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Star Showdown 3 [Live Shows]

Welcome to Star Showdown, which is an original singing sensation group game that is loosely based off several different talent shows. With a complete original format, the coaches will compete against each other to try and get the acts in their team to win. We are looking for the next singing sensation. Who will be the next star to join Jessica Sanchez (Tswiftlover13) and Haley Reinhart (Jameslu) in the hall of fame. Is it you?

- Jack (J4ckwilko)

- Jack (J4ckwilko) 3rd Season- 0 Wins
- Chris (Chris2pei) 3rd Season- 3 Wins
- Rocky (Humanwebjet1) 1st Season- 0 Wins

- Pia Toscano (Tswiftlover13) #Capturebutton

Season winners and their winning single:
1. Tswiftlover13 - Jessica Sanchez "I Have Nothing" (#TeamChris)
2. Jameslu - Haley Reinhart "Creep" (#TeamChris)
3. Tswiftlover13 - Pia Toscano "Always Remember Us This Way (#TeamChris)

Simplified format:
- The Auditions and Reapings
- The Callbacks
- The Showdown #Liveshow #Publicvote
- Top 12 #Liveshow #Publicvote
- Top 10 #Liveshow #Publicvote
- Top 8 #Liveshow
- Finale/ Top 4 #Liveshow

Star Showdown Main Wiki:
Season 1:
Season 2:
Season 3:

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Star Showdown 3 [Live Shows]

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