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Celebrity Big Brother Cycle 7 Race Wars..

5 Maicolx3, Sep 25, 2018

Sorry again for taking such a long time to announce the winner :( I moved on campus 3 weeks ago for the first time and everything has been hectic, different, and I've been taking time trying to get adjusted and make new friends so I haven't been on Tengaged all that much. I don't know an exact date on when cycle 8 will start but I will let you all know when I do :)
Also, congratulations to this seasons winner!
I will gift them right away !
Have a spooky October everyone !

Diego Boneta Logie56
Mario Lopez brosky17
3rd Katherine Langford aria_grande
4th Chris Hemsworth Latisha0987
5th Naya Rivera WestTemp
6th Mindy Kaling rellizuraddixion
7th Ryanimay Conferido camell22
8th Gina Rodriguez carlyjordan14
9th Rose Byrne austino15fffan
10th Ken Jeong Cromatique
11th Carla Hall bigdizzleyomama
Pre Jury:
12th Oprah Winfrey paul028
13th Idris Elba C_Shizz96
14th Morten Harket maturo
15th Nikita Dragun CalebDaBoss
16th Steve Harvey amf7410
17th Camila Cabello Cihan
18th Steven Yeun lhooper902976
19th Ewan McGregor @FireX
20th SZA tkoj555


Your thoughts

0 WaffleMan, Sep 25, 2018

I said a couple of days ago I said I was going to do a random.org Survivor, but actually I want to do an interactive blog story. There are probably going to be about 5 or 6 cast members. What are your thoughts. Should I do this, do my survivor, or do both (alternating which one I post.


Burger Monopoly

0 wwecmw, Sep 25, 2018

This is a blog game. You will need to create a blog explaining the rules. Somebody must first post *places bottom bun* in your blog. Then somebody ELSE must post "places meat" then somone ELSE has to post "places top bun" then someone else has to post "buys burger," but here is the catch depending on who posts buy burger, will give you different points.
White color level= 1 point
Yellow= 2
Light Green=4
and once somebody buys the burger, it is back to square one. Points are added up and then different tengagers make another burger. NO ONE competing in the hoh comp will be eligible to post at all in the comments of your blog and this could be seen as a good way to sabotage. Ruin your opponents hard work by spamming a white level to buy their burgers! It doesn't matter who makes em. It matters who buys them. GO! Comps ends when I get back to school tomorrow which will be like 7:00 EST. GL MAKE UR OWN BLOG REMEMBER. oh and you CAN post in your blog, but NO MAKING OR BUYING YOUR OWN BURGERS. i'll keep score remember that. ITS TIME FOR THE BURGER MONOPOLY. and by the protection of the burger government, no buying other peoples burger joints! Just battle for customers.


Tengaged Rainbow

2 CalebDaBoss, Sep 25, 2018

pls tag yourself from
white to tv star


Drag race 1 results

5 aria_grande, Sep 25, 2018

Bob the Walmart clerk
Cocoa Butera sharonmaitems
Helena handbasket zuelke
Aurora Belarachy rubes
Diamond Dancer lhooper902976
Lydia Crotch cornacia
Mrz sassy qweer @patricenka9
Macda avery cox macda27
Rain lady_gaga_
Turdette ferguson mjfjune
Week 1
Win: Turdette
High: Rain, Aurora
Safe: Macda, Bob, Sassy, Diamond
Low: Helena
Btm2: Cocoa, Lydia
Eliminated 10th: Lydia Crotch
Week 2:
Win: Bob
High: Turdette, Rain
Safe: Cocoa, Aurora, sassy, Macda
BTM2: Helena, Diamond
Eliminated 9th: Helena Handbasket
Week 3:
Win: Turdette
High: Rain, Macda
Safe: Diamond, Bob, Cocoa,
Btm2: Aurora, Sassy
Eliminated for 8th: Mrz Sassy Qweer
Week 4:
Win: Macda
High: Bob
Safe: aurora, Rain, Turdette
Btm2: Cocoa and Diamond
Eliminated for 7th: Diamond Dancer
Week 5:
Win: Bob
High: Rain
Safe: Cocoa, Macda
Btm2: Aurora and Turdette
Eliminated for 6th: Turdette Ferguson (Robbed)
Week 6:
Win: Rain
High: Bob
Safe: Macda
Btm2: Cocoa Aurora
Eliminated for 5th: Aurora belerachy
Week 7:
Win: Macda
Safe: Rain
Btm2: Bob, Cocoa
Eliminated for 4th: Bob the Walmart clerk (doing so well as well)
Macda: Safe safe high win safe safe win (slaying with no btm2)
Cocoa: Btm2 safe safe btm2 safe btm2 Btm2
Rain: High High High Safe high win safe (slaying with no btm2)
3rd: Cocoa Butera ( Kinda obvious as she was in the bottom 2 4 times through the seven weeks so it was obvious)
2nd Macda Avery cox: wow so so close you and Rain was neck and neck but honestly if you got another win you would have won this for sure)
1st: Rain honestly you and Turdette started to proceed as the favourites but you ending but as the best congrats as you deserved it due to the amount of wins and highs you got.
Hoped you enjoyed the season
Season 2 will be out soon
Mc: Turdette


District 9 Tributes Needed

0 BrainJak, Sep 25, 2018

We are looking for new Tributes for our 13th Hunger Games. So far, 11 Districts have already been claimed up by Tributes, however no one has jumped in for District 9. Join us, and go for the crown!!!


Monsterous Big Brother S1 Apps!!

0 MonsterStar12, Sep 25, 2018

Hello Tengaged, I am starting a new Big Brother Group Game, so if you seem interested to play, please fill out the application below, and you may have a chance to play in my first season! Do you think you have what it takes to become Big Brother Champion?


5 Tributes Open!!!

0 BrainJak, Sep 25, 2018

Still Needed:
District 3 Female
District 6 Female
District 9 Male and Female
District 10 Male
District 11 Male
#Casting (Yes there's 6 because one who joined won't make a damn application yet XD)


Dancing With The Stars S27 Power Rankings..

1 PowerRankings101, Sep 25, 2018

Dancing is back…but I’ll be completely honest….I don’t know pretty much ANY of these celebrities except for Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and the Bachelorette’s Grocery Store Joe. I am a tad disappointed with the casting choices, but maybe as the show goes on, some of them will warm up on me!
13. Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson- Oh Grocery Joe. One of the few celebrities I actually knew coming in. I think America will keep him safe regardless of how terrible this was. He has tons of fans, especially on the network ABC that shows both Bachelor and DWTS. I think he’ll grow from here, which is good considering there’s lots of time to do it. Worst of the night, but I don’t think this will take him out.
12. Nikki Glaser and Gleb Savchenko- I actually really like Nikki and think she’s hilarious. As for her dancing, it was a bit messy. She seemed a bit stiff, and it reflected through her footwork. I like her spirit, but don’t know if she’ll last much longer here.
11. Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess- I’ll be honest, I didn’t think this was very good at all. Bobby had moments where he kept up pretty well, but it did come across a little bit sloppy, especially with his mouth wide and agape the entire time. He’s a bundle of energy and may get votes for being likable, but I don’t see him being a huge contender.
10. John Schneider and Emma Slater- John has a great personality and was able to keep up in the dance, but it was slightly underwhelming. Maybe it was the song choice, or maybe just the fact that Emma is so young and youthful and John has an older energy about himself. I definitely think it was a nice routine, but nothing amazing.
9. Nancy McKeon and Valentin Chmerkovskiy- Val always seems to get paired with some really strong celebrities, but this year, he may find himself needing to put in more work than usual. Nancy is by no means bad, but she seems a step behind many of the rest. She needs some polishing and I think right now, Val is totally upstaging her. They’ll get there eventually, but I don’t think she had a great first outing.
8. Mary Lou Retton and Sasha Farber- I’ll admit, I didn’t know who she was, but Sasha is one of my favorite pros, and Mary Lou’s first interview was so sweet and I hope she goes far. She did a decent job for her first dance. I don’t know how memorable she was at the end of the night, but she definitely came out with confidence that will take her a few more rounds for sure.
7. Danelle Umstead and Artem Chigvinstev- Danelle is one of the most intriguing contestants the show has ever seen. I am beyond impressed she even got out there on the dance floor. And she is surprisingly really graceful. I think she’ll be someone to watch and will really leave a mark on the competition. I cannot wait to watch her throughout the competition.
6. Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe- Evanna is my favorite celebrity this season and she was a glimmer of light from the..


Jussy’s Celebrity Survivor S11 Week 3

11 jussy007, Sep 25, 2018

Austin Butler  dogesstudios was voted out last week! This week is double elimination week, both teams cast your vote to evict someone from your team!
Black Team:
Amanda Seyfried  Tman54445
Reese Witherspoon  Luna_tic
Jonathan Bennett  Yandereboy12
TJ Miller  flamergamer8
Laura Miro  michland143
Tara Reid  CalebDaBoss
Rob Riggle  Gleality
Anthony Rapp  AdamLovesEverything
Bayley  boicam77
Grey Team:
Ki Hong Lee  MalibuMatt
Zachary Levi  J2999
Katie Cassidy  aria_grande
Thomas Brodie-Sangster  benp428
Leelee Sobieski  Jaychris
Cameron Boyce  winners1
Keira Knightly  SAWCHUK55
Brianna Hildebrand  Slynxis
Vince Corazza  brosky17
19. Austin Butler  dogesstudios
20. Maya Rudolph  CiTy
Please cast your vote ASAP! Once you’ve cast your vote, you cannot change it! All votes (unless noted otherwise) will be cast in the comment section below! Voting will expire once the majority has voted, or the blog expires!
Good luck!


Newest red level

2 Christian37, Sep 25, 2018


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