/.
— Weird Al gave me Richard Hatch vibes. I was upset he didn’t win to be honest.
— Kaley was the female star of the season but Connie as her sidekick was so Renny / Keesha of them!
— Taylor Swift was definitely Parvati in Cook Islands 2.0. She tried, she really did :(.
— Timothée was a dark horse that I thought would win.
— Liam was definitely the male star of the season that I expected to go early into the merge so props to him! I am happy he almost won and his decision to flip on his original alliance almost paid off!
—I am glad it was a Pagonging because it kept it mirror-image to real series.
— Heather and Manila’s friendship was so cute :).
— Overall very good inaugural season and great boot order and winner overall. The Australian Outback casting call is tomorrow!
Karl “Manila Luzon” Westerberg, 9th Place, one of the more entertaining players of the season, Karl, or Manila Luzon as he requested to be called on the island, came into the game and immediately began playing up his social game, a strength he knew he could excel his game with. Instantly liked by all, he was well on his way to becoming one of the most popular to win in the game. After winning the first two immunities, he was able to form a close alliance with Heather Morris, soon after adding Leroy Garrett and Timothée Chalamet to the mix. But after losing leverage and banishing a few players from the game, his villainous side came out after he and Heather dictated at each vote who would go home. Despite this, he sailed to the merge but with a 5-5 even split. Despite trying to sway multiple Tagi players in the first vote, they lost Timothée and despite leading at the pre-merge, Manila was never able to rebound from the then 5-4 disadvantage and he was seen by Tagi as the next bigger threat, voted out as the first jury member.
Heather Morris, 7th Place, the..

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