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26 days 11 hours ago
*spins wheel*

Monop said
I think i want an as told by ginger challenge where they have to write suicide poems

so this challenge is to write a suicidal poem in the style of

your runway should be a makeover of an As Told By Ginger character. You have 48 hours

the lipsync is...
26 days 4 hours ago
The knife pierces me,
oh god, how I bleed and Bleed.
I hold the weapon.
25 days 15 hours ago
She kept her legs crossed on the bus
And kept her cheeks clenched tight
But the fart came roaring out her bum
And filled her seat with shite

The passengers spewed and heckled
At the sobbing, shitty mess
The driver threw her off the bus
The girl with IBS

She had no friends, she scared them away
With her pungent, smelly gas
Even the skunks all ran away
When they smelled her stinky ass

She wished she was a flower
Fragrant in full bloom
People would admire her sweet, fresh scent
From her vase in the living room

The very next day, she hatched a plan
While she was shopping for toilet roll
So she took a cork from a cheap red wine
And stuck it up her hole

She smiled as her farts stayed trapped within
As she stood at the bus stop
But the gas was building up inside
Until it made her pop

Her condensed farts ripped her apart
Spreading shit and guts and gore
Her bowels moved with a thunderous clap
And then they moved no more
25 days 12 hours ago
Now presenting Mr Liquorice the monkey as Ms Liquorice!
Inspired by the Liquorice Allsorts mascot Bertie Bassett
25 days ago
yess miss neon miranda.

her brain let her know
that it could not grow
until it sprouted a load
and then she needed some lexapro

her brain calmed down
until her face caught a frown
and then it was SOUND
that she needed HELP--WOAH!

it's fine it's calm
but when the half brain says NO
heal the qualms
and take a prozac.

the sex drive is USELESS
when needing to
keep going on
and on
and on

and then she cries and cries
and the solace comes
and takes her away
"o, xanax! help me calm DOWN!"

and she took a xanny
and laid in bed
and then... she was gone.
24 days 15 hours ago
Red, White, and Blue by 3 Leg Sin Clair

Red is the color of infernal Hell,
A cavernous tomb with echoing screams.
An unending pain I know all too well,
So, with patience I settled for heavenly dreams

For White is the color of Heaven above,
Where God waited for me at the pearly gates.
I'd become an angel with wings of a dove.
To me, that was the most desirable fate

The Earth was painted in brilliant Blue,
Seven oceans of tears, humanity's strife.
How I longed for a different hue,
One painted with the pallette of the afterlife.

I panicked at first, when I was covered in Red
From the blade I used to cut my wrist.
But everyone thought I was better off dead;
Certainly, Hell could be no worse than this

Then I saw the fabled White light!
My brain and body were warm with joy.
But then the light shuttered and I was in night,
The oddly comforting darkness of an endless void.

My posthumous lesson to all who will hear:
Heed the testimony of those who come back.
Death is neither White, nor Red.  It is clear
That underneath oceans of Blue is a sea of Black.
24 days 14 hours ago
Incorrect Mulan

They call me an incorrect Mulan
The story starts when I was young
The war was looming overhead
My family feared; my father was dead

I failed at Kabuki
Made the matchmaker pukie
My feminine mystique was basically dookie

So when I saw my chance I had to pursue
They said, “I’ll make a man out of you”
I cut my hair, narrowed my eyes
And a short while later I took to the skies

I made my peace and told my family “bye!”
I would avenge my father even if I had to die
My wings were made of steel and arbor
And my burial ground was the waters of Pearl Harbor.
24 days 14 hours ago

As told by Anal
She is Ginger but Japanese pride
24 days 13 hours ago
https://imgur.com/a/bzQJ45x macie lightfoot is a lady of the night
24 days 13 hours ago
lying girl by latasha thundah

she didnt look elegant doing a jump
she didnt look pretty doing a twirl
her friend courtney said she was divine
but she's just a lying girl.

when she had to read a paragraph to her class
at that point, latasha wanted to hurl
mrs. jefferson said she was best reader that day
but latasha knew she was a lying girl.

she had a crush on the popular boy
a handsome, polite gentleman named earl
vanessa gibbons said that he liked her back
latasha knew that bitch was a lying girl.

her cousin said she was getting fatter by the day
latasha cursed the day she spoke to that churl
aunt simone told her she looked fine the way she is
latasha glared, she's just a lying girl.

one day she had enough
ready to bang her head on a burl
her therapist said she would be missed
but let's be real, she was just a lying girl.

miss darien.
24 days 12 hours ago

Me and Blake Gripling are walking the runway dressed in seductive nightwear cosplaying the only two female UK prime ministers.

I picked Blake cos he is white, stuck-up, and entitled.

We picked Thatcher and May to cosplay as they are white, stuck-up, and entitled.

We are on the hunt for some nice men to fuck.

Because we are what?

Rich, arrogant and fundamentally racist.

24 days 12 hours ago
Poem coming in like an hr xox
24 days 12 hours ago
Twinkies LaSuicidelle

In my hand I hold the knife
I’m about to take my life
For the weight that’s on my heart
Is gonna make me fall apart
But before I cut my wrist
Let me tell you what the twist
Here’s my shame. It’s not a trick...
I prefer pussy to dick


Serving twisted sisters Realness
24 days 12 hours ago
Twinkies LaSuicidelle

In my hand I hold the knife
I’m about to take my life
For the weight that’s on my heart
Is gonna make me fall apart
But before I cut my wrist
Let me tell you what the twist
Here’s my shame. It’s not a trick...
I prefer pussy to dick


Serving twisted sisters Realness
24 days 11 hours ago
I stepped in the bath tub
Gave myself a quick rub
Needed to clean myself
Before I ended myself

Looking at the shower head
Wishing I was dead
I grabbed the knife
Ready to end life

I took a stab to my skin
The knife went in with a spin
Blood is dripping on the ground
I soon won’t be around

I am alone when I’m gone
I took the knife and went another round
I slip into the dark
Now the afterlife is where I will now embark

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