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6 days 10 hours ago
*The Coaches walk into their rehearsal rooms to discuss the week ahead*

Welcome Top 9, you have gotten through the groups portion of the Live shows but now it is an open game. 9 shining stars are left but by the end of the quarter finals, 3 of them will be snuffed out and eliminated.

For the top 9, each of you will post a performance that you feel will allow you to go to the Final 6. After all submissions have been made, the Coaches will judge all performances which will see who is through and who is eliminated!!!!!

You are recommended to discuss to your judge about song choice

1. Johnny Manuel (Ryan5676)
2. Louisa Johnson (Moviemusicguy123)

1. Cynthia Erivo (Moviemusicguy123)
2. Sam Smith (Stuartlittle16)
3. Haley Reinhart (Jameslu)

1. Jennifer Hudson (Stuartlittle16)
2. Brooke Simpson (Tswiftlover13)

1. Jordan Smith (Nhl8765554321)
2. Brian Justin Crum (Tswiftlover13)

Wishing the best of luck to all!!!
6 days 10 hours ago
Johnny Manuel - "Home"
6 days 10 hours ago
Jordan Smith - Climb Every Mountain 
6 days 9 hours ago

Louisa Johnson
6 days 8 hours ago
Haley Reinhart "Don't Know How To Love You"
5 days 23 hours ago
Sam Smith "To Die For"

5 days 23 hours ago
Jennifer Hudson "A Change Is Gonna Come"

5 days 15 hours ago

Cynthia Erivo
“Can’t Help Falling in Love”
5 days 13 hours ago
Brooke Simpson "Praying"

Brian Justin Crum "Never Enough"
5 days 13 hours ago
All posted
1 day 9 hours ago

This season still on, Jack is having a laptop problems and he's trying to sort the things up. Sorry for the inconvenience! :)
5 hours 46 min ago
Hope it get's fixed soon Jack <333
I would hate for anything to happen to my laptop. :(

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