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Ranking the Cast of Survivor Africa

8 Kob3Sm1th, Jun 3, 2019

I just re-watched Survivor Africa...so here is my cast ranking! I know this will prob be hated on, but idc lol
16th - Diane (Honestly just irrelevant, sorry lol)
15th - Carl (He just was not interesting)
14th - Silas (He had too much energy and was too full of himself)
13th - Jessie (Meh)
12th - Kelly (I'm sure this one will be unpopular on here, but she tried way too hard to be a bitch lol...like you could tell she was just putting on an act, and it was annoying)
11th - Lex (He was fun to dislike, but other than that, he is annoying)
10th - Kim Johnson (bad ass 56 y/o woman that outlasted 14 other people, but I just couldn't put her above the other 9 that are left)
9th - Lindsey (She was a mess, but I loved how bitchy she was lmaooo)
8th - Brandon (Brandon was an idiot post-merge, but he added some great drama to the season)
7th - Clarence (He didn't give a fuck, and that's what I loved about him lmao. He just wanted to eat lmao. All in all tho, he seemed like a cool dude #CherryGate #BeanGate)
6th - Frank (Normally I hate the Frank characters on the Survivor, but Frank was such an outcast, it was hilarious. Nothing will beat when they played 'never have i ever' and they were all sharing edgy/dirty/sexual stories, and Frank had like 1 drink and confessed that he's never broken the promise of a handshake lmaoooo)
5th - Linda (Linda was fucking robbed and she deserved to make it further. I loved her..she was absolutely crazy lmaoooo)
4th - Kim Powers (Kim was your typical underdog and it's hard not to root for her. She's just too lovable)
3rd - Ethan (Ethan may not be the flashiest player ever, but how can you hate him. He's just a nice dude that was never really actin' stupid or dramatic. He is the embodiment of an old school player. I'm excited to see him in season 40 to see how his gameplay translates)
2nd - Tom (there's no question that he's definitely not the most politically correct person, BUT I think Tom was just more ignorant, whereas Frank was based more from hatred lmao. Considering I couldn't understand 75% of the shit Tom said, he made for some great entertainment)
1st - T-Bird (Was this even a question? I'm still pissed she didn't get voted in for second chances...T-Bird is by far one of the sweetest people to ever grace the show, yet she still played the game pretty well. I wish she was my best friend more than anything).
Re-watch rankings so far:
3rd - Africa
2nd - Borneo
1st - Australia

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