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10 shyannemystik, Jan 6, 2015

Gifted:9 Received:44~
People I've Gifted:
Gift For Gifts: 2
#Cfff (1000t)
#Maxi1234 (1000t)
Gifted: 6
#Macken x2 (500t)
#Coreyants (500t)
#Sosyomomma (550t)
#NewOrleansPelicans (550t)
#Brenla (755t)
#Gigi10 (1000t)
People who have gifted me:
Non-Shop Gifts: 11
#Coreyants (1000t)
#Valdamien (winning some blog thing)
#Cfff x2 (1000t g4g & one was an anonymous gift which was stolen from #Padfoots shop)
#Maxi1234 (1000t g4g)
#EliOrtiz1234 x2 (one was from #Irelands shop because of a double post)
#SurvivorFreak13 (1000t winning gift giveaway)
Gifted Me From Their Shop: 33
#JayElVeeIsBack x6
#Unkown x4
#Pens87 x3
#Orlando652 x3
#RobertGuajardo x3
#JcoleWorld x2
#GoodAllan x2
#IceBeast x2
#fishingguy22 x2 (#MariaHelo  #crisengermano)
#Broncman789 (bc of suggestion from #Jayelveeisback)
#Kaay (favor for #Lucinda)
#JayElVeeIsBack attempted to gift me Plush Red Lips, stolen by #Padfoot
Safe Deliveries Thanks To:
#JayElVeeIsBack x8
#Aes222aes x6
#JcoleWorld x4


Forest_Knight ❤

51 JayElVeeIsBack, Dec 1, 2014

Cause im bored af
#Cfff > #LordJza  :( Sorry I have known Brian for awhile
#EyooMarcus > #Cfff
#Unit8890 > #EyooMarcus
#Minie > #Unit8890
#Minie > #Vasquis
#Minie > #Carlisle
#Minie > #Cornelia
#Skyler1822 > #Minie
#Skyler1822 > #EliOrtiz1234
#Rellizuraddixion > #Skyler1822
#Lexibear > #Rellizuraddixion
#Lexibear > #Stuartlittle16 (Close)
#Broncman789 > #Lexibear
#Broncman789 > #Iggy
PurpleCows > #Broncman789
New Cycle Chelsea will win over too many #PurpleCows
VolcomVans > Justunreal  Sorry Just :(
ShyanneMystik > #VolcomVans
Need to start over again Because Shyanne doing it is unfair :x
jojo7784 > Tetsuya (Only because tet evicted me in stars all 4 times) :(
Jessloveee > #Jojo7784
#JessLoveee > Nattie
#Jessloveee > Nochildsupport
#Jessloveee > Maxi1234
#Jessloveee > Steel
Oliviaxoxo > #Jessloveee  Harrywasnak
PureEssence > #Oliviaxoxo So close :(
Needed to start again  :x Sorry Ess
Superman11 > Arcaninemaster
#Superman11 > CarsonWorld
Gratefulvw > #Superman11
#Gratefulvw > Panda6785  Sorry Panda ;( It would be close
#Gratefulvw > Booyahhayoob  Sorry Andy It would also be close :(
Nikki101 > #Gratfulvw  :( You all need to stop commenting you make this so hard for me
#Nikki101 > Jourdanbabyxoxo
#Nikki101 > PotatoSalad
#Nikki101 > KrisStory 
#Nikki101 > Dayum
Starting over again cause of Nikki smh :x
Winner132 > Ninjohn
#Winner132 > Raverkid
Monomial > #Winner132


my life in 48 seconds!

0 RoseMaria, Aug 7, 2014

Me - Cameron Diaz
Ohhayy - the best friend
#Cfff - The bald guy
Danger - Mason


Hosted another Globulos skype game

0 splozojames50, Aug 7, 2014

ghetto a-f but somehow there were still 10 rounds and a good amount of duels so yay i guess
without further adieu here is the chart for Globulos Season 2: Free Agents
austinrules6969 tylerk qwertyioup jacksonjoseph99 jgoodies #cfff lights finklestein123 jeriber mattmon3365 vh1clown charliebibi kingb24


I Love Money - Skype Game Results

5 DanielKennedy111, Aug 2, 2014

Congratulations to ARTPOP for winning I Love Money, and stering_butter for getting 2nd place.
The people who received 9th - 4th place voted on who they want to void for 3rd place.
Thank you all for playing!


We are playing SuperBuzzer on call

3 LeXXXy, Jul 31, 2014

and Rob keeps surviving the fucking algo when he sucks ass and doesn't even know the capital of China


I find this really funny...

20 Halloween, Jul 30, 2014

unkown can shoot me out of hunger games multiple times but when you click his nom button in a game, shoot him out of hunger, or nom him in stars, he will hate you, block you, and harass you every single day
Unkown was a friend of mine, but he shot me out of hunger games for his friend ( michaelf1114 , which is fine with me)
But I wanted revenge for the lols, so I nominated him in stars, and guess what he does
[7/30/14 10:52:50 PM] unkownnator: is ur kitchen
[7/30/14 10:52:52 PM] unkownnator: mcdonalds
[7/30/14 10:12:27 PM] unkownnator: halloween is really ugly and i hate him
he also harasses #cfff for nomming him in stars too
so moral of the story is don't nom unkown in a game or he will hate you and u will lose a friend lol ;)
edit: he also harrasses eliortiz1234 for leaking his gifting chat and nomming him in frookes


Villians N Vogue CLOSED (For now)

5 disneygeek, Jul 28, 2014

34/35 stock i think it was successful. im posting this now bc i was blacklisted but yay it was fun and i hope to get another shop soon. All my shops are meant to be named after Real life disney world stores so we will see!! :D
Thanks to my helpers:
and more probably
thanks for perms on designs
lucinda / hannah_banks2250
and congrats to those who got designs including u lordjza
Sorry again vindaloo hopefully i will get another shop and be able to gift u.
p.s. to the past shop owners who cry when they get stolen from, I was completely cool and unphased by the stealing. Sure i wish my friend got the design but i didnt bitch and complain.
jza and others can prove that.
rip for now villians n vogue, probably one of my fav stores!


Guess the User 1/10

4 NotAfraid, Jul 26, 2014

A) Gaiaphage
B) 2008girl
C) corey1
D) #cfff


Sky is now Sky-Level PYN :)

75 skyler1822, Mar 12, 2014

Haha so yeah I just bought sky for the heck of it since today is officially my 1-year anniversary on tengaged. I'm super excited about it and can't believe I have been on here for exactly one year now. Post your name below and I'm going to try to give you opinion of what kind of person and player you are on tengaged haha
#cfff - Yay! You're the first person to comment! Oh my gosh, where do I even begin. You and I have known each other for a while now on tengaged. I still think it's funny how I would talk to you on Skype regularly but like never really knew what your username was on tengaged (yes true story there people rofl). From what I can tell, you are such a nice guy and tactful game player. I know you sometimes beat yourself up and say that you're not that great of a person, but the truth is that you are. Don't sell yourself short :) p.s. haha I didn't  forget you this time :P
#andychuck08 - One of the first few upper-levels on tengaged to acknowledge my existence and back me up even when a) he didn't know me that well and b) I was literally just a little yellow-level at the time or maybe orange. You are soooo nice and funny. If people think you're a jerk, then that's only because they don't know you and haven't taken the time to get to know you or figure out how you operate. You're such a class act and I love how you have your own opinions and views and don't let anyone else sway your choices or decisions. You're one of a kind and your voice is amazing. If you guys haven't listened to this boy sing, then you should check it out. He could give some well-known singers a run for their money
#azanoni - Andy, Andy, Andy haha we practically started tengaged at the same time give or take 5-7 days. You and I go like waaaaaaay back to what? A fasting? Haha which was way back when maybe in March or April of last year haha. I like how even though we have played quite a few games together, we always have each other's backs for better or for worse (woah am I proposing here? lmao). I also love how we can be soooo lame and ridiculous in games and on Skype sometimes too. We're like a combination of business mixed with goofiness and total realness. Long story short, ily beau :)))) and uh you still need to be my dance coach! Hahaha
#Nattie - It's been a while since we last spoke. The last time we talked, we were in a frookies together haha. I wish we could talk more though because I mean you're like one of the few people who truly understands my obsession with… 1D! Rofl I mean you know how much I love Liam and Louis like omg. I just can't with them because they're so cute and so talented and like ugh haha #MyFellow1DFan :P
#jojo7784 - I don't really know you. I just know that you and I have been in some games together, but we haven't really spoken that much. Hmm I think the person I associate you with the most is MariahAnn. I know you guys are pretty tight from what I can tell and that's about it. When it comes to gameplay you..


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