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FINAL TRIBAL COUNCIL | Sponsorship Islands


10 days 17 hours ago
{Pink Buffs} (3/11 Remaining)


Welcome Chamel, Omar and Tyler, to Final Tribal Council. The power now shifts to the jury who will vote for the Sole Survivor of C&A Survivor XV - Sponsorship Islands.

We'll now bring in the members of the jury: Kiki, Patrick, Bryan, Grane, Gabs, Julian, Dar and Yan voted out at the last tribal council.

Chame, Omar and Tyler, you may each make an opening statement. The jury members can either make comments or ask questions, there is no limit to the amount they do or don't say. Once you have decided who to vote for please mail or chat prod discord your vote.

10 days 15 hours ago
I already know my vite but I'll ask questions possibly
10 days 14 hours ago
I'm working on a written breakdown of the merge but I very much want to thank you all for this game and I can't wait to answer your questions!
10 days 14 hours ago
I want to say first of all, I am extremely happy to be here, Final 3, on Sponsorship Islands. Thank you to Omar and Tyler and all the other contestants for a great game. This is my first time playing a group game like this. I came into this game thinking I wanted to do my best, but I wanted to play true to myself as well. Could someone like me play an old school Survivor style game, trying my best and sticking with my allies, and still get to the end? But there was a twist. I joined this game with my best friend Omar, and he brought in his friend Tyler. So I was not only responsible for keeping myself safe, I had to keep them safe as well. And we made it. All three of us to the end. I know I made some questionable choices throughout the game, but hopefully this gives some insight to how I voted the way I did. Because my objective was to get us three to the end, not just myself. And I can honestly say, that in a way, makes the game so much harder.

I started off in this game feeling alone, because although I had Tyler on my tribe, I didn’t know him. And I was ignored by a huge part of the cast when I tried messaging people. This entire group game, and even using Discord, was new to me. I was at a disadvantage because I had a huge learning curve to go through that others didn’t. I made it my goal to just survive day by day. If I can lay low and not make waves, people won’t see me as a threat and maybe they’ll go after someone else.

When it came time to the coin challenge when we would split into two groups, this was a chance to control the game. Omar, Dar, and I, who were an alliance, purposely lost so we could be on a tribe together and control the vote. And it worked. Tyler ended up on the other side and he was able to work the other side.

Once we finally merged, we controlled the game and the vote from here on out. We always knew how everything was going to end up. I was able to leave my mark during final 7 when the alliance wanted to go after Dar and I refused to. He was in my alliance and I didn’t want to get to the end by stepping on people. So I made sure Plan B became Plan A. I tried to warn him so he would use his idol, causing a tie between Lindsay and Julian. Afterwards at final 6, I had advantages that controlled the vote. I had an extra vote, and a vote blocker. So I could decide who would go. This meant going after Julian unfortunately, because he was such a competition threat. When we got down to final 5, I made the cut I feel the worst about. I want to give Dar a public apology, because I tried to play this game with my allies, and I know I betrayed you. I am sorry.

I hope you consider giving me a chance. I played the best to my abilities, and tried to be  as fair as I possibly could in this game. If I was voting you out, I would tell you because I felt you deserved that. I did not make promises I couldn’t keep. And I managed to make it this far without having played a group game or Stars before. Thank you.
10 days 14 hours ago
Hey all! Thank you for an awesome season. Thank you to all the hosts. It’s been an awesome 2 weeks! I’m honoured to have been casted this season with amazing players.
I’ll think about the questions and keep it posted later. I’ll probably do a video to ask the questions because I’m actually rushing for time here! But we’ll see. I’ll talk to yall in a bit ❤️ Congratulations, finalists 🙏🏻
10 days 14 hours ago
Goodluck Finalists anyways I have a few questions for 2 of you

Tyler and Omar if you could add anyone else into the f3 based on anything who would you add and why?

And my 2nd question again Tyler and Omar I understand yall joined together as friends and know eachother which I'm sure some of my fellow jury members will ask you about it but Omar what moves did you make that Tyler didn't and Tyler same question but with Omar

Anyways goodluck all 3 of you and may the best player win ❤️
10 days 14 hours ago
Looking forward to it, Dar!
10 days 13 hours ago
Can’t wait to hear your questions Dar! And it was an honor to play with you
10 days 13 hours ago

Here is my opening statement, I do apologize for being late.

Stats on this game:
- 0 Votes Cast against Me
- 2 Individual Immunity Wins
- 1 Hidden Immunity Idol Found and Played
- Voted Correctly 9/10 Votes Participated
10 days 13 hours ago
Keep in mind, I made a 35 minute video explaining my game, then realized probably no one would watch it - hence the 8 minute shortened video
10 days 13 hours ago
Tyler and Omar if you could add anyone else into the f3 based on anything who would you add and why?

• It’s very hard to think of a game without Chamele. She’s genuinely one of my best friends in this world and to have played a game with her and played it so greatly is something I’ve always wanted to do. But, to answer your question - maybe Dar? I love you Yan, and I know you probably wanted to see your name be listed. But, Dar just played a better game than you, and I’d want to congratulate him by giving him that FTC opportunity. But, I can’t picture this FTC without Chamele. She played a great loyal game.
10 days 13 hours ago
And my 2nd question again Tyler and Omar I understand yall joined together as friends and know eachother which I'm sure some of my fellow jury members will ask you about it but Omar what moves did you make that Tyler didn't and Tyler same question but with Omar

• This is a tough question because both Tyler and I took each other into consideration for most, if not all game. But, there’s definitely some moves we made, since we didn’t play together until merge.

1. I got my tribe to turn on Kiki. I was being targeted first, but I played such a great social game and created bonds and genuine connections with people to earn their trust, that they turned on Kiki.

2. My social game as a whole. I created genuine connections with everyone, talking game and personal lives with everyone. Creating these connections created trust between us and it ultimately helped the both of us because - because of these trusts that I created it got us to make these big moves at the merge. My connections created the 5 Alliance with Julian and Dar, which led fo the Patrick blindside. My connections also made me never the target - were people aware of how great of a game I played? Yes. But, I was never the target due to everyone wanting me to stay.

3. Throwing the coins challenge. I knew I could’ve been safe at 13, but - why? Why would I have been safe one round one, but with no allies? I pitched the idea to Dar and Chamele (and I) to throw the competition, to ensure that the 3 of us would be in a tribe together and make up almost half of the vote. 3/7. We then gave all of our coins to people we didn’t want on our tribe, so we gave them to you and Kiki. We thought that would set up Tyler well, since y’all would target each other - and we didn’t want to deal with y’all if I’m being honest lol.

4. I found the idol at 6. Finding the idol at 6 was crucial because we wanted to ensure that whoever we wanted at 5 would be at 5. Yes, Chamele and Dar had extra votes and a block a vote, but if I genuinely wanted Dar out at 6, I could’ve played my idol for Julian - and taken out Dar. So, finding that idol opened up more options for me to move forward with whom.

There’s probably more moves, but a lot were a team effort. At the merge, we really played as a unit. The Patrick blindside, the Gabs blindside, and then just pushing through 6-FTC. But, I wouldn’t want to sell myself short by not listing the above.
10 days 12 hours ago
Thanks for the questions, Yan.

If I could add anyone else into the final 3, I would probably choose Dar or maybe Grane. I think they're the two players who could have had the most improvement if Omar, Chameleon, and myself had been playing individually, and I think all things being even, one of them probably would have made it here.

Throughout the merge, every single vote was an agreement between the three of us up here. We were wonderfully collaborative, and all played our roles excellently. There isn't much any of us did that didn't involve the other two in some way, but I believe the single biggest reason that we are all sitting up here is the Lindsay vote and that move came from me. It had become clear that Dar was going to play an idol, and Omar and Chameleon had seemingly accepted that Julian was going to be a casualty at this vote, but I knew that Gabs represented the biggest threat to us as a group making it to the end and I suggested that we throw a vote on Gabs in case we needed to force a tie. That one vote turned into two and the plan worked! At the end of the day, even though we were only three of the final seven, we found ourselves in a re-vote situation where those three votes were all we needed for majority and while I didn't do that alone, I did do that.

The other thing I did that was kind of an all-merge-long type thing was that I fought my ass off to keep you around. My primary aim was always to make the final 3 with Omar and Chameleon but if somebody other than us was going to win immunity at final 4, I wanted the only option to be somebody I was sure would keep me over Omar and I believed you were that person. At the final 12, you were the initial target and even in TJ's plan you were the secondary target. I flipped that plan around to a point where you got no votes whatsoever. At final 10, you were the initial target and the main reason that the vote eventually fell on Patrick was because I started kicking up dust to the group about using you as cover to pull off a blindside. Once again, no votes for you. After that, you were off the radar for a little while. But the Lindsay plan was almost the Yan plan in the final 3 group chat, and your name came up again at f6 and f5.

At the end of the day, I truly believed that if you had power at final 4 I would have been in the final 3, and I never stopped maneuvering to get you there. If I'm right that you would have taken me given the choice, then I believe that alone demonstrates that even within the Omar, Chameleon, Tyler group, I was the one who was consistently able to put myself in the best possible position while also looking after the wellbeing of this final 3.
10 days 10 hours ago
Hey guys! Congrats on making it to the final three. My question is simple! I would like ye to rank the jury members from 1-8 on who played the best game and explain why! Thanks and good luck :)
10 days 8 hours ago
Hey yall i managed to type it out!! Thank you for an amazing season!! Here are my questions

1. Cham, everyone underestimated your game and we need to know more about your gameplay and why did you choose to be loyal to your friends when you could make a big move and potentially win? And give me some moves that  YOU made as an individual. I love you thankyou for being truthful to me till end. Goodluck!

2. Omar! You played a hell of a game.. I actually respected the game you played. However i’m a little upset that you came here with a pre-made/real life friends. Which put most of the casts to a disadvantage. I want to give props that you guys managed to stay undetected. If you had not had your friends here with you, will you ever stay loyal to me and keep the pinky promise that we made in DAY1 or will you take me out? And if youre keeping me, do you think you’ll win? Why?

3. Tyler, we weren’t from the same tribe in the beginning and I’m not gonna lie when Omar created that Final 5 alliance with you and Julian, i was quite sussed out because he didn’t approach me but rather “forced” me to work with you and Julian. I mean I wasn’t mad at that idea. Now i’ll need you to  tell me more about the influence you had over Omar and Cham that YOU STRICTLY planned and executed.

Looking forward to the replies!! Love you all and congrats once again. It’s also nice to see those lovely faces ❤️

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