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33 days ago

{Red Buffs} (3/12 Remaining)


Welcome Franz, Summer and Zach, to Final Tribal Council. The power now shifts to the jury who will vote for the Sole Survivor of C&A Survivor III: Canary Islands.

We'll now bring in the members of the jury: Jake, Logan, Riley, Nathan, Scott, Chris, Ozzy, King and Alfie out at the last tribal council.

Franz, Summer and Zach, you may each make an opening statement. The jury members can either make comments or ask questions, there is no limit to the amount they do or don't say. Once you have decided who to vote for please mail me and Chandler your vote.

Votes are due by 5pm EST on September 19th (Saturday).  The reunion will follow afterwards.
32 days 23 hours ago
Hi everybody! I don’t want to make this TOO long, so I will try to keep it short but I have a lot to say.

I should be crowned the title of sole survivor because I believe I truly Outwit, Outsmarted, and Outplayed every other castaway here. I started the game out strong by helping form a final four alliance on the first day, consisting of Me, Zach, Scott, and Ozzy. Even through multiple tribe swaps, the four of us stayed in touch and communicated through every vote. I also had a close friendship with Franz from outside the game, and we have actually made finals in many casting and fasting games together. We made sure to hide our friendship the entire game, and I don’t think anyone knows until this moment that we were basically inseparable the entire game. Whenever our names got brought up, we always told the other person. This allowed us both to make it to finale night receiving NO VOTES against us the entire game, except for the tribal where I played my idols.

The point where the game switched, was when the fast forward vote was approaching. My alliance of four from Tenerife had controlled every vote of the merge so far, but I knew Scott was building too many connections and was becoming a big threat, even though he would have never taken me out. That’s when I decided to coordinate with Franz to blindside Scott, using our extra votes that we both claimed during the urn challenge and saved until we needed it. I pulled Alfie in on it, and I made sure to tell Zach as well. I knew that if I kept Zach in with my plans, I would be able to secure him as a vote with me every round. Scott went home in a blindside.

After Scott went home, I knew the target on my back would increase, so I stepped up my game even more. At this point in the game, I had two immunity idols and two extremely loyal allies in Franz and Zach. I just had to wait and see what happened. People tried to strike at me multiple times since Scott was voted out, but I survived by using my social and strategic skills to secure allies to my side, playing TWO hidden immunity idols, and winning two individual immunity challenges to secure my spot in the finals. I also found a THIRD hidden immunity idol, but I passed it to my amazing friend and ally Franz, to repay her for trusting me and helping me. I already had immunity so I wanted her to be safe as well. At the end my vote came down to loyalty, because while Alfie played a great game and deserves to be here, he attempted to vote me out when the other two sitting next to me were always loyal.

I know this is going to be WAY too long, so I apologize! Please feel free to ask me any questions you have, I’m happy to explain anything else you are wondering about.

Good luck Franz and Zach!!!
32 days 23 hours ago
because while Alfie played a great game and deserves to be here, he attempted to vote me out when the other two sitting next to me were always loyal.

This isn’t a reason to vote him because Franz WAS ALL ABOUT getting you out. So! What is it the real reason you voted Alfie (DONT SAY LOYALTY)?
32 days 23 hours ago
King, Franz actually did not want me out. Franz and I were actually a final 2, but since we acted like enemies, people would tell us the plans. This is why Franz would do things like go up against me in challenges, and eliminated me in the rock draw. It was all part of our strategy, I knew she was not actually after me. She informed me of the plans, every single time I was left out.
32 days 23 hours ago
Hello, everybody! I am not sure how long our opening statements are supposed to be, but I will try to keep it short.

When applying for Canary Islands, I set a few goals for myself: obviously to last as long as possible, but more importantly, to leave this game with all of my integrity and prove that an honest person can with this game. In group games like this one, our personalities tend to get so consumed by the game that we forget we are playing with actual human beings and not just a bunch of smiley faces with computer-generated Janelle weaves. These past 15 days, I have been able to successfully maneuver my way through this game all the way to finale night without ever having to hurt someone's feelings or overtly stab them in the back, which is why I know I deserve to win C&A Survivor III.

On Day 1, I immediately formed a connection with Ari, the only other girl avatar on my tribe, and Steve, who unfortunately had to quit the game due to personal circumstances. Not long after, we had a tribe swap, where the only person I had from my old tribe was the one person I never had gotten the chance to speak to, Chris. In spite of this, I was able to form a genuine connection with Chris, keeping him up-to-date with votes, even though he missed a vote ever now and then :P Being in the minority on my tribe meant I had to work my ass off physically time and time again, to prove I was an asset to my tribe both physically and mentally. I was even voted the biggest physical threat at one point in the game, due to my consistently high placements and 2 challenge wins (not including the merge challenge).

Even though I was seen as both a physical threat and a schemer (no shade Scott), I am the only player this entire season who has NEVER received a SINGLE VOTE for elimination, nor was I ever sent to the cage. My strong social game is something I have been able to rely on to keep me safe time and time again, to the point where I knew I was never truly at risk of going home. Even when people spoke badly of me (allegedly), I never took it personal and never ruled them out as a potential ally (Scott, Ozzy, King, Nathan, etc.). I didn't have to backstab people or throw them under the bus to get to the point where I am today. I may have had to tell a few lies (I really am sorry King, Scott and Nathan), but it was only to ensure my safety and advancement in this game. Even Summer, who knew that I had betrayed her by casting my vote against her, still gave me her Hidden Immunity Idol at the final 5, because I had always been there for her prior to that moment. This proves that to everyone I worked closely with, I was ultimately loyal: Ari, Steve, Chris, Riley, Ozzy, Alfie and yes, even Summer. Each vote, I knew exactly who was going home, despite only having to form a few alliances throughout the game with Alfie and Riley, then Alfie and Summer and eventually Alfie and King, even though I had to turn my back on you King (again, you only wanted to work with me to get Summer out, PLUS I had no chance in beating you at final 3).

I apologize for the length, but I wanted to make it clear that none of the moves I made this game were personal and I would never dream of hurting anyone's feelings for the sake of winning a group game. I respect all of you so much and I hope you can respect the decisions I made in this game, as well. I would love to play with all of you again at some point in the future and I really hope you can find it in your heart to crown me the winner of C&A Survivor III: Canary Islands.

Best of luck to you Summer and Zach <3
32 days 23 hours ago
Summer she VOTED YOU she wanted you out she really did and that fact your blind to that kind makes me wanna change my vote to Franz because she obviously had you fooled.
32 days 23 hours ago
King, she voted me because that way it wouldn’t be obvious that she told me the plan. That way everybody still trusted her the next day. I TOLD her to vote for me, because I told her I had two idols. I promise king, that was planned out.
32 days 23 hours ago
Ok then

Franz this is my deciding question so answer it the right way and you may change my mind.

Why would you want to take Summer to the end knowing she would beat you?

Did you want summer out?

For funnzies and a social test

What is one thang each of you learnt about each juror DONT MAKE IT ONE SENTENCE THATS BORING! I really love asking this just to see MAKE IT POSITIVE
32 days 23 hours ago
Summer - I told you to vote for me; however, were you going to vote for me anyway before I told you to do so? Was I just a pawn to you or was I ever really an ally?

Franz - If you can tell Shawn what you learned about me during his game than you get my vote
32 days 23 hours ago
Jake- Honestly, I really wanted to work with you to help take Scott out. We had discussed this, and I even helped you throw a challenge to take out King. However, when merge hit the numbers unfortunately weren’t there. After the idol play I had to go with what the majority wanted to secure myself in the game, and I believe I made the choice. If King went home instead of Steve quitting, this game may have been much different. So yes, the answer is you were an ally at one point, but come merge time I couldn’t jeopardize my own game to go down with you, and I hope you understand. While I value all of the friendships I made here, I did ultimately do what I needed to do to make it to the end.
32 days 23 hours ago
To answer King's question,

At the end of the day, my greatest strength is also my greatest fault: my loyalty. I have a genuine friendship with Summer, even more so after playing this game, and Summer was the only person to remain completely honest me since Day 1. With that being said, I do not believe Summer is guaranteed to win this game. While Summer did what she had to do to survive each week, she still lied to people on multiple occasions and actually destroyed a lot of people's trust with her along the way. Jury management is still a significant aspect of this game, and just because Summer was able to lie to people over Skype, doesn't make her a winner, in my opinion. Survivor isn't just about lying. While some people will respect this aspect, it's also about the connections you make, as well.

No disrespect, Summer! <3
32 days 22 hours ago
Congratulations to the final three! You have all fought so hard and you did what 17 other could not. Win, lose, or draw I hope you all are very proud of yourselves. Great work to all of you! I do have some questions.

FRANNY - You had incredible social gameplay and challenge performances. However in the final challenge you seem to make a lot of mistakes. What happened there? If you had won immunity would your final four vote off turned out differently?

SUMMER - I think one thing the jury is struggling with is that you had a lot of advantages and powers (and Zach) that kind of served your path to the finals on a silver platter. Can you identify other ways you were successful in this game beyond your use of idols, advantages, Zach, etc.?

ZACH - I sadly did not get to know you very well in this game but you did very well at hiding behind big targets and I did enjoy working with you when we could. Can you talk to the jury about a move you made (or attempted to make) on your own and what was the outcome of that?

Good luck to all of you!
32 days 22 hours ago
To answer Jake's question,

We unfortunately never had the opportunity to actually work with each other. We were never on the same tribe together, therefore we never had a reason to talk game or get to know each other personally. We both know I can't answer your question. With that being said, I would love to get to know you in the future if we ever cross paths. But I'm not going to blow smoke up someone's ass after I just preached about how authentic I am. I don't expect your vote, but I also never stabbed you in the back or treated you like a pawn, so I hope you will at least consider me. I wish you the best and hope we can play in the future <3
32 days 22 hours ago
Well hello final 3. I'm just going to get straight to the point.

Franz, had I been fast enough you would've been caged the round Jake got put in my Nathan.  My question for you is simple, why should I consider voting you when you didn't bother talking to me, and don't use the two way street excuse.

Zach Just like Franz you also never spoke once to me. My question for you is what was your own biggest move that you made since I have no clue?

Summer Unlike those two you actually did speak to me. My question for you is what is your two biggest regrets in the game and why.

For all three of you, I want some tea so time to squirm. If this had been a final 2, who would you cut for third and why?

Whoever does the best on BOTH questions gets my vote
32 days 22 hours ago
Jake- Jake, in this game I learned that you love fantasy football, and I learned that you are passionate about the game. We saw your frustrations with the game when you were caged and when you almost got voted out, but I think as long as people aren’t being hateful, they have every right to feel frustrated and angry if they were wronged.

Logan- Logan, one thing I learned about you is that you have four beautiful cats. Snickerdoodle, Scar, Mischief, and Mayhem <3 I wish that my kitty Peach could meet them because they could take the cutest photo shoot together, and no offense to anyone else, but Logan’s exit was the best in the game when he signed off with pictures of his kitties. And nobody can argue that!

Riley- Riley, I learned that you are a super compassionate person, and the best act of kindness I’ve ever seen on Tengaged was when you bought Franz T$ so she could buy the next color level. That is so sweet of you :)

Nathan- Nathan, what I learned about you SHOCKS me still! You’re from California, but you actually want to trade it for cold winters and move to Wisconsin lol. I still don’t agree with you but I respect the opinion :D

Scott- Scott, I could probably write a book here lol! We had a lot of personal conversations. I know about your amazing wife Zabbie who I happened to meet in one of my first games, I have learned about your kids, your sports teams, I could go on! I am not going to tell everyone all your business, I think you get the point haha.

Chris- Chris, unfortunately I do not know a lot about you because you struggled to stay focused in the game. I know you did tell me you had stuff going on though which I totally understand, sometimes we are just busy!

Ozzy- Ozzy, I learned we are from the same part of the world! You are my fellow PNW-er, even if I fled to the east coast lol. Hope you are managing to stay safe from the smoke, and I hope you can soon open your window at night once again!

King- King, I learned that you are a very BOLD player, and have no problem making waves in these games. I also know that you’re in high school, and you need to be paying more attention in math class than on skype! You know the teacher in me has to tell you that.

Alfie- Alfie, I know that you played a really great game and you deserved to be in this finals after staying up all night lol. I literally believed that there would be a fire making challenge, and you would be sitting next to me. Unfortunately, things didn’t play out that way but I know you played a game worth of this spot.
32 days 22 hours ago
To answer Ozzy's question,

Hi, Ozzy! That final challenge for me will forever be my biggest downfall in this game. I ended up getting into my head too much and didn't prepare like I should have, and even though I knew I was going to lose, I never gave up. When it came to that final Tribal Council, I initially casted my vote for Zach, but whenever I learned we were at risk to potentially going to rocks, I knew it wasn't worth losing my game over and got permission from Alfie to cast my vote against him, which is easily the hardest thing I've had to do this game.

Had I won that final Immunity, I don't think I would have taken Summer with me to the final 3. While Summer and I have become good friends, I do feel like she would have been a vote for me to win had I taken her out anyway. With that being said, I still feel like determining the winner this season this is completely fair game. I made it to final 3 with only 1 Hidden Immunity Idol, even though I didn't need it, and won competitions when I ultimately needed to. Did I technically need to win that final Immunity Challenge? Definitely not. And while I wish Alfie was here with me, I still don't regret the decisions I've ultimately had to make to get here.

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