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Final 2 Statements & Jury Q's

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48 days 14 hours ago
Congrats to Alfie and Oliver for making final 2. You may post a final speech below.
Jury, you may also ask any question you wish to them.
Votes are due by Sunday January 17th at 6pm easter. Finale scheduled for 7pm eastern
48 days 13 hours ago
My Final 2 speech:

Firstly, I would just like to say thankyou everyone and Tbart especially for making this such an enjoyable and entertaining game. It was certainly a long ol’ ride, but I’m glad to have taken part, and I had a really fun time playing. Now onto the meat of my argument on why I should win this game.

I’m going to break this down into the three key components that are necessary for any winner to win the game of Big Brother.

=Physical Game and Competitions=
My physical game is something that has sometimes left alot to be desired, but I was also self-aware and knew that my physical game was never going to be the component that I could rely on and fall back on in this game. Some competitions, particularly from the final six until the final four I took more of a back seat on, purely because I didn’t want to show my hand and I wanted the two pairs of Sam and Robbie and Oliver and Zach to think I was on their respective sides. By doing this, I never let on that I would’ve nominated Oliver and Zach in a heartbeat and got them to take me to the final three.

Also, I did manage to win 2 Head of Household’s and 2 Power of Vetoes throughout the course of this game, which I think is an impressive feat. I used my HoH’s to eliminate massive targets from the game, which I will talk more about in my strategic aspect of the game. I also won a vital veto to make sure what I wanted to happen on my HoH week did happen, and then again used the veto to save my ally, Zach which was again a strategic move that I will get onto.

Possibly my biggest physical play was my win in the final 3 Head of Household competition. Nobody gave me a shot in hell at beating two proven challenge beasts, and I did it. I persevered, through everything I had at it and came out trumps, eliminating the biggest threat in this game in the process to get myself to the final two. Something Oliver had passed up the chance on doing in the final four, because he played this game for Zach and not for himself - meaning I had to take matters into my own hands.

==Social Game==

I believe my social game was a very strong aspect of my overall game. Generally I’m a social person and like to get to know people. I’m a journalist in my everyday life, asking questions and finding out about people is inherently what I do.

I tried my utmost to get to know every cast member in this game. I think I did it adeptly, and made sure that I was never anyone’s number one target. I had big social relationships with Oliver, Ambrose, Robbie, Kevin, Joey, Johnny and Landon, they are people I really got to know and knew would have my back the entire way through this game.

Even the people I wasn’t especially close with, I formed social relationships that would cover me. My relationship with Sam whilst strong, was solidified by the relationship I made with Landon, and the relationship I’d made with Oliver, solidified Zach with me in the endgame so that he would vote Robbie out at the final four.

==Strategic Game==

This is the aspect of the game that I really want to focus in on because I think alot of my moves got forgotten due to the sheer length of the game and went under-the-radar.

My first and potentially biggest move in this game came in week three when I won both the HoH and the PoV to completely control the week and send Steve packing. At that point of the game the Ben vs Steve divide was evident. My ‘blow-up’ in the general chat was completely calculated to blow this entire notion up. As I was getting caught in the cross-hairs as being deemed as being on ‘Ben’s side’ I knew Steve had to go so he didn’t get anybody else subscribed to that way of thinking.

Not only did i successfully nominate him, I gathered 6 votes against him and landed the final blow to evict him in the tiebreak. He was the only person at that point that I had any bad blood with, and getting rid of him was integral for my game. Additionally I managed to reel in Robbie and our relationship got stronger despite the fact that I was nearly the cause of him going home.

Another strategic move I made was using the Power of Veto on Ambrose at the final nine. I knew that if I saved myself, I was going to have to evict either Oliver, Landon or Zach from the game. That was something I did not want to do as I would be majorly burning someone that I had made a genuine social bond with. So I took the risk of using it on Zach as he would always be a shield for me to strategically maneuver behind in the game.

In the end I was shocked to see Landon beside me, but once again my social relationships prevailed to save me.

Then, at the final 6, I managed to talk Robbie into re-nominating Chandler when he was initially going to name me as the replacement. Not only did I manage this, I then convinced him that if I evicted Chandler that it would be the best move for him. Initially me not going up for nomination came with the condition that I evict Oliver. But as Oliver was someone who would have my back down the line, I knew Chandler needed to go, but I also needed Robbie to trust me going forward. So the move at the final 6 to not only eliminate a threat, but then keep the trust of Robbie was VITAL for my end game.

Lastly, my strategic maneuvering in playing both sides between Sam and Robbie and then Oliver and Zach was what sailed me through to the end. I strategically messed up competitions so that they would take shots at each other and leave me with a guaranteed spot in the final three where i would hopefully win the HoH, which I did.

I hope this speech has convinced you, the jury, on why I am the deserving winner of Tbart’s Big Brother 1, and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions.

GL Oliver.
48 days 12 hours ago
HEY TBART, LOVE YOU BUDDY! And hey jurors!!

I'm glad I can make it this far and end up being the Final 2. So before I start my speech I wanna remind you of some facts:
1. I won 5 comps (3 HOHs, 1 POV and 1 secret power comp)
2. I was only nominated once on Final 6. It takes me 12 week to be nominated
3. 0 votes casted against me all season

To sum up my game, I'm not scared to show people where I stand. Everyone knows who my target is and I voted the way I wanted every round even if I am in the minority. I tried to make moves and go against the majority whenever I can. Most importantly, I didnt kiss ass like some people did and rely on my comps, strategy and social ability to stay in the game.

So my first HOH, my intention is to create as much chaos as possible. I want to go into the next week feeling completely safe with people start targetting each other. So I did the nomination roulette and exposed everyone. It worked! People went insane and target each other while I can slide by.

Then on early jury-phase, Kevin, Zach and I are on the bottom of whatever happening. Us 3 voted in minority again and again. So we made a 3 person alliance called "Villain 3" that remains strong till the very end. Love you guys!

Joey, Bobby, and Johnny I voted to keep you, but those in power wanted you gone. Being in the minority made me in a powerless position and couldnt save you. BUT, I still voted to save you all because I'm not afraid being in the minority and show loyalty to the people who deserved it.

During Matthew's and Bobby's eviction week, I played my secret power to nominate Sam. I needed Sam to go because he is a part of the majority and I need to shake things up. But of course the majority saved him again. It was worth a try although it turned out didnt work. At least I tried!

Then finally things get brighter when Chandler decided to nominate Landon and we can evict Landon who is a big threat and has been in control. Chandler unofficially become a part of our side since we have the same mindset to break the majority. The fun part is that the majority thought Chandler is a part of the core alliance which spare me from being targetted earlier.

After Ambrose blew up on the main chat, I knew I need to step it up and play a more visible game. So after Kevin's eviction, I made everyone aware that I will win the next HOH and send Ambrose home. So thats exactly what I did the next week. I took out the biggest threat for my game (sorry ambrose, but you are 😋).

During F6, I convinced Alfie and Zach to form a Final 3. I know it will only benefit ME because they both wanna target each other but I need both to stay to Final 3 with me. For the record, both were hesitant but I convinced both to trust me. And they did!!

So fast forward to my Final 4 which I figured might be questionned by the jurors. I won both HOH and POV. My intention is, once again, to be in the Final 3 with Zach and Alfie because it will guarantee my spot on Final 2. As a BB fan, I know F3 HOH is about the jurors quote. Thus, its partially luck!! Since its not skill based, its a toss. I need certainty that the other 2 will take me. I know Alfie wants Zach out for a long time. While Zach wanna respect my HOH and get Robbie out for me. So I HAVE TO save Zach to get Robbie out and have my ideal Final 3.

At the Final 3 HOH, MY FREAKING INTERNET CONNECTION STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHALLENGE. Which resilt in an 8 second lost to Alfie on Final HOH part 2. BUT, I know I've set myself so well that I wont even need the Final HOH to be at the end.

So here I am now, your beloved underdog who have managed to be in control after being at the very bottom of the house. I am more than willing to answer all your questions honestly and prove why I should win! GL Alfie!
48 days 10 hours ago
Okay congrats guys! My vote isn’t decided ! So please clear things up for me !
What was your biggest move(s) and how did those move or moves get you to where you are at right now?
Also compare every person in the jury to a bb hg
48 days 9 hours ago
Okay congrats guys! My vote isn’t decided ! So please clear things up for me !
What was your biggest move(s) and how did those move or moves get you to where you are at right now?

My biggest move would be getting Ambrose evicted. He is the biggest threat to my game. He is Alfie's ride or die. By this one single move, I can achieve at least 3 things:
1. Get rid of the biggest comp threat left and enables me to have higher chance of winning comps which is proven to be successful as I won some comps after he left
2. He is a direct enemy who will nominate me in the future, thus it is important to get him out ASAP before he gets me out.
3. Without Ambrose, Alfie is a lone wolf and have nowhere to go but me. I become Alfie's number 1. So in all of sudden, I have 2 people thinking that I'm their number 1 (Zach and Alfie).
48 days 8 hours ago
Also compare every person in the jury to a bb hg

Okay this is tough but I'll try..

Joey - Jocasta. First jurors who are socially exceptional and very likable.

Matthew - Kevin of BB 19. Talk the least amount of strategy in the game.

Bobby - Shelli of BB13. Both were screwed over by a twist.

Johnny - Johnny Mac. Similar names and both are likable! Notable for winning POV(s) during double eviction week.

Landon - Matt Hoffman. Probably the master strategist who goes home too soon.

Kevin - Howie. Hes a part of the our core alliance who unfortunately gets evicted mid jury.

Ambrose - Frankie Grande. The gayest of the gays LOL. JK. Ambrose is a beast and stay focus throughout the game.

Chandler - Helen Kim. Both were nominated then win HOH the next week and stay unnomed until evicted. Both are good players!

Sam - Brendon. Probably a more successful version less a showmance (if you dont count Robbie and Sam as a showmance). He can remain in the game despite being targetted on several consecutive weeks.

Robbie - Andy Herren. He tried to be in everyones ears and be on good term with everyone.

Zach - JANELLE! Comp beast who gets 3rd because too big of a threat.
48 days 5 hours ago
Joey's Question:
Okay congrats guys! My vote isn’t decided ! So please clear things up for me !
What was your biggest move(s) and how did those move or moves get you to where you are at right now?
Also compare every person in the jury to a bb hg

Hi Joey! So in terms of my biggest moves I think I mostly covered this in the strategic section of my speech. Winning the HoH and PoV in Week 3 and calling out Steve, and evicting him in a tiebreaker was a very big move as Steve was coming after me and up to that point had been running the game. Additionally, my move at the final six to convince Robbie into re-nominating Chandler and then convincing Robbie that evicting Chandler would be the right move, so that I kept everyone's loyalty going into the final five.

I actually don't watch Big Brother! So comparing everyone to a player is really difficult for me because I don't know many players. The only seasons I've watched are like 19 and 18. I'll give it a go anyway.

Joey: Jason - an all round nice and loveable guy. Loyal to a fault.

Matthew: Matthew from BB19, not only are you both called Matthew, but ultimately you didn't have much of an impact strategically on the season.

Bobby: Raven from BB19, the Raven to Matthew's Matt lmao I don't know, we didn't interact that much to be honest, but you were entertaining in the bits of game I did see you play.

Johnny: Bridgette from BB18. Had a really big impact on the game, and played an underrated strategic game in the Big Brother house.

Kevin: I'm going to go with Mark from BB19, kind of just got screwed by being in the minority alliance.

Ambrose: James from BB18, dominated the social game and positioned himself well in the game to go far.

Chandler: Kaysar, you played a good competitive game.

Sam: John from BB17, a constant target throughout the game, you skilfully managed to avoid eviction through your social relationships and strong strategic game, before finally being evicted late on.

Robbie: Jun from BB3. Robbie had probably one of the best, if not the best, social game in the entire game. His ability to get on everyone's good side saw him avoid the block more often than not, and when he did hit the block, he managed to save himself through the social relationships he formed.

Zach: I think it's pretty obvious that you played the Janelle archetype of this season. A challenge beast, winning competitions - but I would actually say you played more like Rachel. You were constantly a target and used your prowess in challenges to stay in the house alongside your Brendon (Oliver).
48 days ago
Question to both of you: rank every juror and two of you in power ranking based on gameplay, 13th is The worst, 1st The best
48 days ago
And give a reason why for example you placed someone higher or lower
47 days 23 hours ago
1. Zach because hes a comp beast and socially adaptable. He lied and manipulated yet everyone still loves him. His charm is unmatchable.
2. Oliver because I won comps and make moves that benefit my game. I built trust to the point that some people were protecting me from all sides. I was strong minded and not easily influenced. To come from minority and make it to the end is commendable i feel like 😋
3. Ambrose because he is a powerhouse and in charge on the other side. He is loud and ready to make moves everytime hes in power.
4. Chandler because hes a comp beast. Also one major postives to his game is that hes open to any deals. He "flipped" on the majority is a power move that should be recognized. It shaped the end game of this season.
5. Sam because I think he has deals with everyone in the house. Also can win comps when he needs to.
6. Robbie because he is socially active and well-liked by the cast. Also perceived as non- threat by most people. However he is a jury threat and could easily win at the end.
7. Alfie because hes a very social player. But lets face it, he's not as invested in the game 😋
8. Kevin because hes definitely a strong contender but his time cut short!! Robbed!! Loyalty is also his strength. Its just unfortunate that we found ourselves on the minority and that hes the casualty of it.
9. Landon is another potential powerhouse. He can win comps and is willing to make moves. I would say his biggest downfall is not managing his threat level enough (?) So he's easily perceived as this big threat that needs to be evicted soon.
10. Johnny another robbed king!! He was evicted shortly after winning his first comp. Had he stays longer and get the momentum going, he can potentially be a strong contender and moves up my power list
11. Joey. Definitely gone too soon. Joey is a social player. I think if he stays longer, he can definitely integrate himself into the majority. Hes only this low because hes the first juror and missed half of the game.
12. Bobby. I really wish you stayed longer! Bobby is not really active too unfortunately but hes an old friend from another site. So if he stays longer, I can see myself working with him and Bobby will be higher on my list.
13. Matthew. I wish he has skype and its easier to communicate with him. But the communicatiom issue is a huge setback to his game. He could climb up the list had he is easier to approach and win more comps and make more moves.
47 days 22 hours ago
Ranking the jurors and us two:

1) Zach - Dominated competitions and had his finger on the pulse of this game. Was a massive threat in the later stages of the game and if he had made it to the final two, would've most likely won.

2) Robbie - I think you played an incredibly under-the-radar game, you had social connections with almost everyone on the cast which kept you safe for the large majority of the game. If a rational person had won final four hoh you would've been in the final three and had a great chance at winning.

3) Me! - I feel like I did play an under-rated game. I had social connections with almost everyone and made a lot of strategic moves which I have listed above. I think my jury speech thinks for itself in why I deserve to win and why I am placed this high on the list.

4) Ambrose - Despite self-combusting in the final week that he was in the game, up to that point Ambrose dominated for most of it. He had social connections on both sides and did very well in playing most of the cast. A fierce and cutthroat competitor as always.

5) Sam - I think Sam played a good game, I don't think he was active enough to break into the top four. Me and Ambrose were responsible for him getting so far in the game because we thought he would help us take down Zach, that seemed to back-fire, but generally he played a solid game.

6) Landon - Landon's time was cut too short, he played a good strategic game in keeping Sam, myself and Ambrose as shields to keep him safe. Unfortunately, i don't think he socialised enough with the other side to keep himself from the block.

7) Chandler - Chandler played well near the end of the game. He asked to be evicted a couple of times in the main chat which sort of puts him a bit lower here. He had a couple of strong weeks, but was generally invisible for the pre-jury stage.

8) Oliver - Oliver didn't play this game for Oliver he played this game to PLEASE people. He knew that I would forgive him if he nominated me whilst Zach, with the greatest respects, probably would've been salty. I don't respect that style of playing, at the final four he basically gave up his chance to make a massive move and win the game but instead chose blind sheeping and loyalty.

9) Johnny - I think Johnny played a good game and did well to nearly flip the vote in his favour to stay in the week he went. If he had stayed a little longer he would definitely be higher on this list.

10) Kevin - I love Kevin and I think initally he played a good game, but from my perspective he didn't really socialise, he forgot to vote and he went really inactive at the back-end of the game.

11) Joey - He was evicted as the first juror, so didn't really get a chance to put his stamp on the game.

12) Bobby - Bobby just didn't socialise enough with the other players to give him a chance of making it deep into the game.

13) Matthew - Unfortunately he didn't have Skype and this meant he couldn't really communicate with the rest of the cast.
47 days 21 hours ago
After looking at these answers ill Tell you on thing, Chandler made big move but whatever he did in The game it ended up not beneficial for him and when landon would even take him to f2 he decided to cut him off, based on that at least I would give Chandler as low place as possible, its funny Oliver gave him 3rd but thats because whatever Chandler did it was fortunately beneficial for Oliver BUT not for Chandler

I tried to objectively take a look and my list was btw:
13th Matt
12th bobby
11th joey
10th johnny
9th Chandler
8th Kevin
7th sam, made some bad moves
6th Oliver, had easy and lucky path to the end
5th ambrose, remaining calm is really important in The worst times and it was tough for him to do when he needed to be relaxed The most
4th landon robbed good skills, went home because of idiotic move
3rd me, I played hard from The start in comps, I tried to talk strategy with anyone who wanted to talk about it and I only wasnt in one challenge in whole season
2nd alfie, had alliance I didnt know about and stayed in The middle for whole game, tough job to do
1st Zach, tough Job to go far after coming back
47 days 20 hours ago
had easy and lucky path to the end

I can feel the jealousy 🙃
47 days 20 hours ago
My question is for both of u why do u deserve to win over your opponent
47 days 17 hours ago
Hey guys!

I have a specific question for you both

Alfie: You as well as some jurors knock Oliver for not taking me out for fourth over Robbie. My question is: why should he have? Robbie was likewise a beast at competitions and beat me and numerous HOHs and POVs all season. Robbie was 100% evicting Oliver for 3rd had he stayed and won the final HOH, so why should he have kept him when he easily could have lost final HOH to him and not even been in the final 2?

Oliver: You and Alfie won almost the same number of competitions as one another all season but you say he was less invested as a result of him not trying or even showing up to competitions during the jury phase of the game. Do you think you used your wins more effectively than he did? Considering Alfie did not show up to comps towards the end, how would you explain how he made it to the final 2 and why you feel his method of getting here is less deserving than yours, if you so believe it is
47 days 15 hours ago
My question is for both of u why do u deserve to win over your opponent

I have been in the minority on early jury phase and I have to climb my way up to the top either through winning comps, building trust, trying to flip the vote or just anything. While Alfie has been in majority all game and have numerous friends coming into the game.

Alfie didnt show up to some challenges which shows he didnt really care and is not as dedicated to the game.

Quoting his speech:
" I knew that if I saved myself, I was going to have to evict either Oliver, Landon or Zach from the game. That was something I did not want to do"

HELLO!?!? He's the one playing for his FRIENDS and see how he chicken out from tough decisions?? He used POV on Ambrose even when hes on the block. He can say its strategy whatsoever but he knows it is to please Ambrose. Alfie stays during that week because hes checked out. Nobody sees him as a threat, he rarely talked game and showed up on challenges.

With so-called social game of his, he is nominated more than me and received more votes than me. So can you say he has better social game as he claimed? I dont think so.

Also I FORCED him to work with Zach on Final 6. Had he didnt follow my lead, hes going to be nominated by Zach on Final 5 when Zach won HOH and possibly going home.

As much as Robbie going to deny it, Robbie said he changed his mind from nominating Alfie to Chandler when he is in power. So yeah, I also contributed to that strategy talk.

Theres a difference between playing the middle and not playing at all. HEHEHE LOVE YOU ALFIE

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