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Big Brother Rookies Game #174025

Who do you want to win?

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That's some pretty confident talk from Alvino. All week i've been a prisoner to people like that, but now I can be free. It's all up to you now so please vote for me to win. Thank you, gl B&D


Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this
Some people search forever for that one special win
Oh, I can't believe its happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this


First stars game ever. Joined with absolutely no one and no game experience and managed to make it to F3 in my first try. Now I have to win. Help me fulfill that dream.


  1. JennaValentinahe used multis
  2. KojiGlad fagkid didn't win bwahaha
  3. RasCityPeople don't forget how you treat others. Adios
  4. PrincessTeePeeWow Badboyy's such a poor sport - he lost to a flavour HE helped create. That isn't good/winning gameplay, as proven. Change it next time. Part of deserving a win is NOT giving somebody else that momentum to win
  5. turney1805LOL at the bitterness. This is what happens when you flavor someone, silly people. Congrats Alec!
  6. WannaBeeFriendsMultis obviously
  7. SteelLOL if anyone thinks Alec is lame enough to use multis they are probably loser ass multi users themselves
  8. Hashand you did it!
  9. AustinRules6969yay
  10. NicoleFNice multis Alec!
  11. XoXUFlavoured to victory and people are bitter
  12. Ari_Obvi multis
  13. sandym89who is blackout
  14. jacksonjoseph99HAAAAAA thats what you get for flavoring
  15. NotNicky333Why do people think it's multis.... the cast clearly flavored the 2 person MINORITY of cfff and blackout so one of them were winning. They also did a nice job of proving tg it was them against the world.
  16. turnerpike20black0ut247 kept getting nominated so he played a hard game that's why I think he should've won
  17. ytrewq111Blackout wins <3
  18. TheSexiestDude990I think badboyy forgot how to count
  19. hintshow
  20. deeannamorganbadboy or duncan should've had this
  21. deeannamorganwow multi win so dumb
  22. Typhlosion37King ity slay
  23. turnerpike20Oh wow yay he actually won that was a twist and I was a voter.
  24. stucch22Alec, everyone who voted that loser voted publicly. You won fair and square pal
  25. iTy990So Mr Typhlosion what's the answer to overcoming them then, is it letting them play a respectable and deserving game, probably honestly but only because theres so many disrespectful little bitches.
  26. Typhlosion37That's why it's not smart to flavor a popular person lmao
  27. Typhlosion37Thank fuck
  28. semajdudeWow gratz alec alvin was robbed
  29. stucch22Yes Alec down with the faggot!
  30. Cromatiquegrats Alec!
  31. turnerpike20Ah man I really wanted him to win too he played a hard game and was nominated a lot if anything he does deserve first
  32. turnerpike20I don't think black0ut247 will win but I am someone who helped him in the whole game and that is all that should matter that I got him to the final 3
  34. Typhlosion37Hoping Alec or duncan win
  35. stucch22Next time don't spam me
  36. iTy990Good Luck, praying for a good week.
  37. stucch22Fuck badboyy as a person, player and the little bitch that he is and if you fuck with badboyy then fuck you too
  38. underwzcBadboy
  39. CromatiqueGL!
  40. EyooMarcusVoting Alec because I owe him
  41. THEChanelOberlinbadboy
  42. NotNicky333dont hate anyone in this f3. did vote blackout but def wouldn't mind a duncan/badboy winner.
  43. Volibearvote for Alec
  44. semajdudeIs badboy gonna win This shit or nah
  45. WhyAlwaysMEduncan
  46. JamesluVoted Alvin
  47. DakotaCoonsBad <3
  48. sandym89bad
  49. danioBad
  50. MBG93duncan
  51. AlyssaBAlec
  52. Laura21badboy!
  53. legacy7Voted Badboyy, congrats on final 3
  54. PetroVoted between badboyy/duncan, gl boyz
  55. TaraGVoted for DuncanSurferBoy
  56. Wade03blackout
  57. Joselinebadboyy
  58. jhelsdon2478Gotta vote for my long time friend and stars ally Blackout! Hopefully you win Alec!
  59. jacksonjoseph99alec being a flavor is this the twilight zone
  60. XoXUGotta go with Blackout
  61. QuantativeBlackout is fukcing shit at stars, look at how many times he's gotten nommed, voted for Badboy
  62. KateyDuncan <3
  63. tcold312Duncan <3
  64. BridgetteBlondeBlack0ut
  65. SurvivorFreak13Black0ut
  66. Qwertyioupdamn.. badboy using multis :( voted black0ut.
  67. glen5544Voted my bff Duncan
  68. joshie1Voted Duncan
  69. Craftycam10Duncan all the way!
  70. Russell11Badboyy
  71. immaxymanalec
  72. subfriendvoted anything bad- sound
  73. NikoTimeVoted for badboyy :)
  74. StyxxeBriaan :(
  75. Spinner554Obv
  76. ArrisI sorta wanna vote for Alec but hes been so shady in my Stars a year ago so idk ]=
  77. iamremedyalec
  78. Nick24678Come on Alec!
  79. iichaoskimmyVoted for Badboy <33333
  80. TheoCarverBadBoy
  81. DowneasterDuncan
  82. RoboZoeduncan <3
  83. DJ4460BADBOYY
  84. Carlo_Costlybadboy
  85. BlitszimsBadboy
  86. Steefanosaving duncan cuz he earns it! :)
  87. BostonRob_blackout
  88. born2pizzavoted Alvino
  89. jsylvia76Voted bad I like Alec as well good luck
  90. mcd573Good luck to duncan! Voted for ya!
  91. SeongWooThe first send me a mail with Ong Seongwoo gif receive my vote :)
  92. LuckyLeftyGo Alvin !
  93. eric_136Alvin up next
  94. scooby0000Duncan deserves it
  95. spartagowVoted bad oy
  96. Nick33Alec :)
  97. ohheydudeskialso, badboyy is using multis to win!
  98. ohheydudeskivoted for blackout!
  99. Rocker917alec :)
  100. saraj10D A D D Y

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