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Topic » REUNION | Sponsorship Islands

9 days 18 hours ago
Grats kiki
9 days 18 hours ago
That's a wrap in our reunion!

Once again thank you for playing a even bigger thank you for being here.

We love you all so much! Thanks for the VL support!

I will add the new players in the discord VL now.


9 days 18 hours ago
Thank you for everything Tokio!
9 days 18 hours ago
Thank you for an amazing season hosts and players ❤️
9 days 18 hours ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE! I am honored to represent this season!
9 days 15 hours ago
Hi, I am officially off work and have caught up!

I want to say, Thank YOU to Tokio for hosting one of my favorite, if not my favorite game on Tengaged thus far. After 12 years on this website, I finally have earned a Survivor crown! Tyler and Chamele, I absolutely love you both and can’t wait to get beers with you guys and talk about this season together and laugh. The way the season ended in a 3-3-2 vote, just really solidified how amazing we worked together and so happy we all got awarded in that way. Also, thank you to the cast for being so understanding and respectful of our friendship and our gameplay, and thank you guys for awarding me Player of the Season and the Most Social Player - it genuinely means a lot to me. I’m not entirely too sure if I’ll ever return, but if I do return for a Heroes vs Villains or a Winners at War, I hope to make you all proud. Thank you.

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