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Last year

3 Akeria, Mar 29, 2021

a throwaway account added me on snapchat and sent me #BrittBritt's facebook and told me to "destroy her marriage" (i showed her obv)
I IP traced the account and let's just say the only COVID parties this person will be having will be his conjugal visits.
Screenshots coming soon xo



8 Pieguy555, Mar 1, 2021

Sheep & and an Unnecessary shit stirrer. 2 things I do not like. Ray is both of them. He sheeps #BrittBritt and #Lemjam6 and the rest of the CYA and then always pretends like he has a brain of his own. He loves starting shit. We are in a group chat together and I was just minding my own business and what happens? There is a nice PM that says "wow Mike would be the first to comment on a blog about me" like damn man, I am a drama starter but I am not that petty about it. My favorite thing about Ray though? The reason he dislikes me? He involved himself in some drama that had nothing to do with him. Pretty sad =)


PYN and

48 ghrocky100, Jan 7, 2019

I'll rate your profile 1/10 (taken from #brittbritt kinda)
#delete2544 kinda basic tbh but since I like you 5/10
#chillum Juice WRLD, Pokemon, memes, group games 11/10
#runaway you play hunger a lot it seems but I chuckled at the quotes 7/10
#top20fan33 you welcomed me and gave me a goodbye! Also I support the gays. 9.9/10
#pinkiepie512 2 pinkie pie gifs and a YouTube Survivor gif 10/10
#malachite05 I see oliviaxoxo I give an 8/10 auto im straight btw
#sam_hamwich I don't know the show on your profile but I like tiff and also the emma quote was funny 6/10
#cheeseman2468 cmon Alex you play games I know you do more than that! 5/10 cuz I like ya
#iybf at leas you're a little more creative than my cheesy friend with a song on your profile 6/10
#marieeve Love the gifs and love Kara 8/10
#tiffanox3 eek I saw MGK and almost ran. The Franky quote saved it up to a 5/10
#maddog16 American Idol, a unicorn, and goodkaren's cat? 9/10
#brittbritt I SAW PANIC! AT THE DISCO and then I saw Maroon 5 but LUCKILY I love Brendon so much I give it a 10/10
#koolness234 Baylor and Pokemon, good start, could use a little but more tho 7.5/10
#m_davis1998 We got some 1984, some Blake and some Sam 8/10
#pauladeen old Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran 8/10
taurusmoon I see marktint_1 I give a 7.5/10
kylabmd1 I like Ellie Goulding, I like 8D audio, and I like Little Mix, 7.5/10
boicam77 I like the memes and the idiot gif but you liked about being straight 6/10
bengalboy tbh had high expectations but I at least saw brittbritt so 6/10
rowjone I dont know any of the songs on your profile but I like your name is edge and the Stan reference 4/10
piesyumyyumypies wait a sec you mad a list of your allies in game and who you're gonna ask out? legend 9/10
lexeyjane I couldn't stop laughing at lexey pati and princevans 7/10
thumper91 Finally a big profile! Love this one there are so many iconic quotes on it 8.5/10
adeleadele I am actually not a bit adele fan at all but I like the hall of kindness idea so I'll give you a 5/10
danielledonato I like the quote but it needs more 4/10
steven999 Lol at Hannah Montana, once again needs more tho 5/10
lhooper902976 I like the spam message but playing games is all? Needs more 6/10
wannabeefriends I like JB and love the loved ones section 7.5/10
russell11 Jessica Graff brings youndow  5 but Bart Simpson brings it back up to 5/10
c00ldude1000 High Hopes and Happier. 9/10
rabbaj 2 words. Bay. Sick. 3/10
rubes Tbh I don't know most of the stuff on your profile but The Queen does stay Queen. 8/10
firewolf you quoted yourself and that gif is funny, not big on the satanist thing tho 4/10


Lex || Lexeyjane <3

12 Sam_Hamwich, Dec 30, 2018

May 4, 2019
tonyalbright - 36.26
Christian_ - 33.43
Passionfruit - 30.89
sjsoccer88 - 27.67
octopusbubbles - 21.99
Ashleybabyx3 - 21.40
maturo - 18.73
lemjam6 - 15.02
CheapCheep - 14.94
mikec51 - 14.05
EmzThorne - 13.62
Acceptthis - 13.59
Eilish - 12.55
Iceey - 12.32
woeisme - 12.19
J2999 - 12.13
LittleMix - 11.28
#BrittBritt - 10.72
JustMe - 10.08
RoseMaria - 8.91
M_Davis1998 - 8.70
#Sam_Hamwich - 8.16
Vlad21 - 7.40
gabrieltrezza - 6.96
ClassiCaz5 - 6.84
AbiMaria - 5.57
top20fan33 - 5.03
NotNicky333 - 4.76
mercedes415 - 4.53
Birks4444 - 4.48
lexeyjane - 3.91
SharonMaItems - 3.87
CalebDaBoss - 2.97
Tester - 2.17
pinkiepie512 - 2.02
Amnesia_ - 1.50
Sk8erGal - 0.68

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