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Big Brother Rookies Game #49480

Who do you want to win?

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Finals in my first stars! Never expected this coming into the game as the newb. Not a floater, not a sheep, I played the game. People were loud & got targeted. I worked hard for this & now i'm here. Vote me to win Stars! GL


UN-NOMMED all the way after being a Counter-Nom for 16th. Everyone said I had no chance at making it far. Complete underdog, but I made the key moves to get to the end unscathed, Vote for Gameplay, Not Popularity, GL Lexi + Tim!


From zero to hero! I have won the war, I beat the dark lord, conquered the evil witch, and outlasted the evil stepsisters.  I did whatever you want to call it to get my happily ever after!  Now all I want is to be written in the stars <3 GL!


  1. HeathJENGA
  2. Arcaninemaster5/22/15
  3. Typhlosion3712/15/2014
  4. jharrin78876/22/14
  5. _Aria11/11/13
  6. joey96fghgfhdhghf
  7. andalarew_2231i remember this < 333333 snoofle < 33333
  8. XavierR83la?
  9. AustinRules6969Dat Markb
  10. Prince_CharmingTheres Timster :*
  11. tomhartnellTOM PLAYED A MUCH BETTER GAME! Mark played shit once Dino left, which basically meant that Tom played until dino left, which was true
  12. RobbieRIOT::vomit::
  13. ybbobsnoofle won yay!!!
  14. tommarkoliveri was one of the 18% lolz
  15. chhsfreshman2009wtf? nommed 4 times? wow, Tengaged
  16. grizz3344snoofle did deserve it. so im happy she won
  17. Tankmilesagreed \/
  18. Ev32agreed...this Stars was a sham! Mark played a much better game.
  19. sandman43Snoofle, u didn't deserve this win. Mark should've won this game. Kty
  20. hMzzSnooflee :)
  22. Prince_CharmingLOVES SNOOFLE! (:
  23. NexusCainCongrats snoofle well deserved
  24. RespectThePouchvoted timster :/ i expected 2 3 1 as the order with timster alot higher
  25. CuntnerAwkward 18% @_@
  26. dmannYAY congrats Snoofle :D
  27. sokerdude7Boo
  28. MikeROROgrats guys!
  29. snels66CAN I JUST one was in this stars besides the stars the hell do you know how hard each of them played?....and if a vlog was spammed so what?.....did the oc physically hack onto people's accounts and vote for snoofle? no.... ultimately 42.8% of the tengage public voted for her
  30. kimmal8Grats Snoofle ^___^
  31. kimmal8Titan Shayy Lemon Ian shut up
  32. joe1110oh cmon so unfair
  33. snels66NICE SNOOFLE!!!
  34. RiDsTeR18.0%
  35. MintCokeifyYes Lexi !!!
  36. TrevorMitchellLOL 18... PATHETIC!
  37. smi9127LOL me and timster werk
  39. disneygeek18% congrats snoofle :) sorry mark:(
  40. harmheijnenDAT 18%
  41. wwemrpeepsEwww mark got robbed so am I not worst stars winner now?
  42. Swagger_Jagger18%
  43. NikkayyCongrats Mark <3
  44. TheThomaswtf happened here...
  45. lemonfaceshut up shay
  46. ShayyBayyI'm sorry you don't have another argument besides the overplayed, overused, tired.. OMg SHAY juS GO BAK 2 EATIN CHICKEN FAT BITCH21111111q!!! .. Not an insult, just kinda pathetic that it's all you can come up with. Anyway you should learn from Titan and dc.. The oc arent bad people LOL
  47. JPTM1994gratz snoofle!
  48. lemonfacePopeye.. I'm amazing actually . Plenty of good in me xx
  49. ShayyBayyI really hope you aren't talking to me about being lexis lesbian lover because we fight all the time.. Regardless, she got her support and enough of it to win.. So please just stfu you look like a moron.
  50. ianfitz0012Austin, shut up, we only get movie musical references.
  51. lemonfaceHi shay
  52. PopeyeDone with OC arguing you guys are all pathetic...I honestly dont see good in any one of your 30 members....go back to eating freid chicken shayy, the only thing you will ever be good at
  53. ianfitz0012LEXI <33333333333333333333333
  54. ShayyBayyPopeye so Aquamarine trying to spam against her, which he ended up not even doing he just threatened too, proves your point how? I mean I know it's Johnny but he isn't that pathetic to waste all his time spamming someone out when he's in stars himself and busy with that..
  55. LucyX3JeanYES LEXI YOU DID IT I KNEW YOU COULD!!!!! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU <33333333333333333
  56. DCSoonerlol i use sports references all the time
  57. TheGoodManAs another stars win turns into another stars pollbox fight. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  58. titan24maniac*everyone cringes at the sports reference on tengaged*
  59. lemonfacehey not all of the OC is pathetic!!! cough cough
  60. titan24maniacOr the Yankees. But Derek Jeter is a good person.
  61. PopeyeI know your annoying enough sitting here arguing with me.....are you sure you and snoofle are lesbian lovers? Explain why your up her ass
  62. thebabyjesusthe OC is like the USA everyone hates them collectively but individually some of them are alright
  63. avatar3939Please apply for my Survivor: eygpt tysm!
  64. titan24maniacLOL popeye, it's just called actually liking people. Plenty of people know how I feel about them, I'm not joining stars. Gotta love the trademark "youre nice, you are joining stars" excuse when I've been the same person here for the last year and irl
  65. ShayyBayyHow the he'll are you gonna call me pathetic? You don't even know me LOL and dcsooner no one spammed lexis blogs by her. To her skype list. They watched and plussed it, helped it get top Nd helped a ton of people see it. You can blame one blog getting to top and tons of people seeing it on a group.
  66. SexGoddx18% xx
  67. DCSooneryes titan i agree, i like them as individuals. Very annoying as a group
  68. avatar3939Please apply for my Survivor: eygpt tysm!
  69. Tiffanii@TomHartnell. Uh, he lost by 3.6%. Count much? Anyway, well done Snoofle!
  70. PopeyeTitan just join stars already your asskissing to every side is getting rather annoying
  71. TheGoodMani hate titan24maniac
  72. titan24maniacYes but James you aren't Kels' grandma
  73. PopeyeI said he was spamming for her to lose lol But you said no OC member spams anyone out or to win...therefore your statement was flawed in Aquamarine
  74. titan24maniacTo be fair, Popeye, I'm not in the OC but I judged them too early as a group but later liked them a lot, especially as individuals, after actually getitng to know them.
  75. SexGoddxjust realised theyre the 3 who joined last =O
  76. SexGoddx=O
  78. ShayyBayyPOPEYE you MORON aquamarine was spamming for snoofle NOT to win and I'd love for you to tell me I'm wrong here since I doubt you have talked to any OC members lately and I talk to them especially aqua.. Every single day.
  79. PopeyeWell you kinda are pathetic....I do not know one OC member that is not pathetic.....snoofle is just more public with her patheticness
  80. DCSoonerwhich kinda played a factor in the vote
  81. thebabyjesusfair enough shayy
  82. tomhartnellHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mark lost by 2% Good Job Snoofle <33 (and mark, even tho he was playing my game)
  83. DCSooneri guess what popeye is saying...y'all spammed the vlog not the poll
  84. titan24maniacLOL kels. make sure she crabwalks
  85. ShayyBayyBabyjesus I'm not denying the fact that her mom got her the support.. But it obviously worked and got her a win. To go out in a limb and call a group of thirty people pathetic and accuse them of spamming is what I'm offended over.
  86. princesskkWell, that settles it... I'm getting my 81 year old grandmother to make vlogs for my next Stars.
  87. PopeyeLOL there were claims of aquamarine spamming to get one of your OC out i highly doubt you guys wouldnt spam for her to win :) Snoofle did shit this game.... completely shit
  88. titan24maniaci know, i wish mark won and i voted for him. but what can you do
  89. thebabyjesusshayy her mother got her the extra support, she didn't get it on her own
  90. qwert2Awwwwww, Mark :(
  91. MORKMINDYCongrats Snoofle Well deserved :3
  92. titan24maniaci have to say that it is a breath of fresh air to hear the most popular person left not say "OMG IM SO SHOCKED". lexi at least was confident and isnt lying about it. anyway going back to finals stuff but mark <333 and tim too :)
  93. thebabyjesustitan it's the exact same as if someone won for a shirtless picture
  94. PrincessTeePeewtg lexiii! gj mark & time too!<3
  95. ShayyBayyPopeye no one spammed for her.. She made her vlogs and blogs and got her support on her own. The oc hasn't ever spammed for anyoneto be out or to win.. Please if you want to make such an outrageous claim provide proof of an oc member spamming.. Otherwise shut the fuck up.
  96. PopeyeIt was pure desperation......that annoying cunt girl cant win anything in real life so she has to spam and act like a cunt to win something online.....congrats
  97. rippyrooOMG LEXI <33333333333333
  98. TheGoodManas titan24maniac waits outside without a stars win.
  99. titan24maniacperhaps, mr. babyjesus haha. it worked though. i thought it was funny tbh
  100. Jenii_Valentawowwwwwww

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