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Can any old tgers relate

31 JasonXtreme, May 11, 2019

to the feeling of sadness when you look thru your friendslist and old blog posts, and realize that a lot of your old friends who used to make this site a great hangout have since gone inactive?
It's crazy to think that I'll probably never have a chance to talk to most of my inactive friends again, but honestly, this sadness just shows how many great memories we've developed on this site
Even though this site has gone to shit, I love how a lot of the good memories will always be available to revisit through blogs and games records etc.
But honestly, a moment of silence to all those skeletons that we used to call friends... I know they are probably livin life wonderfully, but I just wish I could hit them up for a five minute chat and catch up. NGL I miss so many users, I know it sounds dumb but for the amount of time I've spent on this site, it's taken a huge place in my heart and I really wish there was some time machine to bring my bros and gals back.
Long blog probably won't be read by most, but shoutout to all my friends who are now inactive but have made tengaged an experience I'll always appreciate
I would individually list y'all but y'all know who you are
lmao im in some deep zone rn

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