Big Brother Rookies Game #173425

Who do you want to win?

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  1. etaco75Lmao what a rando winner but congrats to mr curley!!
  2. NicoleFTom was robbed
  3. CutieAmyI heard raonic got down and dirty when he met shonaynay, hot?
  4. s73100King tom
  5. IceBeastso does this mean it's random
  6. epicwafflez23Voted nothing, gl
  7. CromatiqueVoted gl
  8. DanielleDonatoWhy do you all want someone to win who went up 5 times
  9. karimwell gl to u both lol
  10. raonicGo Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. MinieLMAO
  12. ytrewq111Wow.... ok then
  13. Temekywhat is going on
  14. turnerpike20Why is this happening?
  15. Roshyi love bird so much, i got 3rd in my first stars which was 15 people ;/ so slay boy
  16. DeRozanWTF
  17. EyooMarcusMrbird was sadly robbed. Hopefully the deserving person wins.
  18. GoodKarenHi I'm Karen
  19. iichaoskimmyDoes this mean that Spiked won?
  20. turnerpike20How come nothing is showing up
  21. etaco75So uh..... how's everyone's week been?
  22. MorancosBald
  23. turnerpike20Good job Shonaynay your going to the final 3
  24. Marwanesaved tom
  25. raonicHonestly a tough vote, but gotta save the one currently ordering me a pizza!
  26. SconondudersVoting out the little wrinkly foreheaded bitch shonaynay
  27. GentlemanGsaved triple 0!
  28. iTy990Saved Bird
  29. FighterManSaved tom I don't get how this f3 works
  30. Lamialoves u both but saving..... shonaygay
  31. melissakhurrysaved shonaynay
  32. sihzSaved tom
  33. Kob3Sm1thI just realized how immature and annoying this cast was lmao
  34. AerodynamicsSaved shon
  35. TemekySaved Tom
  36. YogscastBigbrother21
  37. TR1364SLAY MR B I R D
  38. Im2CoolSaved mrbird based on gameplay.
  39. AshleeLohanSAVE SHON!
  40. LoveLifeSaved tom because I've fancied him for years
  41. SimplyobsessedSaved Tom again omg my finger hurts from clicking to save u so much i hope i get compensation
  42. ElviraYey spikeeeee winner!
  43. tpidude73Honestly saved MrBird for staying respectful in his speech
  44. etaco75Lol saving Tom bc I've evicted him a ton of times already. Idk how the winner is decided but I hope the survivor of this one wins!!!!!
  45. Tripodthis dude fr about to win stars after going up 5 times smdh
  46. AlyssaBHave to save Tom GL Bird!
  47. Spicolisaved tom
  48. skyler1822Tom!!!
  49. Christina13MrBird!
  50. ILOVETHEBUCCANEERSSaved Shonaynay!!!!
  51. Hash5 times*
  52. Hashyall hes been nominated by times, probably because of MrBird and Tito, so its only fitting for them both to get evicted by their creation. SAVED SHONAYNAY
  53. Insanity17saved Mr Bird
  54. GaiaphageeIf u go up 5 times ur playing a shitty game
  55. Gaiaphageealso u can't flavor urself lmao
  56. GaiaphageeDisappointing to say the least that I've been left with the two least hard working players in the game --- LOL bro u were nommed 5 tomes, mrbird went unnommed to f4 and spiked was nommed once LMAO gtfo
  57. s73100Saved Tom !
  58. EyooMarcusTom bby girl your speech is a mess lol You're literally the least hard working ( no shade ) but gl boys!
  59. pizzawithcookirssaved shonay
  60. Jdempewoisnt mr. bird a multi?
  62. Cinderingplow me dudeski
  63. Coolsocks1Saved Ravi!
  64. ohheydudeski"Two least hardworking" MrBird made it to f4 unnommed meanwhile you've been nommed 5 times....
  65. ohheydudeskiSaved bird!
  66. turney1805saved tom
  67. AdamLovesEverythingEVICTED T-H-E F-A-G T-O-M
  68. THEChanelOberlinsaved bird
  69. GaiaphageeSaved bird cause gameplay gl both
  70. Peter69Evicted the fag tom
  71. eliseroseTOM BABY
  72. FrozenShadow09SAVED TOM YOU GOT THIS HUN
  73. AlbertHodgessaving shonaynay
  74. C00LDUDE1000Saved mrbird even though he still thinks I nommed him for 16th in his first stars
  75. semajdudesaved tom again think he might win
  76. SpiderBoomSaved MrBirb ^~^
  77. k4r4kGo tom :)
  78. LiukBBTom has this in the bag. Grats on the Win
  79. Carlo_Costlyhmmmm saved shonay
  80. acyutaSaved tom, hope he wins this.
  81. Geazybeast21SAVED RAVI
  82. TaraGsaved shonaynay
  83. turnerpike20Evict MrBird
  84. MoneyShotsaved Shonaynay. it's business shit so hope yea understand mrbird lol
  85. Crayadianhonestly saved useless evicted arrogant
  86. Qwertyioupsaved mrbird stop saving shonay lmao
  87. Cromatiquesaved Shonaynay
  88. DanielleDonatoSaved MrBird
  89. m7md26saved tom
  90. BlitszimsSaved tom
  91. Noxfghvvvvv how does survivor get full support
  92. Danny12have to save mrbird but survivor gets my full support
  93. NicoleFSaved King Tom!!!
  94. capguy1Yay Tito needed to go. He's one shade
  95. Arrissaved MrBitch
  96. Coolsocks1Saved Ravi!!
  97. DuncanSurferBoysaved MrBird Aidan<3
  99. SpiderBoomTweet tweet on the street.
  100. DJ4460saved iceey

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