image... from the moment i clicked enroll, i knew i would make f2, like duh, but the question was WHOM would be waiting 12 hours with me?


9th [2388] marwane my lil sis and a true frooks icon ! always a messy bitch who makes ppl wait 15+ mins per round but u went inact this round so i owed u NOTHING ! ur my fav to play w just coz we BOTh gotta do what we gotta do to win , were loyal sometimes n others not , but at the end of the day were both RICH so we aint trippin over a frooks x

8th [Mahalpin11] my SISTER !!!!! people were lit BEGGING me to evict u, but i knew justice has to be done when our f4 was given an ultimatum! but i saved u coz ily <333

7th [SAWCHUK55] i worked w a majority of the cast and i hate working w EVERYONE, the only reason i didnt chat w u much just because i knew it would end w me being fake. sorry i just hate the fakeness! hope u can understand and respect

6th [DaddyDev] my ride or die BITCH! u were robbed sweetie we got out played by the WHITES and i am so so so sorry that HOG astone pit us against one another ... brother

5th [astone929] suck my c*ck

4th [Thumper91] QUEEEENNN!!!!!! my old bff u know i love u till the end of time and so sad u had to go back to work before u SLAYED ur way to f2 ... a true tg egend kiss me mama

3rd [jacksonjoseph99] god i want u to choke me so bad ..... i felt as if i wouldve been the bottom of ur totem pole but i am a bottom for u so only make sense ugh so hot i am most loyal to YOU ....

BB5loverily biatch <3333 either can win but hope its me :) x