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41 lexibear, Mar 12, 2017

For an opinion from me and xxlovewakizaxx
dont pyn if you dont want the truth x
me: omg nick its you, im so bad with usernames sorry, i fucking lvoe you hun, you are one of the few people on tengaged who are actually normal :)
wak: never once tried to start a prob with me, keep it that way b
me: we used to talk a little bit before like in rookies and stuff but yeah you seem nice and chill.
wak: one of my fav stoners that grace this here site
me: im sorry i dont know you
wak: needs to stop fucking talking to me, we both know you're fake.
me: i used to think you were chill and sweet but what you said about me tonight makes me think that you are a bit fake when it comes to people cos you never had any problem with me before tonight so yeah
wak: all about that shops life, has nothing else to offer anybody. so basic.
me: i like you now but like a year ago i wasnt your biggest fan only because you changed around the people you were around but now you seem nice although i think you have short temper when it comes to certain things
wak: hangs with shitty ppl on here, which in turn makes me not really wanna associate myself with them
me: me and you have so much in common ily, like we have the same music taste and you are so funny, there was a time when you pissed me off when you said some shit over a frookies and i think you dont think about what you say because its in the heat of the moment but yeah we moved past all that and i fricken love you :)
wak:dont know wtf I did to you to deserve shitty treatment but w/e I can be shitty right back
me: i dont know you but i see you around on the blogs page a lot, you seem okay
wak: dont really know you but i like the cum lips
me: i love you, i remember you from ages ago and you're so nice but i kinda feel like shops is taking over you but that still doesn't change how nice you are and also shops took over me at one stage too lol :) but yeah ily
wak: dont know u either but ive seen u around and u dont act like a genuine cunt so
me: okay i feel like when i first joined MNC last year you didnt like me what so ever, but now i think you like me and tbh i love you, you are so so funny and nice to me and you're also one of my favourite people from MNC although when you get in a bad mood you can sometimes(not all the time) take it out on others :) but ily!
wak: lose some weight fatty
me: i see you around a lot on blogs and in frooks but we have never actually had a proper convo so idk what to say but you've never started shit with me so you seem alright
wak: betrayed me once in a game , so I dont fuck w/  you anymore
me: i see you in frooks a lot, i think we have worked together a few times and you seem trustworthy enough but theirs times when your not..

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