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I need inspiration

6 hobnobgpro, May 10, 2021

What #bonico themed item should I post in shops?


I dont want ugly fake bonicos

16 AliBonico, May 10, 2021

SLICE you are disgusting. You are not bonico, you are an obsessive chewaka that you are envious because I am more famous than you in months, and you have been here for 10 years false!
Do not comment on my blogs or put my gifs, you are disgusting and because of you all the bonicos who bet ts in me have become poor.
I'll make you this blog and bye I don't give a shit about you. Keep talking bad about me that I didn't even know you existed until you entered my game
SLICE DAS ASCO. Tu no eres bonico, tu eres un chewaka obsesivo q tienes envidia porque soy mas famosa que tu en meses, y tu llevas 10 años aqui falso! 
No comentes mas en mis blogs ni pongas mis gifs, das asco y por tu culpa todos los bonicos que apostaron en ts en mi se han quedsdo pobres.
Te hago este blog y chao no me importas una mierda. Sigue hablando mal de mi que yo ni sbais que existias hasta que entraste a mi juego
AliBonico #Bonico


On a scale of 1 to 10

7 AmandaBynes, May 10, 2021

How #bonico is my avi


Is anyone hosting the Biggest Loser

7 Allison, May 9, 2021

I ate an entire Subway footlong with TWO chocolate chip cookies all in one sitting and tbh I need to fucking stop eating. I'm literally turning into one of those daddies that fucking eat 4,000 calories a day. I do NOT want to look like Brett Labelle when I'm old. Someone save my soul. I plan on starving tmrw and possibly the day after just to survive on corn bread and water. #bonico


I am very very very happy

15 AliBonico, May 9, 2021

Yus222..... 🗑 to the garbage
I've gotten rid of junk people.  I loved it, I had intuition and I was never wrong.  goodbye chewakas
Me he deshecho de la gente basura.  Me encantó, tuve intuición y nunca me equivoqué.  adiós chewakas
AliBonico #Bonico


My avi is giving very much Bonico realness

2 AmandaBynes, May 9, 2021

From the birds nest hair, to the big pink fat juicy lips and the glazed over look of the eyes ... not to mention the slim fitting #bonico crop top. Wow chewaka geeks are envious right now !
amandabynes #bynes


I could handle losing 30t

4 Minie, May 9, 2021

BUT 32??????????
Really had faith in the #Bonico's. :(


has betrayed me again yus222

3 AliBonico, May 9, 2021

Sorry bonicos . Yus222 chewaka false
AliBonico #Bonico



5 AliBonico, May 9, 2021

He told me that he gave me the pov by messages
Yus222  I screw up my game, he told me he was giving me point of view.  Also, he is a very old man, over 50 years old. Chewaka
Yus222 Arruino mi juego, me dijo que me estaba dando el punto de vista.  Además, es un hombre muy mayor, de más de 50 años.
Me dijo que tenía el veto y que me lo dio . Es un señor mayor . Chewaka
AliBonico #Bonico #bonicos


We’ve gone from

5 AmandaBynes, May 9, 2021

“Plus” to “diva” being commented on every blog. We love to see growth #bonico


13th? poor chewakas ? Hahaha

9 AliBonico, May 9, 2021

Where are the chewakas who said I was going to be 13th? Envious hahahaha I'm still in my charity!!!!
Keep wasting time hating me and talking about me while I have fun watching how you rage and I enjoy life HAHAHAHA geeks
Donde estan los chewakas que decian que iba a quedar 13th? Envidiosos hahahaha sigo en mi charity!!!!
Seguir perdiendo el tiempo odiandome y hablando de mi mientras yo me divierto viendo como rabiais y disfruto de la vida HAHAHAHA frikis
AliBonico #Bonico


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