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I was the big British daddy of the game, they all saw me as the biggest threat yet I used my charm to control the house. Everyone who targeted me is gone and I'm here. TOP RESPECT to all my voters 👍 GL
‼️GAMEPLAY BLOG: https://tinyurl.com/y9hxs23k




UNNOMINATED. I caused chaos. I worked with the best people to get myself far. I put myself in the perfect position to never get nominated and give myself a chance of winning. Respect my gameplay  GL



  1. Moneybags1015atta boy bengal now use your prize money to make your avi look good lmao
  2. TheLogiclegend bengal
  3. HashLessgo Stud
  4. BB5loverboring
  5. Robbster1313LMAO some crushed it even though he doesn’t play much! Congrats Dru matey!!! Looks like you’re joining me quite soon in hof
  6. M_Davis1998Unnommed robbed
  7. sandym8950% LOL
  8. semajdudeEw gross winner
  9. sihzbald grats dru
  10. JennaValentinaDRU IS THE KING YAS
  11. JujubeeLANDSLIDE.
  12. JennaValentinaYAS
  13. vansreborntbf since i wasn't in the game idt anyone would've beat dru
  14. maturolol
  15. jenziedidnt know a stars pollbox was ur banking cubicle so stalking issa stretch :)
  16. Cromatiquegrats BengalBoy!
  17. maturowhy is jenovia bove once again stalking my every move
  18. sjsoccer88Lol that percentage. Grats dru!
  19. Typhlosion37Obstreperous was robbed
  20. jenziewhy is fat pati acting as if no1 knew dru was gunna win...? congrats to all :D
  21. computer3000Grats dru!
  23. Virin
  24. Kiara_xoxoDude is unnommed
  25. Matedog1209Voted Bengal
  26. tannerandkalebMy boi Bengal!
  27. GentlemanGMike & Dru <3
  28. RedFabFoxyvoted bengal!
  29. JujubeeWell, Bengalboy Dru commented on my blog himself and was also maybe an ESL at one point, so he has received my vote. GL to all.
  30. YoundAndRecklessVoted Dru because Idk either of the others. Yikes
  31. MichelleWilliamswant to vote for dru but have to vote unnominated gameplay! Well done eliot! Gl all
  32. Ivy_LevanEliotWhi is only unnommed cuz everyone knows he is unlikable gl hf
  33. Ivy_LevanLol dru with only 1 nom. Terrible cast except he and sue. Voted the tigerboy
  34. bayonettavoto a mi amigo Drucito, buena suerte compi
  35. Lemjam6dru
  36. vansrebornvoted my old chum Dru! good luck to all
  37. MisterPredaaVoted Dru
  38. DanielleDonatoELIOT!
  39. Aerodynamicssaved eliot because he got blueja yout
  40. saraj10Oh hard vote...
  41. Mario23Bengal
  42. Moneybags1015voted BengalBoy but congrats to every one of u bc u all deserve it
  43. Diva1I voted for BengalBoy. Congratulations to all of you for making the final three!
  44. Vlad21Dru
  45. hujainVoted eliot
  46. Brayden_Voted for one of more underrated cat breeds
  47. iiGalaxyiiDRU FTW
  48. titoburittoWTF i feel like i just walked in on my husband, boyfriend, and side ho just chillin in the living room waiting for me to get home to confront me ...
  49. JamesMVoted for bagelboy
  50. Jujubeeidk how to vote
  51. Nick33eliot
  52. pedalpandora494I think bengalboy he sounds cool
  53. joe1110Dru Duh
  54. Brxaneliot hates me so dru
  55. heyitsmaggeei absolutely love dru but to go unnommed is a big deal these days so i had to vote for the dude in the middle. good luck all!
  56. xxThornWYZT P I
  57. FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsTi say a good winner lol i got 14 in my first game
  58. AnasDru!
  59. WpwSers196voted for Dru
  60. AvenzoWho is the hottest? Kk
  61. sjsoccer88I agree with all the other comments about tpi...since when was he popular to beat sue and kool. Multis? Probably. But nonetheless I'll vote for dru
  62. bellavitaI hope the people vote for BengalBoy! Gl!
  63. aes222aesDru
  64. Katherinee_Bengaldad!
  65. AdmirI like this f3, whoever wins is a deserved winner. GL!
  66. FritzyyyyyDru.
  67. Icarus_MarkTough choice, but I decided to give my vote to Dru. Good luck to the 3 of you!
  68. Chemicalaligotta vote for old mate dru. good luck all 3!
  69. TheSexiestDude990Has Dru won before???
  70. abrogatedDru
  71. David2560Eliot
  72. Maybelline#ChaosWhi
  73. Oliviaxoxolush final 3 <3
  74. acyutavoted for dru
  75. CorneliaBest of luck Dru and Eliot!!!
  76. JennaValentinaDRU YAS
  77. EyooMarcusILY all but have to vote for Eliot
  78. PrincessTeePeeDru!
  79. NexusCainNothing against the others but Bengal is an o.g.
  80. noah_kondongotta go bengal, TOP RESPECT for his blogs
  81. Carlo_Costlyb engal ftw
  82. betsyxmasbaby#SueWasPushed! Voting Bengalboy to win
  83. IceBeastim bald at mike
  84. LunaParkGL bagel boy and eliot but I've had to vote for my old pal Eliot
  85. XxLoveWakizaxXvoted bengalboy
  86. cgy_gayzSavin' bengaltwunk even after 10 yrs of him refusing to smash my prostate off... mostly becuase hes hooking me up with the twink in Eliot's pollpic
  87. Meowfiei kinda know the other two , but i know bengal more :P voted for him lol
  88. cgy_gayzIs that eliot in the pic?
  89. NotNicky333But the unnommed is Elliot...
  90. NotNicky333me when I told myself I would always vote un nommed after going un nommed
  91. galoreEliot
  92. SpicoliEliot you played a mighty fine game, a game you can hang your hat on and you deserve to gloat about going unommed all week with ya work buddies but my vote goes to Dru cuz we may never see him grace a stars ever again and I just always wanted to see bengalboy win a stars. Legend
  93. Saftronbtr999chewyy
  95. ronnie336voted mike <3 <3
  96. MoreBeastThanYouvoting for my boi dru.
  97. DCSoonerwell this is easy
  98. Paige5459Voted BengalBoy ofc
  99. MikasaKing Bengal FTW!!!
  100. iYBFMIKE!

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