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PYN for an average rate

39 Iceey, May 28, 2019

from myself and a queen MarieEve
#boicam77 - 8
#Thirteen - 5.5
#Top20fan33 - 8.25
#pinkiepie512 - 8.75
#mathboy9 - 5 (we both don’t really know u)
#Sameed27 - 8.25 (Marie says, hi tengaged son lol)
peace123 - 7.75
M_Davis1998 - 7.2
gabrieltrezza - 7
JonMcgillis - 5 (we don’t really know u)
Dash - 8.5
Thumper91 - 9.2
FireWolf - 8.1
Mikec51 - 8.5
mbarnish1 - 7.75
IceBeast - 8.5
countrysavage - 7
BengalBoy - 8.25
SAWCHUK55 - 7.2
dwipeouts - 6.5
Lexeyjane - 7.45
Acceptthis - 8.25
Amnesia_ - 9.5
Arris - 8.2
Magix - 5 (we don’t really know u)
SaskiaRae - 7.5
CalebDaBoss - 7
RedFabFoxy - 9.5
Blitszims - 9.25
nijoco - 8.25
Coreyants - 6.75
eliserose - 9
DracoMalfoy - 8
Reazo - 7.75
Streamxx - 8.8


PYN for a short opinion & rate 🥳

50 DaddyDev, Mar 24, 2019

Xx_legend_xX - omg nene, you’re Marcus’ cousin & we don’t rly talk anymore but you’re still super nice. Rate: 8.
#boicam77 - we aren’t rly close, either but overall you’re cool. We don’t have problems @ all. Rate: 7.
Jinxh - Hunter, you’re one of the people ive known longest on here & even though you’re fucking weird sometimes ily. Rate: 9.
#RoseMaria - bitch, learn to put some respect on my name & we wouldn’t have issues. You’re extremely fake but obviously you know that. Rate: 4.
Moxii - KING OF LOYALTY. We rarely talk but we have a streak & you always add me back to chats even when I don’t ask. ILY. Rate: 9.
Eilish - we were so much closer before you came back but you just take games so seriously (oh trust me, I do, too.) but I feel like overall you get way more mad about them & it’s just too much to deal with. Currently I think we are cool so ye. Rate: 7.
#acceptthis - I don’t know you @ all. Rate: 3.
PassionFruit - another king. we don’t speak but you’re rly cool and funny so that’s good. Rate: 7.
#adeleadele - messy king in stars & v emotional. Dramatic. Somewhat annoying. Overall, we don’t have issues though. Rate: 6.
#MarieEve - we don’t speak but you’re extremely nice (ew) lmao Rate: 7.
iiGalaxyii - we also don’t speak but have no issues. rly nice, too. Rate: 7.
Bambino - i don’t rly kn- JK BITCH. REALLY? RIGHT. SPEAK ON IT. BODYBAG THESE HOES. One of the funniest & overall favorite people ever. Lmao. We can just talk for hours dragging these bitches on here (esp the drunk ones) LMAOOOO and you’re super hilarious. we just click. Definitely one of my best friends on here. Rate: 10.
Thumper91 - My #1. My ride or die. No matter who comes around or who I speak to, you will always be my best friend & I’ll always have your back over any bitch on this SITE. I love you so much cause you’re LOYAL. We respect LOYALTY. I love our calls (call me sometime but not rn cause my friend is cranking music) lmfaoo Rate: INFINITY BITCH.
#mbarnish1 - we don’t have a problem rly except you tryna come for me in frooks. BITCH! You kinda just follow people so if that’s the shit you wanna do, @ LEAST FOLLOW CUTE PEOPLE. Rate: 6.
2388 - marwan king of loyalty. You’ve ALWAYS had my back & i’ve always had yours. I appreciate you cause you’re so loyal and don’t listen to the haters. Rate: 10.
maturo - my fellow psychopath. We barely speak but you gift me randomly from your shops cause you’re a loyal king. Rate: 8.
Lexeyjane - errr we don’t speak much anymore but it is what it is. You’re one of my favorites on this site & I’ll always have your back. Rate: 10.
#Pinkiepie512 - idrk you but i think you’re a FratFrat sheep & that’s DISGUSTING...


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