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Big Brother Rookies Game #154954

Who do you want to win?

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This was the craziest stars game I've been a part of, full of lies, fights, & a crap ton of leaking. Through it all, I used strong gameplay to sift through the mess & make it UNNOMMED. Give me that final push to make my tg dream a reality. GL A/T


Controlling the game since day 1 but still keeping it real is what got me here . I was a target since day 1 but still managed to be here . my first ever finals and im proud of myself regardless thanks for all the support I got. I will reply to every mail l


Having to deal with an unbreakable majority alliance and brainless sheep, I am more than happy to be standing here in finals. It is enough of an accomplishment on my part and it is clearly thanks to your support this week tengaged. Vote for me! GL.


  1. aes222aesQUEEN OF POP.
  2. PetroQUEEN OF POP.
  3. legacy7sstill glad ali won for me <3 #twintwist LIVES ON
  4. DickLover69CuitieBitch didn't deserve to win
  5. Lazeric@Temponeptune deserved it so bad
  6. NewNightmare7Sorry tempo you lost, you deserved it so much more
  7. Just_a_ninja1011She didn't deserve it at all damn
  8. JourdanBabyXoXoTerrence deserved it
  9. hobo232Slayyyyy ali
  10. king_lanceTempo and Terrance deserve it more than Amy but nothing I can do about that
  11. IceBeastsame at the %
  12. KrisStorylove Allie but I'm sorry tempo you deserved more than this
  13. bombervMe at the slayage
  14. BBCANfanI'm crying
  15. legacy7Tempo didn't do nothing he deserved 3rd
  16. maturoShut the fuck up jake
  17. CorneliaCongrats Ali!
  18. ItsAlexiaali!
  19. Robbster1313I honestly think Temp should of won and ImGonnaWin 2nd. Theres no more respect at all from this website. Thats such an exaggerated %, I guess cheating with multis are the new thing. This is just pathetic.
  20. ElectraVivY'all are acting like Ali has no friends and zero popularity...
  21. Lissylion15whats the point of writing a speech if ur gonna cheat lmao
  22. karimI think I'm the last winner without multis anyway grats on the best game tempo!
  24. PrincessTeePeeIs that his 4th or 5th?! Jesus! Zeenon who?!
  25. ElectraVivBald
  26. Pieguy555Me and Bryce Robbed 2nd Queens
  27. maturowe called it bye
  28. aes222aesgay v
  29. Petromother
  30. Mikey_EliteYas queen ali
  31. Cromatiquegrats Ali!
  32. aes222aesfucking amy
  33. papibaddlets go aliiu
  34. Catch_a_falling_starLast minute vote for CA :')
  35. MargaretWilkinsvoted for ImGonnaWin! :)
  36. Petroanyone not voting for her is a terrible sinner
  37. Petroif amy doesnt win im ending it all
  38. LittleDreamervoted for terrence
  39. austino15fffanEw can Terrance not win plz ty
  40. MickyBoomy9Voted tempo bc unnommed
  41. cereal222amy
  42. EliOrtiz1234ali!
  43. Zuelkevoted for imgonnawin
  44. andalarew_2231TEMP < 3
  45. cubs4everVoted for imgonna
  46. MightyGoobertemponeptune to win, voted
  47. Wade03Imgonnawin got my vote
  48. mradamman12Tampon for the win don't vote me out in vivor sorry Ali
  49. JBC8Voted Ali. Now I'm signing out.
  50. Evidencevoted tempo for going unnommed and Cutie has won like 35 times
  51. TheLogicTerrence
  52. JayElVeeIsBackVoting for ScaryTerry cause he dropped out of scare class due to that time he forgot his pants BITCH
  53. GuilhermePoliAmy sz
  54. RichpacaAli to win!
  55. ShakirabmaAli ftw
  56. Wizzstephanamy
  57. Kruidvatmanamy
  58. Darrel42Voted Tempo for going unnommed :)
  59. GohanddFirs to pm me :)
  60. Danny12Great job goin unnominatdd
  61. FedeBennaI voted CutieAmy but good luck to ImGonnaWin too... <3
  62. EoinJk I voted Ali
  63. EoinTempo!
  64. Ari_My winner is Ali. Gl hun <3
  65. Kiara_xoxoUnnommed !!
  66. IstvanHesgonnawin
  67. Katherinee_cutieamy for the win!
  68. FlamingJojolove you all < 3 Happy with whoever wins this tbqh ^,^
  69. Katniss12Voting for Terrence.
  70. ricardogvAmy
  71. titanium162it's bullshit if the unnommed person doesn't win
  72. GuigiAMY
  73. lindbvoted for ImGonnaWin cause cutieamy is rly ugly
  74. Elviraim voting terrence, sorry Amy i voted u last time
  75. StrikyI voted for Terry :)
  76. sosyomommaI love all 3!
  77. Robbster1313Terrence!!
  78. IceeyTerrence! (:
  79. Carlo_Costlyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyy Terrence gl <3
  80. joshie1Terrence for the Win :)
  81. Billionsvoted for ali
  82. Icarus_MarkAli to win again <3
  83. Quackerzbryce u went unnommed omg good for u
  84. joneduardoVote cutie
  85. HandSolovoted terry. and tempo as well
  86. Steelsorry idk other 2
  87. Steelamy
  88. AnalieseAmy the sweetheart for the win :)
  89. MarieToriQTamy
  90. Florinaway to go tempo!!!! gotta vote you for making it unnommed
  91. quackattack817Quack
  92. semajdudei like u all but voting amy as he was nommed over and over
  93. TheBlackDogCutie.
  94. cheritaisdeliciousAmy :)
  95. RasCityThis is literally a crazy final 3 im sorry I cant vote right now. Congratulations to all 3 of you I literally love all 3 of you guys
  96. CheapCheepImGonnaWin FTW
  97. AquamarineVoted Tempo, not that votes matter anymore.
  98. NexusCainWell since dk was again robbed only fair to vote the flavor grats cutieamy
  99. RoboZoei love u all but i have to vote for cutieamy <3
  100. Im2CoolTempo always plays good so I'll vote for him. Terrence did great as well but the least deserving person always wins who doesn't do shit.

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