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64 RedFabFoxy, Jan 6, 2019

and I'll say my opinion on your username
#2388 - cute sweet and simple but I never understood what it meant tbh LOL
#SharonMaItems - I used to think your username was a drag queen igjuhgughfdughf, but it sounds cute tbh!! Still don't know what items you're talking about tho...?
#J2999 - Simple, stylish and legendary. .x xo (why 2999 tho? lmao)
#Ghettoyah - Bleh, it was never really my favourite username (sorry rip) and now that I learned about where it came from... Smh!
#Blitszims - LMAO I remember thinking #Blitzsims was your multi, but you were slick and swapped the 2 letters. Iconic imo!
#Don_Draper - Idk who "Don Draper" is but it sounds hot xx
#adeleadele - RIP #adelelover. It's cute, love the Adele stanning!
#Moxii - It's giving me chic/fashionable/princess/pretentious vibes LMAO, never understood what a "mox" is though... a fox with an m?
#WhateverTheF - Nice wordplay bc of your name (Franky) :P Very cute and memorable username! x
#tonyalbright - I love how it's all in small caps, and it's pretty simple and straight forward. And obviously memorable (and easy to joke with xx)
#D882 - I have no idea what this means but it's like a code or something which is cute!! (the D is from your name I assume?)
#MarieEve - A very pretty name/username, simple and cute. Be proud of your beautiful name tbh!!
#Batya - What's a batya.. LMAO jk but if that's your real name, then it sounds cool!! If not then idk what it means but it still sounds cool
#TaurusMoon - It's cute idk, I like the moon part but for some reason the word "taurus" was never a fave of mine (srry to anyone that's a taurus lmao)
#mbarnish1 - Honestly it's a very nonchalant username, but it's cute and how it's after your real name! Although the 1 wasn't needed lmaoooo
#GoodKaren - A legendary username, easy to "make fun" of (e.g. BadKaren, RopKaren etc), and it fits you well! (loadcat.gif)
#pinkiepie512 - Ok this is a guilty pleasure admitting but pinkie pie is a legend LOL, although she's not my fave pony :x but regardless, I remember when your avi was all pink and fitting your username, and I loved it!! Though idk what the 512 means tbh lmao
#Tyler93 - Again, short, sweet, simple and straightforward! Love it xo
#lexeyjane - Pretty name :P I'd personally do the first letters in caps but it has its own "flair" to it that way tbh
#GrrrImABear - And then there are some usernames that would NOT look good with all small caps, and this is one of them. I love this username tho lmao, memorable and cute! I love bears! (winks at the gays...)
#mikec51 - Not a very memorable username if someone doesn't know you but it's kind of cute, I think you're pretty known amongst people (i think?) so probably same goes for the username. Hopefully you're not 51 years old tho...
#varlto - OCD triggered @ that l not being an i but I've gotten used to it at this point and it's kind of iconic anyway!
#KatarinaDuCouteau - Idk if this is a..


Two Words & A Rate for Paul028

10 BengalBoy, Dec 12, 2018

This dude's out here making 30 blogs for people with nothing in return cept people going 'WHY DONT U PICK ME =P LAWLZ'. It's about time big Paul got some recognition. Here's 2 words and a rate (for copyright reasons) for paul028.
Rubes - Truly magnificent Infinity/10
Therealariag - supportive, forgiving 100000000000000000000000/10
SharonMaItems - NotPabloThePenguin 100000/10
TheLightIsComing - big dick 1000/10 Gorgeous 3000/10
peace123 - true legend 100/10
lexeyjane - iconic friend. 28/10
MarieEve - Sweet Generous 11/10
Birks4444 - Skinny Legend 11/10
RavenWhiteFeather - Fucking mandy 10.paul/10
s73100 - legendary twink 10/10
Fetish - Queen Goddess 10/10
TheSexiestDude990 - Really nice 10/10
Carriexoxo24xo - Super Kind 10/10
alanb1 - pretty girl 10/10
EmzThorne - Paul McKinney 10/10
BrainJak - CRAZY FUCKER 10/10
#2388 - AmazingLoyalOneOfMyBestFriends 10/10
SmoothStalker12 - Saucy 10/10
#Amnesia_ - Beautiful and bestie 10/10
FireWolf - Amazing blogger 10/10
Paige54 - Skinny legend 9.637/10
RedFabFoxy - super friendly 9.5/10
#PrinceVans - friendly fella - 9.5/10
PureEssence - nice guy! 9/10
J2999 - Sound legend! 9/10
#Burgerman2929292 - Overall Iconic 9/10
#C_Shizz96 - So sweet! 9/10
Thumper91 - Sweetheart 9/10
maturo - Skinny legend 8/10
Blitszims - Linda carter 8/10
#ghrocky100 - miss steak 8/10
Thirteen - Interesting human 7/10
FelipeS - 7/10 Cool & creative
NicoleF - Submissive 6/10
Kaylabby - Meh, irrelevant. 6/10
#semajdude - Overrated 5/10
#spartagow - rude 3/10
proud of u buddy *ruffles ur hair, and transitions to tickling ur chin*


I got excited

1 CheapCheep, Aug 18, 2018

Because I saw #2388 trending and I thought he got banned but I was wrong.:(
jk ily @23numbers



49 hints, Oct 17, 2017

& me and Violets will recall how we first met you or our first opinion before knowing you x
Tisha - i believe that u were extremely annoying but i don't recall how we became friendly with one another probably through u talking to me about designs? x
Violets - first opinion on u is that u were an absolute ANNOYING pest that wud not fuck off badgering me and poor tisha mai because of a certain someone on marw4n_ or something x
Tisha - not going to lie i don't really recall ever seeing u before like May this year and i guess we met through tribe neg finn and u were an alright gal x
Violet - first opinion on u was that u had a lovely singing voice in ur gorgeous turtle neck sweater vlogs back in 2011 sometime maybe ?? or around then x
Tisha - i remember seeing you around on blogs page being the funny chap u r and nattie somehow being close friends with u? and now u are reappearing alongside my sis irelia x
Violet - i remember snatching my first every wonderland eyes from ur shop i think back in 2010? some grey minging ones that u named cow and they dont have a picture so yer? lovely lad
we don't recall x
Tisha - Amanda my dear, we met conquering evil in Valoran city park, being the star guardians we are.. helping me alongside my missions and yea basically being friends ever since...
Violet - scalene - listen here missy u are one lucky lady, lucky that i didn’t end up putting my hands around ur throat u absolute bitch. making my life hell in castings and using cheat engine in 2017? you need a life thats what u need hope we never cross paths again ginger mongrel
Tisha - so we met during my merge streak and ruined it so yes u are a cunt still to this day
Violet - dunno think ur annoying if im right about who u are???? some hunger drama or whatever x
Tisha - we met with both of us in a group game in which i tried keeping u safe and then u voting me to win :) then months later you mail me saying u are pacman on the tribe and to keep you safe whilst asking to be first on each others friendlists.. so yes we have been dating ever since<3
Violet - first opinion of u is that i voted u out of a group game and u made some sly comments to me as u stormed out the door and then slammed “VOTING HINTS” in the jury chat after i had poured my heart and soul into giving my final 2 plea and hints wrote nothing so for that u an absolute cow and i hate u very much
Tisha - first time i ever heard of u was through Cornelia, who told me that u were obsessed with him and you kept wanting to meet up but he kept refusing because u were "psycho" but  we have always been friendly to one another and we've had no issues x
Violets - i know we probably met back in old gaged but i honestly can’t remember so i will say what stands out in my mind of me..


39 Irelia, Oct 4, 2017

I will post your average here x
#2388 - 6
#oliviaxoxo - 6.6
#2beastly - 7
#christossss - 5.6
#iivoloxity - 3
#funnehliner - 7.3
#ninaboninacrown - 2.3
#jenii_valenta - 7.5
haliford - 8.3
sosyomomma - 3.16 (haha stone cold steve austin)
steven999 - 4
bigbrotherlover7 - 2.16
gigi10 - 9
allieboballie - 5.5
smuguy2012 - 6
bengalboy - 8
mickiejames22 - 1.3
acyuta - 7.93
nochildsupport - 4.3
brayden_ - 6
forest_knight - 5
born2pizza - 4.3
kayllah - 9.56
eliserose - 7
willtraitor - 4.3
iamremedy - 6.3
justme - 6.6
xxlovewakizaxx - 2.6
jadennator1 - 7.3
ethan000 - 3.6
fighterman - 7.3
rawr25 - 4.3
littlebrother123 - 3.6
dakotacoons - 4


<3 Darrius <3

33 LuckyLefty, Jun 8, 2017

Don't get mad tho
#2388 - we haven't really talked much but you seem chill and we never had problems so hit me up sometimes
#arris - you actually seem pretty cool and I like you and get better internet so we can play lol
#babeeeidah - I really find you cool asf I love how you have these people pressed over you lol you're nice to me so ily
#pureessence - me and you played Tvivor together and we actually had conversations that didn't even involve the game I think you're a cool person to talk to
jgoodies - oh Jonathan my love sike naw but you're cool ass dude even though we rarely talked since Tvivor but you are funny asf and I like talking to you
underwzc - Zachary! We meet like a month or two ago and become so close you're one of my better friends on this site and someone who I enjoy talking to and playing with (both ways )
con66 - I feel like me and you been friends for forever you let me now you're back and I'm so happy to able to talk to you again you one of the nicest people on this site and ly
steven999 - I'm pretty sure we played power struggle together if I'm not mistaken and you were cool on there and I liked you hit me up more
maxi1234 - lol you're so funny and I really like you as a person and I wished we talk more than we do
goodkaren - you're sooo sweet you're one of the nicest people to grace this site never ever change
brandonpinzu - we don't talk much but I haven't heard too many bad things about you so we should talk more hit me up
brandt69 - omg where do I begin we're Bonnie and Clyde , peanut and butter , but you're so fucking cool and funny and nice
hints - we talked a few times I believe and you are cool when we talk.
dakotacoons - I feel like I know you but I can't remember lol hit me up tho
mybash_ - Chris we met off of Tvivor and I'm so happy we did I feel like I made a friend for life we slayed that cast till Austin flopped with 2 idols but ily soo much
lazeric - my son you're cool asf and you a chill lor dude I really fucks with you
oliviaxoxo - I haven't talked to you on here I don't think but I never heard anything bad about you, we should talk more tho!
streamx - fuck you I don't fuck with you , you stayed pressed in my messages which is why I blocked you fuck you stay mad and are you a boy or girl
bengalboy - dru you're cool asf funny and an overall nice person your one of my favs in TBC love me papi
samhuss - yooooo I swear you are hilarious ! Your coolasf and you can deal with my shadiness
marietori - Montana your soo cool and funny and I love you but stop fucking backstabbing me in games before I expose your nudes baby xoxo


PYN for a brutally honest opinion

82 Teddybear, Jun 2, 2017

I will update everyone.
#2388 - we've never talked
#rawr25 - edit: HI OMG, MISS YOU! you were a super cool guy & ally to count on, we had lots of fun <3
#arris - idk you either :( you seem cool though. i like the gifs on your profile
#scooby0000 - idr talking to you either although i've also seen you around. you seem like a super sweet guy :)
#Thumper91 - you are sort of 2d to me because you're so tengaged popular but i hardly know you. however, i respect that you've always seemed nice and don't seem to get worked up and/or attack people personally.
#RoboZoe - I always really liked your personality. You're funny/entertaining and support social issues + you were a solid stars ally.
#born2pizza - idk you but your tengaged outfit made me laugh & I like pizza, too.
#Delete2544 - You seem vaguely familiar?? IDR where from though so I don't have much of an opinion unless you remind me???
#seapoose - ok you're friends with ali so let me try to remember who you are UHHHHHHHHHH can't really remember much but i think you seem cool??
#KatarinaDuCouteau - Really awesome chick, I like you a lot <3 I still swear you had an old account, but you won't tell me who it is..... but anyway, your personality seems like one I could get along with really well if we talked more.
#Bambino - idk you unless you had another account?? if so i'll update~
#Phenomanimal - Gaston/Matt/Brian/NoName/OmgYouHaveSoManyNames, you are one of like 2 tengagers I met IRL which is AWESOME. You will always be someone regarded as special to me whether or not I am to you and our history together took up a good chunk of my growing up. It could not be replaced <3 Caston4lyf.
#KingB24 - Really good at challenges & a nice guy, idk much else about you~ Let's join a tribe sometime.
#LittleBrother123 - You come on a little strong but I think a lot of the blogs you make & such are just for fun/trolling. I feel like I got to see another side of you in our castings and you're a really cool guy :)
#Decisions - You're a cool guy, I enjoyed working with you in Survivor and sorry it had to end :/ Honestly I will probably be out soon after you.
#eliserose - You seem vaguely familiar but again idk you significantly.. :(
#AllieBoBallie - When I first met you I was scared of you because you hinted to knowing I was a lesbian and I was closeted and scared you'd out me. BUT LOOK HOW FAR I'VE COME. You're so sweet and awesome to chat with, love ya ;) <3
#Galaxies HEY i miss playing em with you or is that the wrong person
#QueenBec - I just met you and somehow we've merged together twice, even though everyone else on our OT was swapped or voted out (or both). You have been really awesome to merge with and a big part of how I've even merged at all and I appreciate that. You're also a cool guy and I weirdly feel close to you (or like I could be closer to you) even though we haven't actually conversed much about our personal..


PYN for a drunk opinion

54 Minie, May 26, 2017

(drunk words are sober thoughts)
#2388 - I think I gifted you on your first account and you were very grateful and it made me feel good and you are always nice to me :D
#Steven999 - I dont think I've spoken to you personally but you seem nice
#Mexus - The only stranger in my group game and I hated to see you leave. I'm glad you joined it. You always got the positive vibes<3
#Samhuss - Are you ready for some kinky pics ? ;) Need your approval. I mean I'm pretty sure I'll be one day forced to marry you anyway :(((
#maturo - We've had our ups and downs specially that one time you said You'd F*** me when you were like 14 was such a trip killer but we managed to overcome our differences and you have a really good heart and always there for your friends!
#captainzacsparrow - I really don't remember who you are but I've seen your name before and I think you are alright
Ethan000 - You've always been nice to me and I think you are alright. But I remember not liking how you played some game idr which tho.
Don_Draper - Omg you will near hear me say this ever again, but yea you are really nice and chill and I love how you never get mad at me no matter how mean I am. You are an angel honestly and I think you and Jose make a really cute couple.I hope you guys get married one day.
#Hisoka - I used to think you are a bit annoying and IDK if you are but you are really sweet to me.
#DakotaCoons - I remember seeing you around since I was like really new but you suddenly got really relevant like this year. Anyway you seem very friendly and stuff:)
#Steel - If any girl on tengaged has a chance with you right now, I know it's me ;) I feel bad for the rest of the people.
eliserose - I really didn't like what you used to do back then and it was an unbiased opinion but I do think you are a beautiful girl and I hope you make the right decisions for the betterment of your life
acyuta - I remember I played like my second game with you. And you have grown so much since then, as a person and on the site. I'm glad we are still friends!
dwipeouts - i have no idea who u are but u seem like a cute newbie
#Carriexoxo24xo - First time u spoke to me was when u wanted to inspect element colors on skin and i refused to tell you. But you didn't hate me for it and you've been a sweetheart.
piddu - My true love. I hope you will never forget us !
gigi10 - when u came back to the site, I was curious who this charmer was and we became close friends but drifted away. sad.
SexGoddx - I used to think you were very scary, but you are really chill and I love watching your videos
RawrItsNick - One of the first few people I met here and first one I prolly saw on cam. LOL
It was really great to see you in that group game and re bond with you and i'm glad we still have it in us! you are a cutie inside/out
#coreyants - You are one of the..


PYN for a BANNING chain

11 JourdanBabyXoXo, Apr 12, 2017

PYN and I will put u next to someone else and see between you two who would be banned. Person who doesn't get banned moves into the next duo etc (Stars chain)
2388 vs bigbrotherdonny
BANNED: #2388
#bigbrotherdonny vs iYBF
#Bigbrotherdonny vs mathboy9
BANNED: #BigbrotherDonny
#Mathboy9 vs Jdog
BANNED: #Mathboy9
#Jdog vs Boogie23
#Boogie23 vs christina13
BANNED: #Christina13
#Boogie23 vs EliseRose
BANNED: #EliseRose



78 koolness234, Feb 12, 2017

And I will tell you if I would work with you in stars
#2388 I would try to work with you but knowing you... You would pull a jbc8 and icebeast and target me till the cows go home and end up going up with me in a poll
#levonini Knowing how shady you are probs would say I would work with you but backstab you before single digits and pretend like I never locked you in
#xxlovewakizaxx Honestly yes even though you would probs try to backstab me knowing you. However, your not quite that popular with the tengay public so I would work with you so if I went up I might go up with you
#maturo Yes I would unless you tried to come for me again then I would give you another 15th
#Obstreperous I do not know you so it would be based on how I perceived you in the house. If I heard you tried to target me I would probs try to get you up for le double digits
#KatarinaDuCouteau Yes I would love to play stars with you and work with you my queen
#Eliortiz1234 no probs not. I love you to death though but you always join with friends and therefore I would have to try to make sure I wasnt on the bottom of the totem poll.
#Puakai We could probs work together I would be loyal to you until you were not loyal to me
#cococolin122 Yes because I think we would end up getting nommed for working closely together and then I could drag your dog filter ass in the poll :) still love you. I noticed you didnt vote me to win  I AM ALWAYS WATCHING
#Maryland I would love to as long as the people you sheep religiously arnt in there
#Manniboi I would love to work with you again. Hopefully this time the house wont be calling for your head it sucked to see you go. Maybe if you stay in longer I can flirt with you for shirtless snaps
#krisstory I would work with you and knowing your shady self you would probs try to backstab me and just end up on the block next to me.
#Cornelia Yes I would pull a you and nominate you for 7th and then yell at you when I you call me out on my bullshit. Just like the exact thing you did to me. Ill need mahogany to be there though so we can make some elaborate story where our facts dont add up. In all reality we probs would just go up for 16th together
#mastropola BFF FINAL 2 INCOMING
#eliserose If you joined with your friends we would not be working together. However, if you were in the house alone I would love to work with you
#lemjam6 Yes except this time around we nominate the people who split on you and lied to us for double digits.
#flickgamecolin Probs not I love you outside of games. However, you like to try to backtstab me like first chance you get... so I guess I would have to work against you
#ashleykarp You look cute and seem loyal so yes
#daulton7996 You seem like a very loyal person so I would love to work with you. Might nom you for like 4th or 5th cause I cant be trusted that..



0 RobiLee, Jan 11, 2017

2388 listen here digital turd #2388, you played 146 games more than I have played in the same year we both joined and I been less active than I usually am on average. Get yourself a dam life shit head. I have no time for your pathetic birth from an anal hole bastard.



20 tryandbeatme16, Nov 8, 2016

#2388 - we kinda talk I suppose? Lol you are funny though! And nice when you wanna be (: we should talk more for sure (:
#hellocat - I feel like I've seen you around but I don't know you .-. I'd love to get to know you tho! Don't be afraid to message me sometime (:
#music - Mitch sadly I know who you are but not to much about you other than what I've heard. You're super nice tho, you gifted me way back and till this day I don't know why .-. But I repaid ya! Stop being a stranger you're one of the few I actually always wanted to get to know!(:
#yasgaga - I think we talked a couple times, nothing to major but you're nice well at least to me .__. Ahh your blogs are always nice to read as well. Talk to me more?
#cococolin122 - I met you in a casting and my god at first I thought you were so annoying, literally you bothered every nerve in me. Until we actually talked and well now I think you're pretty funny. You can cross the boundary a bit but I think it's just who you are like you really don't give a fuck .-. Aha but talk to me more (:
#skyler1822 - Hi beautiful lady (: honestly you're probably one of the top reasons I still get on here lol. You're the nicest and one of the most genuine so thank you for being you (: lol I heard you like the word daddy is this true? xD you're my best friend (: and you're wifey material :p. I don't even know why you commented lol you already know how I feel about you ^.^
#eric_136 - Day 1 bro (: Eric I have so much love for you! You're such a cool guy and super chill. Lately we been getting closer which I love because well I love talking .-. But uh I have nothing bad to say cause literally you're good to who's good to you and that's so hard on this site these days not being disrespectful and stuff. Oh but hope we continue talking more regularly! And high schools almost over :p you got this
#totaldramalover1234 - Caleb (: we just met a couple months ago and I already love you! Literally one of the best guys I know. You're so funny literally every time we talk I don't get bored! I think more than anything it's your maturity that surprises me! You give me the best advice and just be there for me and that's all I can ask for in a friend (: so thank you! And thank you skyler1822 for setting up this bromance gracias
moneyneil - Ahhh I don't know you that well we have chatted a bit you're really nice [: hope you enjoyed the gift!
alyssab - OH MY GOD YOU'RE MY FAV [: love ya to the moon and back [: I can chat with you for hours and its seriously nice xD woeisme I think she can be your wing man now with her man body almost complete :p but seriously you're amazing and so down to earth couldn't image not have meeting you now that I have! Gonna keep it short because well i'm tired :p
Arris - I think we kinda sorta talked like once a while back, I have you on snapchat .-. ahh you're super nice and I like your blogs. We should actually talk more..


pyn for an opinion

61 CrimsonEnnui, Sep 4, 2016

being 100% honest
#2388 - i dont like you at all
#kelly0412 - over the last couple months our relationship has been a bumpy road, but i like our friendship the way it is :)
#petro - i'll just mail you the opinion :P
#brandt69 - well i known you for almost a year and you are such an amazing person and youre really funny lol ily
#jinxh - we had mini conversations before and i like you, you seem really nice :P
#davelooney - OMG ILYSM, i miss talking to ya snap me sometime :) < 3
#KayleighWinz - i think you are related to #mathboy9 and i support it :)
#zuelke - you are iconic
#eliserose - i couldve swore i did yours but anyways ilysm i hope we stay friends forever and that we meet up
#skyler1822 - i like you :) you helped me with biology before , i hope you can  help me with chemistry :P
#xxlovewakizaxx - you are really nice to me, we need to talk more and slay frooks together
#beccajo16 - I FUCKING LOVE YOU, its so iconic when we have fake fights on call, you met my parents on call and it was so funny LOL, we had our ups and our downs but we will always remain great friends < 3
#titoburitto - i sometimes question our friendship because idk if you actually like me or not
#masonx ^ and all you do is spam me :( :/
#mathboy9 - you hurt me before and im over it ... DONT FUCKING FLOP THIS STARS LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO
#eliortiz1234 - ily even though i feel so irrelevant in the midnight crew LOL
#kyoot - i miss our convos we used to have and gl in stars you are the person im supporting the most :)
#rennac - we havent talked in such a long time , i miss talking to ya 
#blujay112 - i just dont see you being friends with rozlyn when you aren't a trashy person
#KatarinaDuCouteau - even with all this controversy that's happened with ya I still love ya , good week that's alight baby not a problem
#kittykatz553 - we recently started talking again and I'm really happy that we're friends again < 3
#wade03 - you are such a shady person in games like seriously , I like ya but you are so shady
idk you but let's be friends
mrcool - zakiyah everette
dinosaurdan - i like ya but you use me for spam :(
smoothstalker12 - i like you :)))) we need to talk more
pureessence - essence, i love youuuuu < 3 you are super nice to me and we are so iconic on calls lol :))))
kinggeek - you hate me for no reason whatsoever , i try my hardest to be nice to you and you are still rude me and i dont understand ... whatever this hate you have for me is personal .....
crayadian - you are cool i guess
akora - i really like you, you are really sweet and you were basically my #1 ally in stars. lets start a snap streak if ya want :D
s73100 - i dont think you like me at all :o
virgie88 - you are really nice to me :) i like ya <..

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