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378 days 17 hours ago
Hello Jury,

It's been a hell of a fight and I naturally will answer any other questions but I wanted to talk about why I would be a great representation for this season as the Sole Survivor. I went to the most tribals out of anyone this season. That's 13/15 Tribals I attended and Survived. Out of those 13 tribals I only received 3 votes and 1 of which was Negated. I was picked as most likely to win this game and true or not that's a serious target on my back and I still had saftey at 4th 5th and 6th and flipped the game at Final 7 by stopping a split vote plan on me and taking out Marek. I came into this cast knowing 3 people. Jasoi Brook and Ryan C. Me and Ryan C did not end well nor did me and Jasoi. I had to work for every other connection and even had to work on those 3. Brook opened up some doors for me and helped me get brenden Marek and Ryan C to lower thier guard and I made the absolute most out of that. I was a Trojan horse and a reminder why you don't let the enemy into your camp. Ik feelings are down on me for that but those doors were opened by yall and had I not used that chance i would not be here and instead I belive 2 or 3 of you would be. I am new to this community and it's only my 4th game. This game was no cake walk for me and that was the cause for how hard I played. I always looked at how every move would effect me and where I think would land me in the best spot. I was unafraid to make moves that benefitted me and again by end of ROUND 2 I had flipped on everyone at merge. You want to talk about a rough path then look at that. Despite the f8 all having been burned by me I was still able to pull of so much and get to the end. I won 2 very clutch individual immunity wins LIVE at the finale and back to back no less. I know it seemed like I may have overplayed in areas and I'm sure I did. I am still learning and adapting. However I feel I managed to get through multiple groups that were together and did kot have me valued very high up. Ask yourself if you honestly has me in your top 3 and then ask yourself if you were going to take me to FTC. My bet is almost all but max 2 will say no. That's what I navigated this game. I had a blast competing with all of you and I did everything I could to play the best game possible and I truly overcame so many obstacles and never stopped fighting. Regardless who wins Thank you all for everything. I had so much fun and I learner loads more. GL Jasoi and German ❤️

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